Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Patriot is one of the defensive hero Saturday over 39-year-old Theo

Patriot is one of the defensive hero Saturday over 39-year-old Theo. He has 18 seasons in the NFL fought on the first season and all 13 teams in the Lightning, although all-star many times, but never a champion to try the taste. He played for the Patriots to the Super Bowl hopes lightning into the break again. The game reserve running back in the lightning balls almost impulse array Turner, the Theo to intercept the scoring lines, so lightning is not able to overtake the Patriot touchdowns, but ending on penalties. He also Qinsha Rui Fusi 1.

Patriot two Cornerback Samuel and Thomas Hobbes once the anti-pass cut-off Rui Fusi. Samuel in the offseason to sign with the Patriots defeat the efforts of large contracts were designated as the label hung club players. After this season, his outstanding performance, certainly got his wish.

Patriots offensive arms, is the versatile running back Marshall - Fork, he was clever and good at catching the characteristics of post moves, and give full play in this game, the defense close to each other in cause great difficulties, he 8 times the ball 82 yards, the ball than the total number of codes outside the Patriots took over several stars are high. Another point is still the ball outside to take over Wilke, 7 times the ball 56 yards. Patriot games because of the weather and other tough for the air offensive by the two basic medium to advance the ball a short distance.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

AP scores probably are not happy with the tug of war so the two sides

AP scores probably are not happy with the tug of war so the two sides, they played a gamble to play, although by this side grabbed the ball, but Kai ball foul penalized 5 yards and re-kick-off, the League's Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware the ball back after the attack, but unfortunately, sell, Midland's Ravens defender Reed grabbed the ball from the AP to 29 yards at the League of Nations began to attack. Manning is not in the two passes, plus a penalty, scored the final penalty three minutes. AP by 17 to 7 lead.

The League of Nations began to attack the near future into the Section 2. If the pass has been silent lightning counter-cut cornerback Cromartie. Last year was rookie of the Keluomadi 10 times this season, intercepted a pass against the column NFL first. AP Offensive replaced by Steelers quarterback this - Rosser Rosberg led the League of Nations 29 yards from the offensive began, the long pass 16 yards to the Bengals TJ, Jaguar All-Star team for the first time the veteran Taylor red ball 11 yards, and then pass on the 1 yard short TJ touchdowns. AP with a strong lead of 24 to 7.

American League kick-off again back to the League of Nations heist attack 51 yards to the 49 yards at the League of Nations. If the silent battle once again, after several attacks, one 34 yards long pass TO, smoothly advanced to AP at 7 yards, and then passed TO touchdowns. The League of Nations to pull the score to 14 to 24.

AP attack, to continue by the initiated. Advanced to the League of Nations after the 30-yard line, and fail to pass is not in the. Titans kicker Bironas surgeon scored 3 points. AP by 27 to 14 lead.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jaguar defensive performance in a very good job

Chiefs 7, Broncos 41

Broncos quarterback Cutler played well, 27 pass 20 in the 244 yards, 4 passing TDs. Mustang offensive total yardage to 453 yards, while the chief audience is only pitiful 129 yards offense, there is no parry our blows. Unfortunately, the outbreak of wild horses came too late, with the district has been the leading two games lightning. Mustang basically missed the playoffs.

Panthers 6, Jaguars 37

Jaguar defensive performance in a very good job, Panthers passing attack, but 100 yards, the ground attack only 50 yards. Anti-cut cornerback Ingram Panthers offensive touchdown pass back. Jaguars veteran running back Taylor to play again, well, a long dash of 80 yards in mind touchdowns firmly to seal the victory. Jaguar is currently 9 wins 4 losses, the basic lock-AL wild card. Panthers quarterback De Hemu main first three games this season, passing touchdowns eight times, the injured out of the season, the Panthers quarterback Carl, test, Wordie, and Moore battle played a total of 11 games to reach Array passing is still less than the total number of eight.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So far this season, Raiders of the record is 2 wins 8 losses

So far this season, Raiders of the record is 2 wins 8 losses, American League West Bottom of honor ranking. At present the team's most urgent problems are twofold. The first one to let players set up a strict discipline, because each game this season, has a disturbing many fouls, many of yardage lost in vain, and the impairment morale. The second is to improve red zone scoring ability, to attack a real advantage to be converted into a score. Sunday's first half, Raiders scored three times deep in the hinterland of Vikings, but only won a scoring position.

Next Sunday (November 25), Raiders continued to play an away match, belong to the same American League West rivals Kansas City Chiefs (Kansan City Chiefs). Raid by the Chinese network will provide exciting racing forward-looking and after the match reports, The large number of fans pay close attention.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The former Saints defensive coach will be appointed coach of Redskins

Local time Tuesday, Jim - Haslet Washington Redskins agreed to contract out, about to become coach of Redskins defensive team, this is coach Mike - Shanahan's second since he took office key appointments.

