Friday, July 30, 2010

New Jersey, according to media reports

New Jersey, according to media reports, the original heir to the old history of preferred candidates for Mattingly, has high-level that was not ready at this stage then head coach position, and the replacement of Mentor's Torre also made him feel very uncomfortable, Yankees little chance of access to arms.

For media reports, Mattingly's agent, Schutte (Ray Schulte) quite "cold", "reported the content is completely fabricated, simply was not true!" Schutte said through a statement: "Now is not dancing with the media when the head coach candidate when the Yankees made the decision, Don will personally tell you is that clear. "

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

American League Championship Series at Fenway Park was the second Indian war after the break

American League Championship Series at Fenway Park was the second Indian war after the break, "Heisei monster," Red Sox recapture the magic ball to become the hope for home field advantage.

Red Sox pre-season baseball for the super-strong cast for the Japanese pine (soil reaction) Daisuke, paid 55.11 million U.S. dollars in higher payments to the Seibu baseball negotiations, "Pine (soil reaction) Tornado" swept the major league, but rookie season 15 wins and 12 lost, 4.40 ERA results, the average couple has been unbearable, but pine (soil reaction) Daisuke can only say that in terms of "unsatisfactory", Taipei, 16, moved to Cleveland at the time the third war, became loose (soil reaction) confirmed the strength of the index.

Red Sox swept the Angels in three straight sets first round, but the first career playoff appearance in the pine (soil reaction) Daisuke unsatisfactory performance, the second hit in a fight fat 4.2 out of 7 Security Council destroyed three points, exit when the Red Sox also in 2:3 backward from the last Red Sox Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) hit the bye-third of guns win, loose (soil reaction) lucky escape failure to vote.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A-Rod career total of 518 home runs

Century-old Yankees for 3 years beyond the first round, can not wait for the boss(George Steinbrenner) Open Voltage, "golden boy" Luodelizi (Alex Rodriguez) agent 10, threw stun grenades, suggests A-Rod and the Yankees may give up before the remaining three years of the contract, to find a new owner.

32-year-old A-Rod, 2001 Porras in super agent (Scott Boras) assistance, and the Rangers signed 10-year astronomical 52 million U.S. dollars 200 million contract, say goodbye to 7 years old when the club Sailor, 2004 Luodelizi took over the contract from the Yankees, "million man" the Yankees down a four-bar official responsibility.

A-Rod career total of 518 home runs, ranking fourth among active players, still lags behind major league home run record holder Bangs (Barry Bonds) 242 branches in the old 43-year-old Bangs does not intend to retire before the full two Competition has become a base hit A-Rod about the consultation to consider changing the focus "in the future new owner must be able to sincerely accept the birth of a record player, which is a core value." Porras said.

Luodelizi pay a 3 percent this quarter, 14 of batting average, 54 red and 156 RBI, not to have topped the league crown, the American League MVP for the season to compete for the most popular candidate, the same play in the first round iron plate Cubs, Angels are interested in recruiting A-Rod, Yankees owner also may be made to extend the contract to retain the golden boy of the heart, to get people before World War II exploded.

Whether A-Rod finally decided to continue the Returned Overseas base, or into the free agent market to find a new owner, must within 10 days after the World Series to decide.

Friday, July 23, 2010

American League first-round play against another group of series

In addition to two artillery, four-year-old veteran Schilling old and grow stronger as the performance is the key to the Red Sox win. In this before, Schilling is all in the playoffs starting pitcher at least 10 fields were the highest winning percentage, playoff appearances while pitching at least 100 Board, he was an average of 2:06 of the ERA is The third low.

Today, the battle with the Angels, Schilling Wal live playoff hero, threw 100 balls with 76 shots Qiju opponents hit six hits, four strikeouts and walked one sent only opponents once captured third base. In 2004 the first postwar American League first round, Schilling once again to help the Red Sox beat the Angels.

