Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google Android operating system within the city soared the amount of 200% in March

January 22, according to foreign media reports, one from the analysis of ChangeWave report shows that in December 2009 Google Android phone operating system for smart-phone market gains 4% of the market share data since the last quarter, an increase of 200%.

It is noteworthy that in December of the survey, 21% of respondents said they would consider using the Android platform, which over the previous quarter, an increase of 6%. Motorola's leading smartphone Andoid cell phone price, Nexus One close behind. Since Microsoft released Windows Mobile 6.5 since the OS operating system, the user would choose from 9% to 6%.

Motorola and HTC will be the result of Android for the benefit of the two companies. The intention to purchase Motorola's portfolio of mobile phone users of the production from 1% to 13%, while the desire to buy HTC product portfolio of smartphones from 5% to 9%.

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