Sunday, January 31, 2010

South Korea to strengthen the legislation and the real-name system, and regulate online behavior

The vigorous development of the Internet enable people with vast amounts of information "up close." At the same time, violent pornography, gambling, fraud, abusive defamation, racial discrimination, terrorism and other harmful information is also mixed where harm to society. South Korea's information industry as a developed country, in order to deal with such issues continue to improve legislation to crack down on Internet crime, and the main site real-name system management, and trying to create a safe and healthy network environment.

South Korea is the world's first national review body set up the Internet. As early as 1995, the South Korean National Assembly on revising the adoption of a new "Telecommunications Business Law," would "risk communication and information" as the control object, and the formation of information and communications under the Act Ethics Committee. The committee's main tasks are to accept the negative information reported to the network to monitor the network to arbitrate disputes, closing the country illegally or unhealthy websites, shielding foreign bad Web sites. In 2008, the Korean government established the new Radio Communications Committee to undertake the above responsibilities.

In 2001, South Korea has enacted "unhealthy site identification standard" and "Internet content filtering Act", within the legal framework to establish the legality of the information content filtering. "Internet content filtering Act," prohibits Internet service providers access to the South Korean government has been "blacklisted" for all sites; for the protection of minors must be Internet cafes, public places such as libraries and schools to install filtering software, the introduction of the content hierarchical management system. In the same year, Information and Communication Ethics Committee, after review of identification, to submit a website address that contains 119,000 of the "blacklist" to require South Korean Internet service providers to be shielded.

To improve network management and regulations, South Korea in recent years have worked out the "Basic Law, the promotion of information technology" "Basic Law on Protection of Information and Communication", "promoting the use of information and communication network and the protection of Information Act" and other laws. These laws provide for the dissemination of pornography on the Internet information, by insulting slander to undermine the reputation of others, repeatedly sending can induce terror or anxiety information, Internet gambling, while allowing release of harmful information on youth behavior, consider the South Korean broadcasting and communications the Commission a verified, may require Internet service providers or web site administrator to delete or restrict the persons responsible for serious offense punishable by two years or fined 2,000 million won (1 U.S. dollars about 1150). Leaks in the Internet and other violations of the "National Security Law" and abetting crimes committed "criminal" behavior, South Korea will be punished in accordance with relevant laws.

South Korea also established the "illegal and harmful information reporting center" channels to monitor the online dissemination of information, anyone can call the hotline or online reporting. South Korea and ruthlessly crack down on cyber-crime. In September 2009, South Korea in a hospital medical staff because of the Internet to spread its competitors Hospital "delayed maternal," the rumor was the Seoul Central District Court ruled that "damage the reputation of others" and "hinder business" crime and was sentenced to one years in prison. In October 2008, South Korean actress Choi real fed online "usury" rumors committed suicide, the first on the Internet to spread the "true Choi usury," the rumors of a securities company employee was eventually sentenced to a fine of Seoul Central District Court 40,000,000 . Since then, the South Korean Prosecutor's Office took a month's time, in the national mobilization network of 900 investigators on the Internet to spread false news and publishing "bad posts" and other acts of concentration and control, decided to even the minor may also be a suspect arrests.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forbes named the world's most influential tycoons

BEIJING, January 29, according to Xinhua in Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" reported that the U.S. financial magazine "Forbes" on the 28th elected "the world's most influential tycoons," they not only rich under heaven, your leader for business, but also have political influence. Hong Kong's richest man Li Ka-shing to enter the top 20 list, the ranks No. 8.

The most influential of the former three rich, respectively, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Russian oil tycoon Alekperov.

"Forbes" article refers to the influence of Asia's richest man Li Ka-shing enormous power from his property and port operations, a subsidiary of Cheung Kong Holdings and Hutchison Whampoa in the year, the stock rose 45% and 54% respectively. The eldest son Victor to help take care of business, the second son of billionaire Richard Li is.

Bloomberg crowned as the world's most influential tycoons, who govern the United States the media mogul and global media, the financial and fashion capital, net worth of some 175 billion U.S. dollars. His appeal against a mayoral term limits, in November last year, beat rivals to win third term of office of mayor of New York, victory cost 100 million U.S. dollars.

Bloomberg graduated from Harvard Business School, led the New York City, who resisted the plight of the financial crisis and up to 10.6% unemployment rate, efforts to promote energy efficiency and made controversial indoor smoking legislation, inspired by the city follow the example of other global city.

Bloomberg the same after the media tycoon Silvio Berlusconi, currently the Italian Prime Minister. The other one served as national leadership of the business tycoons, is ranked No. 5 of the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, he himself is the construction and communications tycoon. Control of Russia's largest private oil company Lukoil's Alekperov and Mexico, the telecommunications leader Slim, is among the top five largest of the column.

"Forbes" article refers to people, once in possession of wealth, power and influence will be accompanied by, but it has money, status and political participation leading business tycoons of the courage not many. Standings of this year ranked No. 15 in Chile is a good example of rich Piniella. Piniella will be held in March became the President of Chile, has a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University, he will govern a population of 14 million of the country. According to "Forbes" estimated last year that about one billion U.S. dollars net worth Piniella.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rapid weight loss a woman will do three things early morning

Contemporary work and busy pace of life is fast, want to lose weight can not find a specific time to exercise, we should not be troublesome, for busy office workers get up every morning, after a number of small habits will allow you to keep slim build, with easy and no special arrangements to do exercise time. The early morning three-step weight loss, habits become your lifestyle after, create the perfect curve of relaxed and natural.