In the game lies in the eight innings, the Angels 3 Red Sox relief pitcher all the fire authority on good offensive play the Red Sox poured them into the seventh of the 11 batters, the original two-zero lead widened to nine zero ; Angels rely on a site next nine innings doubles, wild pitch and a sacrifice fly by one point, but does not help.

American League first-round play against another group of series, the Cleveland Indians to two zero suspense leading New York Yankees, Red Sox will play against the winner of this group compete for the American League championship.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grips both sides will be the second time 6 held in Taipei

Red Sox attack from a bureau, has begun to play. 2 sticks of first baseman Youkilis (Kevin Youkilis) on the first play I hit a home run, leading to the Red Sox get 1:0. 3 innings Red Sox offensive resurgence, Youkilis doubles, the "Daddy" Ortiz (David Ortiz) followed up on the right field of the two sub-gun, followed by relying Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) and lol (Mike Lowell) of hits, leading 4-0 to get wrapped up. Angels 3, if not single performances fielding double plays, and perhaps even more so the score gap.

Grips both sides will be the second time 6 held in Taipei, the Red Sox will send a song [soil reaction] Daisuke start of the angels Aisikeba (Kelvim Escobar). Song [soil against] a large secondary Shangban Ji won 6, lost 10 wins, but the Star break to decline, only 5 wins 6 defeat, can overcome physical against the wall of the key. Angel Aisikeba scored a career high this year of 18 wins, earned run average level of 3.40 is also above the angels can fly out of Fenway Park with a win, depends on the performance of Yisikeba.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Metropolis in the last 18 days buried seven games leading edge margin of victory in their last 7 games

This time, Glavine ace pitcher (Tom Glavine) could not save city! 1, Taipei time, the key battle last 1, 1 Bureau lost 7 points, and closing loss to the Marlins city to 1:8, as the Phillies beat the nationals, which boarded the NL East throne, losing a large and the playoffs will be missed.

Metropolis in the last 18 days buried seven games leading edge margin of victory in their last 7 games lost 6 games are at home to lose, what fell from heaven to hell.

"What factors may affect us, so that we finish off the lead," 41-year-old Glavine said after the game so this may be his major league career in the last 1 match, 1 up on the council, one hit in out of five hits, lost 7 points, this is the 21st of his career since the 2nd quarter, pre-cast only 0.1 Bureau, also his first two career short, but this may be his last 1 times .

"I want to go home and I want to forget about things," the season record of 13 wins 8 negative Glavine said: "I am very frustrated, this is not the way I want to pitch." Glavine this season break the 300 win mark.

In preparation for the playoffs, pitcher Wright (David Wright) reluctantly said: "This will be a long off-season period, I know I do not want to go through such a thing."

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lowell will also raise their batting average to a career best of 3 into 26

Lovell (Mike Lowell) and win the match three one-base hits, 5 RBI, RBI accumulated 116 points this season, this is Red Sox third baseman in the history of a new high, he was beyond the predecessors Hobson (Butch Hobson) 1977, 112 minutes, Lowell said: "I am very proud of, until last week, I know I am close to this record, you know a lot of good third baseman has been playing in this team, I am glad that I can to achieve this record. "

Lowell will also raise their batting average to a career best of 3 into 26, a change in the past Star break, the phenomenon appears stalled in the strong play Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) in the absence of the 24 games played a clear base Zhe role, and now Manny Ramirez coming back and almost beat the number two hit 5 4 hits and Red Sox battle in the last five wins have won 4, Red Sox and the Twins at home then the final four games.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Indians starting pitcher Weiss Brook (Jake Westbrook) 9 strikeouts in 7 Board of times

24, Taipei time Cleveland Indians beat the Oakland Athletics 6-2; Los Angeles Angels to 7:4 Lectra Seattle Mariners, won the American League, respectively, the Western champions, determine playoff appearance.

Indians starting pitcher Weiss Brook (Jake Westbrook) 9 strikeouts in 7 Board of times (a career-most strikeouts), plus Se Simo (Grady Sizemore) 4 bats 4 hits, 2 RBI's contribution leadership, defeated athlete, 6 years, won the AL Central title for the first time.

