Monday, August 30, 2010

Tan Musi fire in the No. 2 Board, which is nearly 5 games his first five home runs

Nova was knocked 5 5.2 Security Council, cast 7k1 walks, only 5 of Board as Pierre (Juan Pierre) destroyed the security of 1 minute, lost more than 2 points under 6.2 Board of Sigmund Freud (Gavin Floyd). Freud was beaten a total of seven hits, including Tan Musi's solo shot, helpless teammates do not join in, swallow bitter defeat this season 11 (9 wins). And Rivera (Mariano Rivera) 9 to complete the task successfully won the 27th relief, but also to help Nova won his first career victory.

Yankees 2 Board by Tan Musi (Marcus Thames) solo shot was the first Chi-point, 3 on Gude Na (Brett Gardner) supplemented on an RBI hit, although no further back for a few points, but rely on an injection of bovine shed combat power, still fail to counterattack the White Sox.

Tan Musi fire in the No. 2 Board, which is nearly 5 games his first five home runs, season, 9 fat, stick very hot. The Sewei in better condition, 4 beat number 4 hits, arranged more than half the team hits. The White Sox after the game head coach Roy Keane (Ozzie Guillen) said helplessly: "lost 9 of last 14 games, it felt very tired, but do nothing."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New York Yankees Stadium will start from next week

New York Yankees Stadium will start from next week, exclusive from the world's richest rapper Jay-Z, and Yankees co-launched the clothing. Including T-shirts, caps and other merchandise will also be printed in the Yankees and Jay-Z's sign.

Yankees 26, according to a statement issued, these specialty clothing is used as Yankee Stadium to commemorate the first official concert merchandise. From August 30 to play on Sept. 14, sold exclusively at Yankee Stadium.

Rapper Jay-Z and Eminem (Eminem) in "Home and Home" tour, on September 13 and 14 will be held at Yankee Stadium.

According to Forbes magazine ranking of the investigation carried out, Jay-Z has every year from June last year, personal income in June, up 6,300 million, as the world's richest rapper. Ranked second Combs (Sean "Diddy" Combs), only half of his income.

Jay-Z is a well-known Yankees fan, his wife is a singer Beyonce (Beyonce). Jay-Z in 2009 World Series Baseball the second war, and the Grammy Award for R & B song Keys (Alicia Keys), sing at Yankee Stadium.

Hernandez after the game pitcher ERA dropped to 2.47 from 2.51

Hernandez said: "For the record I am very happy, I am very excited, but mainly I am even more pleased the team are winning friends." Venezuelan huge cast of young King HE, good at the pitch four suture fastball, two seam fastball, slider, curveball, changeup, etc., a variety of ball types of tool for a successful fool batters. Sailor new coach Brown (Daren Brown) said: "When he stood on the mound when there are always new, because you do not know that he will turn out that the type of ball."

Hernandez after the game pitcher ERA dropped to 2.47 from 2.51, ranking only in the National League rival Red Sox lost to Pakistan Coates (Clay Buchholz) of 2.26 ranked No. 2. He then has 139 days to 24 years of age to complete 1000K, 3701, following a career strikeouts cast of Blairet text (Bert Blyleven) 23 years 121 days, the former Cy Young strong cast Gooden (Dwight Gooden) and the 23-year-old 249 days, 3 a young K King.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Same speed the ball before sending the Max Scherzer Although two walks in 5 Council

In fact, the situation today is especially good Garza, 120 balls, 80 balls and strikes, in which the ball speed up to 101 more, slider, curve ball, but is a side dish, has forced the ball kind of monotonous Tiger batters could do nothing, 23 batters are being slaughtered fastball.

Same speed the ball before sending the Max Scherzer Although two walks in 5 Council, but equally no-hitter in the content and Garza rival, but the situation is completely different 6 Board, 2 walks with catcher Gerald Laird prejudice against the formation of bases loaded, one out later shout at the former Tiger hitter Matt Joyer blasted slam gun, so Garza morale boosted by this.

Garza career (including the Twin Cities period) before the 6th event of the tiger, 0 wins 4 lost not say, ERA of 5.85 is not ideal, this will play against the previous shadow swept away.

This is the Tigers since 1990, Randy Johnson (Mariners), the interval between the first opponent in 20 years show no-hitter.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two All-Star and National League Most Valuable Player last year

Colorado Rockies and National League Most Valuable Player last year, Harold Day (Matt Holliday) signed a 2 year contract for 23 million U.S. dollars.

Two All-Star and National League Most Valuable Player last year, Harold Day and the Rockies completed the New Testament, this contract, covering the Lok Dai Ha and the exercise of the right to salary arbitration to change his original salary of the 2008 season. His salary in 2008 was 9.5 million U.S. dollars, 13.5 million U.S. dollars in 2009.

