Sunday, November 14, 2010

October this year, Wang twice starting in guiding coalition

Living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming up the new contract year will be announced less than three weeks, the last more than 1 year, Wang aggressive rehabilitation is to return to prepare major league mound, before he returned to Taiwan, in an interview had said that he knows injuries are inevitable, but never thought this would be such a serious injury, even once at a low ebb, the reporter Ni Chia-Hui reports from the United States.

October this year, Wang twice starting in guiding coalition, a total of 3 innings, 30 balls, 0 lost, and it was Wang rehabilitation outcome 1 year, in July 2009 after shoulder surgery or, Wang began the long rehabilitation of the road, return to the Major League mound time, from the earliest scheduled in May, kept putting one in Taiwan and other fans have to worry, Wang himself was at a low ebb. Living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming: "will be injured, but did not know would be so serious, low put ourselves up after that time, do not want to talk with others, is very happy in the end slowly, a little better, just like his teammates speech to the stadium. "Late last year, the Yankees did not renew Wang also rehabilitation, the reality of Major League teams, Aberdeen clearly established, and thus the patience to wait for the national team, Wang" pulling feeling heart. " Wang: "needs of pellet they are good players of course, a sign to you can go to games, so not thinking." Reporter: "So the Yankees can be said that a more realistic it?" Wang: "the court is this way. "shoulder to Wang to miss this year's season, next season it is possible to continue to wear the national team jersey? Wang guiding coalition with two games starting to prove their ability, other brokerage firms have to deal with.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Taiwan Wang finally returned to the light

So many fans Yanyinqipan, Taiwan Wang finally returned to the light, going off a half months. Know that we care about the injury, Wang first public trip that report the progress of rehabilitation, it comes after knee surgery, pitched the first time, when the whole body feels like your own. All rely on the process of rehabilitation and I play golf spend time with the little prince, to unwind. Now the shoulder is good, with the national team has no chance of renewal? Wang kept a low profile, emphasizing the go with the flow, all to the agent with the team decisions.

Moderator: "Welcome to Aberdeen was built! To meet with you!" Back to Taiwan, Wang is the first public press conference schedule, know the fans are very concerned about his right shoulder injury, to share a road rehabilitation. Nationals pitcher Wang Chien-ming: "shoulder is not in question, only now, only a thin muscle, can not so strong as before, I heard that if baseball players, no one received such injuries, I do not know why by this injury. "pulling back the time, had the opportunity to vote in July rehabilitation game, but because the right shoulder ligament laceration lip surgery, had to Hanka, this stop until Oct. 7, only See also Jian Zi heroic pitch to set foot on the mound to guide Union, 13, re-registration board, voted out of the two Councils 17 balls, Wang said that in October when the first pitch, when the whole body feels like its own, rehabilitation process, has been repeating the same action, actually quite boring. Today, the situation with the rehabilitation of all OK, of course, the end of talks with the national team salary, as the focus of the outside world, outside estimates of the contract if the parties to determine the annual salary of $ 1,600,000 have the opportunity to, if not to renew, you have to build Aberdeen Release out to Wang to team with other contacts who are interested, but the national team have braved does not guarantee that the risk to sign and return Wang. Wang: "do not worry, just let it go to their broker with the team." Reporter: "There is heard the other news?" James: "do not have." Most of the time, Wang both hands microphone, it sounds a bit stiff, and he alone, can make Wang a smile. Wang: "pretty good, and just fine with, and not very noisy, very playful like that." Admits his own children, as well as playing golf, is the best way to rehabilitation decompression, the next will have to accompany accompany parents, it seems to return to Taiwan this month vacation, Wang hopes to enjoy more Harmonious Families.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Apart from Rangers, the Angels is another a possible bidder

An anonymous union official said: "The Yankees will be the first and Cliff Lee, or contact, but will immediately propose the contract do not know, but if not now, and should be short-term contracts will have a clear figure it out." Mak Karen believes that the next 32-year-old Cliff Lee 2 years ago, sand fat than 4 years younger, if not and the Yankees signed about 7 years, but the annual salary of at least not fat or Mom and sand, only nodding to join.

Apart from Rangers, the Angels is another a possible bidder. Angel Moreno previous owner (Arte Moreno) has said publicly that this winter will not hesitate to drop big money grab Cliff Lee, expect the new season snatch away the Western title. The angel is also considered before the Tampa Bay Rays "fast legs" Crawford (Carl Crawford), the effectiveness of the new season the team most likely.

Cliff Lee nine major league seasons, winning a total of 102 wins 61 lost, 3.85 ERA, a career playoff record of 7 wins and 2 lost, the defense was only 2.13.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Colby Lewis fight in the World Series to pay a good 3 vote

Colby Lewis fight in the World Series to pay a good 3 vote, so the Rangers to avoid falling into the 0-for-3 defeat of the impasse, which was fought in Japan for 2 years the pitcher, hand, because of this experience rebirth in the major leagues.

Lewis returned home to the first battle in the first two games of successful fire suppression giant flown in 7 2 / 3 innings, only to be knocked five hits and lost 2 points, the Rangers one of the reasons that lead all the way . In the full field in front of over 50,000 spectators pitch, Lewis did not therefore upset the rhythm, which praised his teammates Darren O'Day said: "Colby's body has a lot of pressure, but this did not affect him, he is like the rock as strong. "

If a few years ago, I am afraid no one would believe Lewis can cast such a great achievement. The right-hander the Rangers in 1999 was selected, and in 2002 on the big league, although in 2003 to pay a record 10 wins, but the following year because of shoulder rotator cuff injury to the surgery. The performance of the injury to Lewis from hit bottom in 2007 and cast in the athlete wins, 2 lost 0, 6.45 ERA, after the results, Lewis did not know whether he can continue to make a living in the big leagues.