4 Bureau, the Indians fire outbreak and win three first base hits, doubles and triples each one, poured them into a total of 4 minutes, Se Simo hit the third base hits, so the Indians made 6-0 lead.

When relief pitcher Chambertin test (Rafael Betancourt) 9 inning strikeout the last batter Ellis Athletics (Mark Ellis), won his second season rescue, the Indians home 40,250 spectators revel, Tony Tanzanian exam jumped into catcher Martinez (Martinez) arms, the same team into the wild celebration of the venue.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This transaction also represents the Romantic Swordsman will wear a Rangers jersey to participate in All-Star Game

Today (10) Major League season, the first pile of major transactions occur, the sailor, "Ronin strong cast," Cliff Lee (Cliff Lee) renewal club again, so that the public media and experts, the accident is not the winner almost sure to come by "evil empire" the Yankees, but in the same district leading the Texas Rangers, strip the military to rookie Shi Moke (Justin Smoak) and other three minor league players in exchange for Lee, Lloyd (Mark Lowe) and 225 million dollars .

Odd transaction, U.S. time 9 am, Morning Post and the major sites Major League Yankees on the verge of publishing the news of Cliff Lee, cooked duck was about to hand when the Rangers been abruptly snatched away, so that Yankees stunned. Things start to get a big, Rangers general manager Daniels (Jon Daniels) is still a cautious approach, "to what we have not really won, but we think the American League and partition more competitive."

This transaction also represents the Romantic Swordsman will wear a Rangers jersey to participate in All-Star Game, learned that he has been sold, he seemed accustomed to, "When you take the time to be changed, the do not know what the expectations. But I know one thing, that team must be great, but the first. I will do my best to help them remain at the first row, they are supporting a great team, and I will become a part of them. "

Friday, July 9, 2010

New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers will play this week for family war

New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers will play this week for family war, which for many Yankees players, coaches and staff and even fans, the former Yankees Zong Jiaotou with Torre (Joe Torre) led the current Army PK, definitely is very exciting. But, the Yankees slugger Rodríguez (Alex Rodriguez) is not think so. Torre appointed in 1996 to become head coach of the Yankees, to arms for the first 1 year in charge on the win the world champion, and in 1998 set the year 2000 remarkable third consecutive build the Yankees dynasty, momentum and reached its peak. Thickness of the Yankees in 2000 but will not win again in 2007 despite entering the playoffs, but were eliminated in the first round. As Torre has also switched to Dodge next year embrace with the Yankees ended a 12-year partnership. Moreover, even after the departure of Torre and the United States in the "Sports Illustrated" columnist Foda Xi (Tom Verducci) jointly published "Yankee Years" (The Yankee Years) revealed secrets behind the team, third baseman A-Rod blasted thing things are love and captain Kitt (Derek Jeter) regardless of what want and Kitt times, even asking a private club for his assistant have to send. The book is also a large explosion while teammate regarded A-Rod as "liars," so this book came after the burst of noise caused by natural big wave. At that time this "Yankee Years" also makes a lot of players come out even behind the Yankees, catcher Jorge Posada main battle (Jorge Posada), said: "Joe Torre in my eyes like the father, I do not think what he did wrong. "Yankees giant muszyna (Mike Mussina) is that Torre's book would not A-Rod, or any other team mate, the impact. Only, the clients would not necessarily be so on the matter. Love old apprentice big break, the two people is not seen the king the king, so when the media mention when Torre, A-Rod not only refuse to speak, he and Joe Torre also declined to discuss the 4-year cooperation relationship. But, on the A-Rod, the best way to retaliate is off the hook Torre Dodgers, the Yankees did not prove to Torre that he is not what happens. The entire military operation against the "Torre Corps," when, A-Rod to such a kind of response: "I am looking forward to a race, but everything will work properly. Because as a member of the team, the primary purpose is to help the ball Group win, while players of the game to enjoy yourself. "Rodríguez also emphasized:" There is no more important things than a game. the rest of the things I do not want to answer, thank you. "

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Major League Box critic Baddeley (Hal Bodley) that had risen to 100 miles Short History of the fast ball though so many fans were hooked

Washington Nationals "A Short History of Genius," Strasbourg (Stephen Strasburg) before the major leagues yet led to many discussions, on June 9 board played in Major League Pittsburgh Pirates debut of its nearly perfect their skills have become the focus of the world. It is reported that only 21 year old history of the United States should have the opportunity selected time on July 13, the Los Angeles Angels All-Star Game held at home, but some experts feel the opposite.