Rockies originally considered to be paid to Harold Day 4 years 60 million U.S. dollars of contracts, and later decided to return to the origin, but Harold continued to wear if the performance achieved in his free agent status, it is expected he will receive a copies of the outbreak of large contracts.

Harold Day, said: "For me, what decisions are not made, the contract in two years, unless something changes, I will play in the Rockies, and I like it here, I want to stay here longer . "

In addition, to avoid salary arbitration, the Rockies and the center fielder Taweilasi (Willy Taveras) signed a 1 year 1.975 million U.S. dollars of contract, attached 150 thousand U.S. dollars in prize money. Rate of 3 percent last year to combat Taweilasi 20, as the Rockies pioneer of competency.

The Rockies have three players for salary arbitration, including pitcher Fanti Si (Brian Fuentes), third baseman Atkins (Garrett Atkins) and right fielder Harper (Brad Hawpe), because the pellets only willing to give them 5.05 million U.S. dollars, 4.125 million U.S. dollars and 3.575 million U.S. dollars, and they made a gap between the salary demands, and finally delivery of the Arbitration Board.

Was traded to the Athletics Braves relief pitcher Devin

Coser's injury has now recovered, but also a medical examination by the Warriors, who are well prepared to stage a comeback: "My condition is very good, I am confident that this year could be a race at least 150 games."

Was traded to the Athletics Braves relief pitcher Devin, last year's performance despite the progress, the only fans still can not forget the National League in 2005 played in the first round of the playoffs when the Houston Astros, Devin 18 in the playoff the next Board half play, was Astros Burke (Chris Burke) know their home run of the sad goodbye scene, this home run has helped the Warriors end of the year season, the Warriors are now the "nightmare" sent away, but also along the fans.

Monday, August 16, 2010

McNamee has been emotional in conversation and asked Clemens

"Rocket Man" Clemens now with lawyers Harding (Rusty Hardin) held a news conference in Houston to announce a roll of his physical trainer with the Yankees McNamee (Brian MaNamee) the telephone tapes, but McNamee on their own the allegations do feel sorry for old grams, but denied that was wrong.

Under U.S. law, phone recording only in New York and Texas are allowed, the rocket's this phone tapes, 16 will be adopted at a Congressional hearing evidence.

This paper taped recording in last Friday, full 17 minutes, the Rockets were repeatedly stressed his innocence, the hope that McNamee will say things in his favor, the only seem to hear.

The tape, McNamee did not deny any statement, only Clemens and his family the pain caused by regret, "I did, I think it is the right thing, and I had to do it."

McNamee has been emotional in conversation and asked Clemens: "how do you want me?" Clemens said that he was just the truth, because too much information so that he could not believe, so they need someone to tell him the truth. McNamee's voice as the restless: "stand by your position, I do not want this to happen, but I do not want to (lie) to go to jail."

"I have no money, no nothing!" McNamee said he came forward who accused the rocket is not doing a book deal and TV stations did not pay him compensation to seven the number of allegations of his on TV, he would say ban medicine, mainly in the face of federal investigations, have no choice.

Counsel Harding added at a press conference, McNamee's assertions have never denied that the rocket, so rocket did not use steroids. McNamee concluded that his son died of illness before the end of the rocket were persistent telephone recording evidence collection.

January 16th Congress Reform Committee hearing, 7 degrees Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens and McNamee will meet in, Clemens said, to the time he made clear to all things, Harding said that, when Rockets will once again reiterate the fact that not used banned substances.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Maybe this year is the year Dawson re-energized

2000 Hall of Fame Perez (Tony Perez), for the seventh consecutive year moved into the Hall of Fame Dawson (Andre Dawson) protestations, he really did not understand that Dawson is not the Hall of Fame.

Dawson from the Montreal Expos in 1976, fortune, played 21 seasons, his career batting average into 79,438 2 home runs, 1,591 RBI and 314 stolen bases, he was elected in 1977 National League rookie Wang, 1987, was elected the National League most valuable player, joining the Cubs in the first year to pay a 2 percent rate and 87 against the league's 49 home runs and 137 RBIs, his career took a total of 8 gold gloves Award, 8-Star team, record shine.

Road Senpeiruizi,: "We all respect Dawson's dedicated attitude to play, even if Dawson is not 100% healthy body, any one think he played ball player, whether his teammates or the opposing team, and now no one understood why he had not yet entered the Hall of Fame? "

Dawson's Hall of Fame of the road is very rough, he was elected in 2006, Hall of Fame candidate, but only receive 61% of the vote, the final audit voting, high sag (Rich Gossage) the vote rate of 71.2%, Rice (Jim Rice) votes rate of 63.5%, 56% of the vote Dawson, again unsuccessful, and the Hall of Fame players selected conditions, must be the United States Baseball Writers Association 75% of the votes cast.

