Monday, September 27, 2010

New York Yankees (Yankees) today suspended four game losing streak

New York Yankees (Yankees) today suspended four game losing streak, relying on Miranda (Juan Miranda) 10 Authority to Boston Red Sox (Red Sox) of Hideki Okajima pitched 4 bad, squeeze back to the winning points, the final 4-3 margin.

AL East leading the fight, the Yankees are now only down Hou Tanpa Bay Rays (Rays) half margin of victory. American League 2-6 defeat to bottom of light today, the Seattle Mariners (Mariners), 4 game winning streak stop.

Red Sox lost only 13 games the past 5 games, but the dispute over the American League wild card Yankees 6 ½ games behind the margin of victory, only 7 regular season games.

Rodriguez (Alex Rodriguez) 7 Board knocked 29 homers this season, helping the Yankees a 2-1 lead.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hu Jinlong fire support is not does not matter

Hu Jinlong fire support is not does not matter, because the Diamondbacks beat Crimping Kershaw The campaign, in 8 innings, only to be knocked four hits and lost 1 point, another whirlwind of 9 strikeouts, the last person off the first 13 wins this season. In fact, try to finish the Dodgers ace cast, but in the next series of 9 Board Chris Young and Tony Abreu was hit and knocked off 1 point, only in case of no exit out, ending by Kenley Jansen, but the rookie did not let us disappointing, the main cast a Board sent 2K, smooth the 2nd quarter revenue save.

Dodge Grand knock out six hits and not that much, but the performance is good in scoring, 3 innings on the Trent Oeltjen took the lead and win with an RBI triples, then 4, Jay Gibbons in the bureau when Andre Ethier hit make up a third base hit sacrifice fly later, an additional 1 point for the team, and Reed Johnson in left field 9 smacked solo shot on the Board, it is a win for the Dodgers to become more solid.

Diamondbacks starting pitcher Barry Enright performed well, was knocked out the main cast 8 5 Security Council lost 2 points, but unfortunately did not get enough fire support, finally ended in defeat to vote.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Since the head coach for the Orioles off Watt

Song war nearly seven in poor condition, loss of investment and total of 33 points and 42 are all responsible for lost, defense rate as high as 6.90, so the performance of the outside world wonder whether he has injured, or was that tired. Swallow the defeat, the season record to nine wins 6 defeat, ERA 4.86. Hideki Okajima has battle in this war, to vote a Board scoreless; rookie Bourdon (Michael Bowden) is a Bureau of 3K, performed pretty well.

Since the head coach for the Orioles off Watt (Buck Showalter) current situation quite well after he took office, nearly 45 games under face 28 wins, winning percentage as high as 6 percent of 22, than the Yankees and the light of recent developments also rods, originally lost the case may be watching 100 as long as another three wins, we can determine the lost season will not come to three-digit field.

Red Sox beat in the road, Madu Zi Orioles starting pitcher (Brian Matusz) very happy, "can win in Yankee Stadium and Fenway a great feeling, this is not an easy place to race." Madu Zi vote 5 Board only lost 1 minute strike Unfortunately, the final has nothing to do winning and losing, pitcher from the mess in leading-edge Hernandez (David Hernandez) was (8 wins 8 losses), Koji Uehara 1 Bureau of 2K 10 wins this season save.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

St. Louis Cardinals season was only brought to San Diego's Ryan Ludwick

St. Louis Cardinals season was only brought to San Diego's Ryan Ludwick, today (19) in Council on 9 blasted winning 3 points shot to help the priest to 8 to 4 win over the Cardinals. San Francisco Giants beat line with flame swallowing defeat, the clergy have to retake the National League West No. 1 position.

Ludwick went after the poor performance priest, but recent road trip, he played several years in 19 hit 8 hits. Today, the Cardinals away from the pre-war club, he played in four the number of hits in the hit two more in the 9 inning tie when the two sides, from the hands of Cardinals relief pitcher Kyle McClellan blasted winning 3 points shot.

Cardinals head coach after the game Tony La Russa said: "Ryan has done for us, he let the team in situations like this, there is very difficult to deal with opponents playing XI. This is one of his strengths."

Ludwick said: "before the club can have such a performance, felt very good. But I certainly did not mean to show off here, to whom."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lost to the Cardinals before the priests

Giant today (17) double-edged sword! Rely on strong starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez was 7 1 min 12K bureau responsible for great loss of content, plus hitters a rare crazy coming down 10 points, 10 more than 2 big break whistle Dodge, stand on long after nearly leading the NL West throne.

Lost to the Cardinals before the priests, and priests no giant margin of victory in the case, as long as the ranking Western leader to win; In addition, the first 17 games played against this season, the Giants leading the Dodgers lost 8 9 wins, then a win to determine the first time since 2005 after winning more than half of play against the Dodgers (2008, 9 to 9 tie).

