Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rapid weight loss a woman will do three things early morning

Contemporary work and busy pace of life is fast, want to lose weight can not find a specific time to exercise, we should not be troublesome, for busy office workers get up every morning, after a number of small habits will allow you to keep slim build, with easy and no special arrangements to do exercise time. The early morning three-step weight loss, habits become your lifestyle after, create the perfect curve of relaxed and natural.

Wake Up 7:00 AM get up and drink plenty of water will help detoxification

Do not disclose their teenage star when you are talking about the beauty of remedies morning drink a large glass of water, you can eliminate puffiness! Reason lies in eating the night before last may be too alkaline or drinking too much water, no discharge sleep a night, early morning wake up drink a large glass of water, to facilitate rapid urination. Even if weight loss is in the period, the daily intake should be at least 2000 ㏄ of water, in order to maintain the normal operation of the body and remove waste. In addition, the current hot trace elements in mineral water, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, neither heat distress, for people who always eat outside food, but also an effective nutritional supplement, is also a good choice.

Sports 7:30 AM slim Track Work, efficacy significantly

Track Work to do every day, not only make people feel fresh and cool to start a day's work and study, but also in keeping fit and size, to eliminate excess fat. But to see tangible results, an important condition is that "adhering to."

Body Yang Shen:

Standing, arms on the move, such as stretching, but to increase substantially. If lying in bed, can be used both hands to seize the head side edge of the bed (or the arms hold the body on both sides of the bed), followed by one leg (or legs at the same time) straight leg raise knee up. When leg raise slightly faster, to drop slower. To do 20 to 30 times. Helps to reduce excess fat in the lower abdomen, strengthen abdominal muscles, increasing flexibility of abdominal muscles.

Supine Taitun:

Supine in bed, knees, knees close together, feet separated slightly more than hip width, arms straight (palm down) placed sidearm. Legs separated from the body center of gravity to move shoulder to shoulder support, suction Taitun, Pause. Breath, slowly down the buttocks, restore. Repeat exercise 20 more times. The reduction of waist, hip fat and fat, increased waist, hip muscle strength, strong lumbar Gushen very effective.
Track Work facial care:

If you do not want to make their facial skin relaxation, but also do not want the help of cosmetic surgery and drugs, you may wish to do a set of daily facial Track Work. Wear a loose clothing not cover the neck, lightly coated with facial skin care products dry skin, sitting in a chair, try to be back, and began to suction the nose and then exhale through your mouth.
Method: take a deep breath, and then force the breath blowing the nose wings. Breath should be like this: breath through the right mouth, left mouth closed; and then exhale through the left corner of his mouth, when the right mouth shut. Slow and deep breathing, the respiratory delay 3 ~ 4 seconds. Summon the cheek, the force so that the air inhaled smoke from the closed lips.

Shower8: 30 AM morning bathing, light Relax

Westerners like to come to a morning bath, is not without reason, in addition to a clear mind, the clean pores skin, reviving the metabolic cycle, after wiping the face with skin care products or physical Firming products, the effects were particularly good, if there is time to , or even a simple bubble bath even better! Bath With increase in body temperature when the body along with increased metabolic rate, like running through the same steps, but also consume some calories. Water temperature to 38 ~ 39 ℃ better, each bubble a 20 to 30 minutes sufficient.