Wake Up 7:00 AM get up and drink plenty of water will help detoxification

Do not disclose their teenage star when you are talking about the beauty of remedies morning drink a large glass of water, you can eliminate puffiness! Reason lies in eating the night before last may be too alkaline or drinking too much water, no discharge sleep a night, early morning wake up drink a large glass of water, to facilitate rapid urination. Even if weight loss is in the period, the daily intake should be at least 2000 ㏄ of water, in order to maintain the normal operation of the body and remove waste. In addition, the current hot trace elements in mineral water, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, neither heat distress, for people who always eat outside food, but also an effective nutritional supplement, is also a good choice.

Sports 7:30 AM slim Track Work, efficacy significantly

Track Work to do every day, not only make people feel fresh and cool to start a day's work and study, but also in keeping fit and size, to eliminate excess fat. But to see tangible results, an important condition is that "adhering to."

Body Yang Shen:

Standing, arms on the move, such as stretching, but to increase substantially. If lying in bed, can be used both hands to seize the head side edge of the bed (or the arms hold the body on both sides of the bed), followed by one leg (or legs at the same time) straight leg raise knee up. When leg raise slightly faster, to drop slower. To do 20 to 30 times. Helps to reduce excess fat in the lower abdomen, strengthen abdominal muscles, increasing flexibility of abdominal muscles.

Supine Taitun:

Supine in bed, knees, knees close together, feet separated slightly more than hip width, arms straight (palm down) placed sidearm. Legs separated from the body center of gravity to move shoulder to shoulder support, suction Taitun, Pause. Breath, slowly down the buttocks, restore. Repeat exercise 20 more times. The reduction of waist, hip fat and fat, increased waist, hip muscle strength, strong lumbar Gushen very effective.
Track Work facial care:

If you do not want to make their facial skin relaxation, but also do not want the help of cosmetic surgery and drugs, you may wish to do a set of daily facial Track Work. Wear a loose clothing not cover the neck, lightly coated with facial skin care products dry skin, sitting in a chair, try to be back, and began to suction the nose and then exhale through your mouth.
Method: take a deep breath, and then force the breath blowing the nose wings. Breath should be like this: breath through the right mouth, left mouth closed; and then exhale through the left corner of his mouth, when the right mouth shut. Slow and deep breathing, the respiratory delay 3 ~ 4 seconds. Summon the cheek, the force so that the air inhaled smoke from the closed lips.

Shower8: 30 AM morning bathing, light Relax

Westerners like to come to a morning bath, is not without reason, in addition to a clear mind, the clean pores skin, reviving the metabolic cycle, after wiping the face with skin care products or physical Firming products, the effects were particularly good, if there is time to , or even a simple bubble bath even better! Bath With increase in body temperature when the body along with increased metabolic rate, like running through the same steps, but also consume some calories. Water temperature to 38 ~ 39 ℃ better, each bubble a 20 to 30 minutes sufficient.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google Android operating system within the city soared the amount of 200% in March

January 22, according to foreign media reports, one from the analysis of ChangeWave report shows that in December 2009 Google Android phone operating system for smart-phone market gains 4% of the market share data since the last quarter, an increase of 200%.

It is noteworthy that in December of the survey, 21% of respondents said they would consider using the Android platform, which over the previous quarter, an increase of 6%. Motorola's leading smartphone Andoid cell phone price, Nexus One close behind. Since Microsoft released Windows Mobile 6.5 since the OS operating system, the user would choose from 9% to 6%.

Motorola and HTC will be the result of Android for the benefit of the two companies. The intention to purchase Motorola's portfolio of mobile phone users of the production from 1% to 13%, while the desire to buy HTC product portfolio of smartphones from 5% to 9%.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tang Jun 25 million U.S. dollars to buy four IT companies need to do, "a grand second"

Steeped in traditional industries Tang Jun return to the last two years of IT industry. Yesterday, the Xinhua News Hong Kong and Macao are all Group announced that 25 million U.S. dollars in value of shares and cash, comprehensive acquisition includes Chihiro network, travel network together, promote science and technology, Shenglong team and three other IT companies. Jun Tang claimed that in the next three years to create two listed companies, to the "old owner" challenge, Yuzuo "grand second."

The acquisition paid 25 million U.S. dollars in cash and stock in cash and stock proportion is about 1:4. Tang Jun and self-funded about 49%, including his own expense and hold all shares of Xinhua. Hong Kong and Macao information is a company engaged in securities investment consulting and financial IT development and solutions for high-tech enterprises. The Hong Kong and Macao of information acquired four IT team, Chihiro network has a web-based Flash technology, stock quotes, online trading; Shenglong team from the client's mobile phone stock quotes and trading technology, Hong Kong and Macao to fill information gaps; Alliance Tour Internet data network has a core of intelligent analysis and engine technology; promote the science and technology is nearly ten years experience in IT service outsourcing. Tang Jun said that, through the integration of resources, Hong Kong and Macao will open up a new business model of information in the next few years, online games industry has unlimited opportunities. He even recycled a grand ambition to be "the probability of a re-created Tencent is zero, do a grand network, chances are very high."