Major League Box critic Baddeley (Hal Bodley) that had risen to 100 miles Short History of the fast ball though so many fans were hooked, but the star just before starting a few games does not mean he could enter the National League Star team because he is just up to the big leagues, "If there is a small history of sustained performance we all expect, I believe belongs to his All-Star Game is also not far away."

Baddeley added: "I am not denying the strength of a small history, and he did show talent level of skill, but the major leagues in the fierce arena, a small history of need for more long-term and stable hard." In addition, he mentioned that all major Union has more experience should be selected as good pitcher, if only by the history of several small start-Star team on election, be unfair to other pitchers.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The situation with a game similar to the Dodge have been a guest lead

5 Council on James Loney meritorious deeds in a timely and win points with advance hits to help Dodgers win again by 4 to 2 for two nights, so the giant bow.

The situation with a game similar to the Dodge have been a guest lead, then tied by a giant, but there will be a hero out of Dodge to save the team to break the tie impasse today (30) down a this heavy responsibility of the players is to Loney.

Once on shore, appeared before the 4 Board 1 to 1 ratio of the number of war situation, has changed in the 5 inning, Rafael Furcal and Russell Martin successive win their first base hit, so dodge out of the case in the absence of captured one, third base, but Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp could not immediately meritorious service, make this an excellent semi-Board offensive was only a single people would have been neutralized.

Loney not want to see the situation clearly. After stealing second base on the Martin, Loney knocked a base hit to right field, will base on the two teammates swept back to home plate scoring, to help get ahead of Dodge advantage, while Casey Blake added an important qualification on the knife, immediately hit the outfield and first base hit, escort pass on to second base while relying on the Loney Benhui home plate scoring, so Dodge will lead the expansion into the gap 3.

Friday, July 2, 2010

9 Bureau of the bullet for the Leicester head coach Falankena

9 Bureau of the bullet for the Leicester head coach Falankena (Terry Francona) very pleased that, which makes the pitching staff out in force yesterday to rest, "This is very important to us." Fa Lanke Na said.

But, only control the Red Sox battle in the series is 2 wins and 1 defeat to prevail, but the group is not happy together, because the Red Sox in the three wars have been breakage: Star second baseman sent Asian Capital (Dustin Pedroia) Pakistan Coates left thumb fracture and today, catcher Martinez (Victor Martinez), no wonder Martinez after the game to cry: "We can not wait to leave here quickly!"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

In addition, the effect of Ni Fude Tigers are also playing

In addition, the effect of Ni Fude Tigers are also playing, he was on the Warriors in the next 1 to 4, 8, Bureau of backward, third base board when the board was first cast walks outfield fly ball and then was knocked out a number of manufacturers, and third base back to home plate the runner is not.

Then Ni Tsai met the League of Nations "against the king," Prado, to avoid the event, intentional bad form four bases loaded, and then under the full address of a batter M. Cabrera, well to defuse the crisis. Individuals with 4 games suspension also lose points record, 5.40 ERA in a small rate fell to 5.24.

But the Warriors are still wrapped up 4 to 3 win over Tiger, the Japanese pitcher has finally opened Kawakami Hu extended the Constitution to suspend the opening of nine straight games and cross-season personal record of 11 straight games.

In addition, the White Sox this season by Ke Nuoke hit the 19 home runs, to 3 to 2 win over the Cubs. White Sox in 11 straight in 1961 (12 straight) has the best record in team history.