Redskins team an anonymous insider revealed to the media this is news, because teams have to wait for someday erythroderma news conference to formally announce the appointment of Haslet in 2000 to 2005 coached the New Orleans Saint Christians, in 2008, Scott - Rhine Han was sacked after a few months as the transition Rams coach prior to his Rams, Saints and the Steelers as a defensive coach. Last year, the Haslet not find a job to the UFL (United Football League) team coached Florida ivory.

Haslet Monday to Redskins Park, the plane met Mike - Shanahan and red high-level team, he will replace the retiring Greg - Blachais, which has teams in the Redskins played six seasons However, once studied Liu Xun, has reached the retirement age. Count Hallett, Shanahan after taking office already has two chief aides, last week, his son Kyle as he came to Washington to become the team's offensive coaches erythroderma.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Smith last year at the October 25 game against Houston

"When I went to New York beside me a bunch of great guy, great coach, they believed me," Karl said. "They never lost confidence in me. That is why, when I play, we achieve success. These are the qualities are very important, something that lasted for two years is great. I will give my career, the battery charge of electricity, Now I feel my talent level, my level of experience with each other very little. I hope this will help the team win. "

Smith last year at the October 25 game against Houston, when the intermission to replace Hill played, and in San Francisco the rest of the race team has been the starter, the team with eight wins eight negative finish the whole season, created a team in the history of the worst records of six consecutive winning seasons does not exceed 50%.

Karl in the off-season training starting time voluntarily joined the team, he is enjoying the time together, and Smith. "Mutual promotion, a funny thing, but he looks like a good guy," Karl said.

As Hill's exchange, 49 teams will get a draft pick in 2011, unknown.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Brothers together out of a remake of the classic box-office

Saliboli is a red temper and John partner in the ESPN commentary NFL games, the two have had a tit for tat. When they judge the situation of the game greatly differ, Saliboli occasionally say, "You're not played NFL", in order to support their own point of view of reliability. Once the results of his old trick, Ke Leidun abruptly top back to a "you do not," the former air cruelly.

How can you say one in the NFL stayed for 10 years, "elderly" is an outsider do? This all goes back Saliboli that baffled his career talking about. He has played for six teams, the longest one in the Minnesota Vikings team spent 4 years. But from beginning to end, the characters were all headed Saliboli alternate star quarterback, playing time, can be imagined. So, what can be said to refute the phrase Ke Leidun not open to mention what pot pot, hit a raw nerve.

The plot could not reverse the fait accompli, but Saliboli still would like to thank one person, "know him and his cooperation is a most pleasing thing." He said it - Sandler. End "Waterboy" and short-term co-operation, the two men parted ways a natural, but six years later, but also a football play to find on the subject Sandler remake of "The Longest Yard" and then they have a second time co-operation. "" The Longest Yard "to Adam (Sandler) requirements a lot higher than the previous one, Kru (the characters) is not a Shaxiao Zi, he was a football star, the need to complete more difficult movements, need more preparation. "spring of 2004, Saliboli began his second crew experience. "Training may not do you think that's so terrible, I cut the weight for the film, but also ran four kilometers everyday, but I have to say, Sean (Saliboli) set for me was the most relaxed and effective plan. Yes, he will not let me nervous. "

Although many people into the theater to see Sandler in the film, is directed at him to go that kind of Folly, but "The Longest Yard" is not a pure comedy drama, this point their minds clear to all. "The Longest Yard" premiere day to 16.5 million U.S. dollars on the occupied single-day box office table title, in one fell swoop pressure after a long-entrenched in this seat "Star Wars Ⅲ".

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs running back signed with top

Kansas City Chiefs team and free agent running back Thomas - Jones signed a contract last season, Jones led the New York Jets reached the AFC final statistics in the league standings third red ball. The team announced this week two of this contract, but refused to give details.

Jones last season, has created a career-high 1402 yards red balls and 14 touchdowns in a season before this, he washed the ball 1312 yards, 13 touchdowns, and was elected to the All-Star Game. 31-year-old Jones is expected to become 3-year running back Jamal - a strong complement to Charles, Charles was in Kansas City last season, the most valuable player, with 1120 yards of red balls and seven touchdowns.

Although Jones for 5 yards last season the number of red balls are over 1000 yard, Jets, or five free-agent market last week, when open, and his lifting of the contract. This season, he received 2.8 million U.S. dollars in addition to the basic wage, there is a list of three million U.S. dollars prize money. Jones and the Jets on the adjustment of his contract did not reach a consensus. The team hope that he can lower, but was Jones refused. Jones missed the last off-season volunteer activities, but with the team on his contract negotiations did not succeed. Last season he only got 90 million in base salary, but did not affect his performance in the field. Jets, averaging 172.2 yards be able to field the ball yards are washed several top in the league, Jones is the main reason. . Shonn Greene for more when the rookie ball, he looked tired, but Jones said that he felt that he was still playing the 4-5 season, because he maintained his good physical condition.

