Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This year from Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) trading case to the Warriors Cabrera

Warriors coach Gonzalez had just put on (Fredi Gonzalez), the whole team need to rectify, Takashi Saito, and today the Warriors will Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) release, ready for the next season layout.

This year from Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) trading case to the Warriors Cabrera, performance is not good, .255 batting average four home runs 42 RBIs in the playoffs to face the giant number 8, 0 hits play , the overall performance last year or Mom.

Explorer Winn (Frank Wren) said: "We do not think what his market value, we do not want to pay the costs of arbitration." Cabrera can get salary arbitration this year, but the Warriors have thrown him away .

Is also to join the Warriors this year, Takashi Saito, lost season 3 won 2 wins 2.83 ERA, mostly as a repeater or terminator that Wagner (Billy Wagner) off the bench, but because of advanced age, 40 years old age, with right shoulder injury, the Warriors decided to release him, if Takashi Saito to quarter can not find a new owner, will end the 5-year major league career, 17 wins and 13 lost during the successful rescue of 84 times 2.19 ERA.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Strasburg pitched in game 7 of the Bureau of Safety was knocked 4 lost 2 points

The best performance is memorable, that is, Strasburg debut in the June 9 board, the pirates struck out 14 times Meng Biao's "miracle." The highest in baseball history for the first time the small hall debut, full of 40,315 spectators come to watch the battle of national home, and fans of this game is definitely a value for the fare, because the small history of nearly tied to the history of paying out a record rookie debut plate 15K results.

Strasburg pitched in game 7 of the Bureau of Safety was knocked 4 lost 2 points, sent 14 strikeouts and no walks throw four bad, and the small history of continuous K before the exit out of seven batters, but the atmosphere is sizzling to the highest point.

National gun Ryan Zimmerman is not only against tough, there is also a good defensive level, and he in a national game against Astros in the face out of the batter weak infield grounder, after receiving the ball quickly came up empty-handed pass to the first base, all in one complete the assassination of action, let him get the best defense of the nomination, as outfielder Nyjer Morgan also become candidates for two awards, namely the United States the most eccentric and best fielding skills.

Monday, October 11, 2010

7 regular season games the last 8 times mistakes Conrad

8 Board, the Warriors sent Craig Kimbrel closed, although he won two outs, but also let the bad with the Giants four hits and captured by scoring position, and back-up Michael Dunn was voted a person hits tied Aubrey Huff hit than the number.

Then took over the Peter Moylan, although the second base so that the direction of Buster Posey hit a ground ball, but Conrad mistakes at critical moments, the Giants scored ahead of the points. 9 Board under the Warriors unable to counterattack, whistle for 2 to 3 defeat.

7 regular season games the last 8 times mistakes Conrad, becomes the first four games in the playoffs 3 times in a single second baseman mistakes after the game he said: "This is really a shame, I once again feel I let you down. "

End of the season after the Warriors are going to retire after the game head coach Bobby Cox said: "We can win this game. We can win, can compete with anyone, but we do not have room for mistakes." As he will not Genghuan second baseman candidate, he said: "I need more time to consider."

Friday, October 8, 2010

Linse Kang's never like this show

Seeing soldiers say goodbye to the regular season is not an easy one, the first playoff game in his career threw a perfect performance, the Giants head coach of the wavelet (Bruce Bochy) full of praise after the game, of course, "Linse Kang really great performance, such a performance really, really not easy, but he did it! "

Linse Kang's never like this show, can not help but let the Warriors Zong Jiaotou Cox (Bobby Cox) defeat convinced, "he is today the most shining star, in such a tight competition in the playoffs on a large, still Let us only two batters hit the basepaths, very simple. "The next two teams will be 9:30 tomorrow morning (Taiwan time) to a second home in the giant war.