Force on the former Chicago Cubs infielder cum Dawson teammates mountain Berg (Ryan Sandberg) Hall of Fame in 2005, when the speech said: "may be in major league history, there is no such portrait to Dawson, but suffered untold suffering, but this performance excellent good player, he is the best player I've seen, especially in 1987 Cubs record cranes tail, Dawson's most valuable player of the year, this is my play so far, seen the most incredible thing. "

Maybe this year is the year Dawson re-energized. Dawson brilliant career record, career RBI ranks 32 major league history, ranking No. 35 home runs, doubles the number of top 21, but Dawson is the league in the history of six to create a "300 (home run) / 300 ( stolen bases), "one player, this result can not enter the Hall of Fame, may be hard to be convinced.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baseball has been neglected for years for doping problems

Baseball has been neglected for years for doping problems, and the players union attempted to evade investigation, Mitchell's report will also explain further.

In view of the active players do not want to do more shows, leading to difficulties in interviews, most of Mitchell's report through a team coach, general manager, retired players, fitness coach and former New York Mets manager Radomski from the information provided.

Radomski another survey earlier this year in the case pleaded guilty in 1985 to 1995 to enhance the performance of players between the supply of drugs. According to the plea agreement, Radomski in the Mitchell's investigation reveal the list of a player.

In recent years, the players something to do with drugs, including Kang Seke, Bonds, McGuire, Jason Giambi, Sheffield and the late Kamuniti other slugger.

Responsible for the investigation of former U.S. Senator Mitchell

"New York Times" reported today that Major League Baseball (MLB) in a forthcoming investigation report will be named in more than 50 active or retired players suspected of taking performance enhancing drugs.

Responsible for the investigation of former U.S. Senator Mitchell, will hold a press conference in New York tomorrow to announce a 20 investigation reports the results. Alliance chief executive Selig held a press conference later that day will be.

Because Mitchell did not hold any of the players tested positive for drug test evidence through records of calls he had to stop payment checks, receipts, delivery notes gathering evidence.

New York to visit those two sources, the two men, said Mitchell's report, including dozens of players to use drugs, the name, but the newspaper did not say whether that player's identity.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pei Tite lost season record of 15 wins and 9

Mate product characteristics (Derek Jeter), pshada (Jorge Posada) Shengqingnanque, 35-year-old veteran Pei Tite (Andy Pettitte) 4 日 finally give up the idea of retirement and decided to continue Prix next year, the Yankees shirt.

Pei Tite lost season record of 15 wins and 9, ERA 4.05, Shang Banji a number of field quality starts are due to fire incompetent swallow defeat teammate, All-Star Game after the fire began to warm the Yankees, Pei Tite 11 wins Porsche Carrera 3 defeat, the Indians face the first round of the playoffs, pitched the second war veteran Pei start 6.1 Board scoreless, very exciting performance.

To many, and his family, Pei Tite has not given up the idea of sneakers hanging last month, also declined to 16 million salary next season an option, especially during the plot, pshada constantly communicate with Pei Tite, Heaven never lets finally painstaking person, Pei Tite agent Rick Han said: "In turn persuaded his teammates and coaches, Andy decided that next year will continue to fight for the Yankees."

Whether the transactions are for the Twins Santana (Johan Santana) And tonight the Yankees, the team, a change of heart at this time Pei Tite eat assurance, even if the Yankees can not win Santana, the starting pitcher rotation next year will be Pei Tite, Wang Jian China, Mussina (Mike Mussina), Hughes (Phil Hughes) with Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) dominated Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) standby power still To combat bad.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Guo Wei Huan Jia said Hiromitsu Ochiai

"I retired from Japan for many years, returning in the Chinese Professional Baseball League is still effective 3 years, I now 51 years old! Throw itself has been baseball people." Days of the most recent shock of General Championship news media look at the big Guo. Japanese pitcher Hill well Daisuke in Japan's overall championship bad one inning for-end and regret not win the perfect game, immediately raised the Japanese public opinion on the Sino-Japanese head coach Hiromitsu Ochiai scheduling dissatisfied Guo is to be on media the focus of questioning.