Two teams first game of mutual gains, 4, Giants finally broke through the Ted Lilly Board pitch, Aubrey Huff fired 3 missiles for the season No. 25, rookie catcher Buster Posey also make the first 14 runs, 5 Jose Guillen then Board 3 home runs and join the festivities, the council ahead of the end of the giant 8 to 2, to determine victory or defeat in advance.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Overall sailors hit only 4 hits

Overall sailors hit only 4 hits, just under 7 Board 1 point of attack, wire obvious flame; Red Sox in the eight inning rely on Kelly Xu (Ryan Kalish) of two-run homer Adds scores and closing the 5 to 1 killing sailors by force.

Red Sox not only win, second baseman Sugutaluo also displayed excellent defense, so Ichiro Suzuki to eat turtle! Two outs in the next 3 innings, Ichiro Suzuki hit one grounder between second base to start the fast leg base running, Sugutaluo to the left hand glove, after receiving the ball directly to the left hand glove the ball thrown to first baseman homeopathic will be a Long assassination, complete wonderful fielding.

Ichiro The campaign against poor, four at bats did not hit performance, also struck out once, break the streak of 13 consecutive against the rate to 3 percent 09.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yankees escape being swept in the fate of light in 5:11 lost to the Red Sox

Sino Swearingen Aircraft goodbye was blasted Hsu's Koji Uehara H said: "I do not want to give up, A Scan home runs do not make people feel better." Koji Uehara transfer in August after the rescue, very successful, continuous take relief under the 7 field success, until today physicians.

Yankees escape being swept in the fate of light in 5:11 lost to the Red Sox, two narrow margin of victory yesterday, today once again pulled to 2.5 games, the Yankees next series of war opponents, will hit Texas Rangers , light is to run into Bluebird.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recently we should start a minor league playoffs

Minor league baseball game season ended today, the most amazing performance this year than the effectiveness of advanced Taiwanese player to play catcher Chen Junxiu Strong 1A, can be said that Taiwan's new generation of long lay hands is the Chinese team in the Guangzhou Asian Games medal One of the key hitters.

Recently we should start a minor league playoffs, Chen Junxiu their team Kingston Indians (Kinston Indians) entered the playoffs, although pellets remain in the United States hopes Chen Junxiu the playoffs, but he hopes to return to Taiwan to participate in national team training camp, the fastest Indian pellets tomorrow before a decision.

Chen Junxiu practice a ball game this year, very seriously, lean 30 pounds (about 13 kg), in order to help the national team to play the Asian Games, Chen Junxiu look forward to before returning to Taiwan, so the Chinese team coaching staff familiar with the opportunity to get recruited. Chen Junxiu not military service, if the Asian Games gold medal, eligible to receive additional soldiers.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

But this design did not allow a home run production decreased

MLB famous "Coors stadium effect" (Coors Field Effect), in this Philadelphia's game against Los Angeles full show!

Coors Stadium because of the high altitude, the ball fly farther away. Studies have reported that a general course in home run distance of 400 feet, flying in this stadium about 415 feet. The original golf course design, has this in mind, especially at the "no exaggeration" of the range, the outfield was designed a bit wide. Wish to allow a home run production, and will not be too far off the mark.

But this design did not allow a home run production decreased; but because the vast outfield, hit a lot of first base, will become a base hit, while the doubles will be carried forward into triples. What is more, because this feature will keep outfielder deeper than to minimize the production of a long fight, and therefore lead to a lot of hits Texas production. Because the outfielder keep too, stopped short of flying no time approached the ball. So, many scout jokes that, in this course, the best three outfielders are the center fielder, so the scope of possible defense is enough to cover this vast big outfield.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

7 inning Phillies catcher is attacked career play against Jonathan Broxton hit the three doubles

7 inning Phillies catcher is attacked career play against Jonathan Broxton hit the three doubles, batting average over hundreds of meritorious deeds, Carlos Ruiz then pinch at the moment, a stick hit the insurance add 2 points.

Chi was the first point of the first Board of Dodge, by two third bomb was suppressed H, 6 James Loney two points under the gun though kindled hope, Scott Podsednik 7 Bureau of fast legs burst into the auditorium, selfless U.S. technical grasp out, but always difficult to strike back fire flame National Cheng Kung University, Ruiz hit is fatal.

5 it 0 / 3 innings lost 4 flat, Kyle Kendrick still be teammates even behind, off season 9 wins; Monasterios on the mound at all, then 0 2 / 3 innings defeat dropped 5 points. 7 Board 7 walks, excluding Kuo of the Dodgers bullpen is still high for coaches Cry index.