Jones in the 2000 draft by the Arizona Cardinals in the seventh place in the first round selected in 2003, was traded to Tampa Bay, the next year as a free agent with the Chicago Bears in 2007, was traded to the Jets. Since 2005, in the red ball a few yards, the second only to pull Jones wearing Neanderthal - Tomlinson (now also a free agent). Jones, the red ball in NBA history with 9217 yards on the Top-pound ranks 28th, behind Earl - Campbell 190 yards.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Players union predicted that the new season without salary cap

NFL Players Association executive director Demolisi - Smith gave his players a few days ago sent a memo telling them a new collective bargaining agreement has not been modest, the new season, there will be no salary cap.

In the memorandum, Smith set out briefly the progress of the negotiations, but it clearly pointed out that the new agreement could not be reached before March 5, so the first since 1993 without a salary cap for the upcoming season. Smith wrote: "We want to make every effort to reach a fair agreement, but the heart of the agreement also did not come out, so the 2010 season, there will be no salary cap." Smith said, the players union will be no salary cap expected to extend the season a year, in order to secure more time for negotiations, he wrote: "In our view, to extend the labor agreement is better than no salary cap is more in line with the interests of both players and owners, in any case, the new labor agreement must give the players a reasonable income, while bosses were also To get sufficient capital to develop the sport. "Smith also said that the new negotiations will be a regular four-week re-start, place of freedom where the scout camp in Indianapolis.

NFL spokesman Greg - Ai no little comment on the memorandum Smith, president and Goodell said before the Super Bowl, he thought the negotiations would bring about new collective bargaining agreement, the time on March 11, 2011 the existing before the expiry of collective agreements. If there is no salary cap this season, which means a large number of wealthy players eat into the free agent, while those of "poor" team, you must tighten the purse, nearly 200 famous in the non-restricted free agent and the new team will be able to sign. If the new collective bargaining agreement can not be reached, may be shut down 2011 season for the flourishing of the NFL will be a tremendous blow, Smith writes: "NFL has made it clear that club profitable, they never said what the team loss, another Alliance involved in the negotiations refused to profit and revenue capacity of the team. "

During the labor negotiations, a total of 12 round of negotiations, to let the two sides discussed different aspects of the terms, and finally reach a comprehensive agreement, Smith wrote: "When we made progress in some areas, we are still in some areas and bosses They have differences, they called on players to cut 18% of the salary was disappointed, but they do not provide excellent financial data to support their demands, as far as we know since 1993, the Alliance's revenue increased year by year. "

Monday, March 8, 2010

Falcons and former Texans team signed cornerback

Atlanta Falcons team and free agent cornerback Deng Tower - Robinson signed a contract this former Houston Texans team's steals leaders and the Falcons signed a six-year contract worth 57 million U.S. dollars.

Saturday the team confirmed the deal, it was reported Friday when the Falcons reached an agreement on, and Robinson.

Robinson's signing is very important because the falcon in the league last season ranked only 28th. This came from Athens, Georgia, the effectiveness of local players in Houston's six seasons with 13 steals. He will be a press conference on Monday was introduced to the public.

Texans team in the 2004 first-round draft pick No. 10 overall will be selected Robinson. In his rookie season and the creation of a single-season and six steals in a career record of 84 games he participated in 79 games as a starter.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Italian Football Federation president even behind the Balotelli

Italian Football Federation President Abbett that, by virtue of superior strength, Mario Balotelli worthy to enter the national team's World Cup list.

Recently, the 19-year-old Inter Milan striker Balotelli Italy played well in the league. Lippi will be public opinion called for the national team, he enrolled in an increasing demand, while the Italian Football Federation President Abate agreed that Balotelli expected to last, Lippi to take into account.

"Balotelli is increasingly mature, he can count on Marcello Lippi's players, but of course, the decision was made by Marcello Lippi to do." Abate March 4 to accept an interview with Sky Sports, said: "Pakistan Luo Teli personal abilities in the front line, there is no dispute, but he is more mature, and yesterday I saw he joined the Italian u21 match, in order to teammates, he sacrificed a lot, he regarded himself the whole game placed in service position for the teammates. "

Abate appreciate Balotelli, but he did not want outsiders to say "to put pressure on Lippi," and praised some light later, he again hurried to say, he was just making suggestions, decisions must be done by Lippi, he will not interfere: "I'm not a coach, as a manager, I respect the coach's views. The final decision can only be done by Lippi, which does not play Balotelli on Inter by only Jose Mourinho decision is a reason. "