Big Guo Wei Huan Jia said Hiromitsu Ochiai, Daisuke Yamai was in the fifth finger had not comfortable, because the eighth nonintact bloody finger, or pitching coach by Hiromitsu Ochiai report to no longer vote, "I like Hiromitsu Ochiai have supervision over the teaching of the old popular Hoshino, Hoshino has long advocated the education of iron, but valuing feelings Shigeyoshi, mountain life, well not win pitching a complete game the biggest honor, I believe that situation is the last resort. "

Asia Series this year, Sino-Japanese Dragons Japanese representative, representatives of Taiwan Lions, which have played two big Guo, Dragons and Japan in particular has been 53 years had not won in Japan, "the year of Sino-Japanese Dragons take title, I have not born miles! But I'm still jealous. "

"I have since the end of the Sino-Japanese Dragons OB after the game, the knee felt unwell, and now I have changed to play golf!" Big Guo said, even so, he usually remains very concerned about Taiwan baseball, this trip he sticks by China Association invited the return of the World Cup opening ceremony, the way to Seoul Asian Championships in 1999, he served as captain fighting Japanese and Korean teams of personal experience, the Chinese team to provide the best psychological development of young players, "Competition in the short term, as long as We condensation morale and understanding, not necessarily lost to others. "

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Red Sox made the most sharp and playing online is destroyed as the first 2 bars of rookie

Rocky Arena Coors (Coors Field) in the high altitude and cold weather, even Rocky Bureau reversed in 7 chance, still can not stop the Red Sox today (28) days of fierce artillery fire, 15 hits, 9 points, including 3,8 Agency revenue, and closing 10:5 to win three straight to listen to brand advantage.

Red Sox made the most sharp and playing online is destroyed as the first 2 bars of rookie (Jacoby Ellsbury), and Pei Zhuoya (Dustin Pedroia), two in 10 at bats in win their seven hits, Ille Si Beirui four hits (three doubles), 1 RBI, 2 points; Peizhuo Ya 3 hits, 2 RBI.

"For us it is important to a win," in the first 3 innings with 6 points from the Red Sox offensive Peizhuo Ya, said: "In their offenses, not the lead is not safe."

"Ace killer," the Los Angeles starting pitcher Fogg (Josh Fogg), Red Sox 3 Bureau was severely off the hook, playing a total of 10 people knocked seven hits, coupled with his 2 walks, rinse 6 points during the key is loose (soil reaction) Daisuke time in over 2 RBI base hits.

Rocky 6,7 further intense counterattack, Harold Day (Matt Holliday) at the 7th Council of 3 guns, will be pushed to the score 5:6, but the Red Sox in section 8 Authority to three consecutive hits, then take 3 points , Los Angeles put out the hope of counter-offensive.

Pine (soil reaction) Daisuke pitched five further one third, gave up three hits, 5 strikeouts, lost 2 points to become the first in the World Series is not only in Japan starting pitcher, also a record off the first wins. Red Sox once again rely on, "Hideki Okajima + Popper friend (Jonathan Papelbon)" backup relay victory in Formula One, holding a leading position.

Red Sox since 2004, has won seven straight World Series, the official beyond the 1915 to 1916 between the teams to write the history of the 6 game winning streak. According to the World Series history, winning 22 0 3 lost the case, has not seen four straight and reversed, 19 times leading the team to complete sweep, the Red Sox are expected to become the first 20 teams.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Torre (Joe Torre) to arms after the Yankees decided to remove the teams from 23 interviews to start work successor

Torre (Joe Torre) to arms after the Yankees decided to remove the teams from 23 interviews to start work successor, the Yankees had also to consider the list of La Lusha (Tony La Russa) determine the contract with the Cardinals two years later, vacancies from the original first base coach Pena (Tony Pena) fill, new coach ready to come out the Yankees.

1996 to 1999, played for the Yankees 4 season Girardi (Joe Girardi) as the first wave of interviews pellet target, as the previous candidate on the list are the current day supervision of staff Rod Valentine (Bobby Valentine), then Yankees executives have been removed.

90's combat capability at the peak of the late Yankees, Girardi during the effectiveness of the Yankees, who won three World Series champion Marlins last season Girardi palm to arms, and won the National League the best Head coach, the team specializes in integrated combat capability, expected to take over team management issues Hank (Hank Steinbrenner), said: "Joe a quick mind, and passionate match, is a good candidate."

While Girardi has the advantage of Yankee background, but will leave after the end of last season the Marlins, is reported with high-level sub-concept, which Girardi distress: "want to be a competent coach, in addition to the team record, the private and high-level interaction is also a science. "an hour of talks, both sides have a great understanding of the potential to avoid the embarrassing situation, Hank bluntly:" Why leave the Marlins Girardi is not our the focus of discussion and do not want the atmosphere of the talks deadlock. "

Tomorrow or the day bench coach Mattingly (Don Mattingly), Pena will have to high-level meeting with the Yankees in Tampa.