Sunday, February 28, 2010

Google to launch the Chilean version of the earthquake people search services

Google launched a tool to help people to find in Chile may be subject to Sunday's 8.8 earthquake occurred friends and loved ones.

Google Person Finder allows users to search the persons concerned in accordance with names in English and Spanish information or information about people left behind. As of Sunday morning, this page already contains 22900 records. However, this page reminds the user that the information entered will be all the people see and use. Google is not responsible for authentication information.

Google Crisis Response website also pointed out that Americans seeking information can call the U.S. State Department, telephone number is 1-888-407-4747. Google, this page has a map, list of activities as well as the recent earthquake in Chile, to the earthquake relief campaign contributions of resources. This Web page, your donation will help disaster victims rebuild their lives and their communities.

As of Sunday morning, the local government reported that about 300 people have died because of this earthquake. However, this figure is expected to grow.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Microsoft to buy Google China Google search terms

February 26 Former president of Google Greater China, innovation workshops CEO Kai-fu Lee, today broke the news, claiming that Microsoft China buying on Google "Google China" search terms used to promote its products.

Microsoft China's purchase of the "Google of China" search terms

Microsoft buys the ad words as: "Microsoft Windows Embedded family of operating systems, performance, to help you create great connected devices." Kai-fu Lee broke the news of this one, that is, personnel in the industry widely discussed at present has reached the relevant comments 146, most of whom have expressed lack of understanding, some people believe may be caused by accidental injury keywords, it is possible to run Microsoft China "China" and other keywords.

It is reported that both Microsoft and Google in the Chinese market, or in the broader, global markets have a wide range of competition, including Microsoft, pushing the operating system directly at the core of territory, in the Microsoft Yahoo Search obstacles cooperation, the two sides reached a little co-operation.

However, some analysts pointed out that the Microsoft China will be able to buy on Google, "Google China" This kind of search terms, and do not explain the relationship between Google and Microsoft has eased, and can only show that, Google China's sales team in advertising revenue on the have more expectations and imagination.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Qihoo Rising Prosecution of unfair competition

Rising released because they believe that the so-called odd tiger 360 to the user install "back door" the description of damage to the credibility of his goods, odd Tiger Rising and the company has a company in Beijing's Zhongguancun together to court. Beijing Xicheng District People's Court has placed on file accepted.

Qihoo said in prosecution, 360 security guards and 360 odd tiger's antivirus products are introduced to the users completely free computer security software, are lawfully acquired Ministry of Public Security issued a certificate of inspection and sale of licenses. February 2 this year, a Rising Zhongguancun Science and Technology Corporation and its operating companies posted on the official website entitled "Rising to expose inside stories: odd tiger 360 to the user installed" back door "," the article. The article wrote: "360 security guard is installed into the user's computer, it will set up private 'back door', even more frightening is that this 'back door' there is a huge security risk. Hacker can use back door to the system registry and user information (document) for an arbitrary action. "In addition, both defendants also its own client software on the windows from time to time bombs, intimidation user" Rising to expose shady security software for free "," 360 security guards for the user install 'back door', could be a hacker use, is facing great risks "and so on.

Qihoo company believes that the publicity is completely fabricated facts, are unfair competitive practices, a very bad Qihoo company's image. To this end, Qihoo company claims 1 million yuan to the two defendants.

It is understood that the case is still pending further.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Google launched voice search applications to support iPod

Following the submission of the iPhone platform that could support the following mobile applications, Google Inc. has announced that the application also can support the iPod Touch devices, the voice search feature.

Allegedly, Google mobile applications to improve the version of the network in the limited stability of using voice search capabilities, and optimize the voice search function. In addition, the upgraded version also corrects an earlier version of some existing software defects, right search box, paste the fault was repaired and can the user use the '@' search to prevent application crashes.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Blizzard to start "StarCraft II: Wings of Freedom" seal test

Blizzard Entertainment today announced that its highly anticipated real-time strategy game "StarCraft II: Wings of Freedom" ™ IC packaging and testing started. Thousands of players around the world have been issued by Blizzard Entertainment, the participants received packaging and testing the first phase of the invitation. Players will participate in the test for "StarCraft II" multiplayer game balance to provide feedback, will also be the first to experience Blizzard Entertainment released a new version of battle network ®. New war net will become a support "StarCraft II", "World of Warcraft" ® and Blizzard Entertainment more products coming online gaming platform.

Blizzard Entertainment Mike Morhaime, co-founder and chief executive officer, said: "" StarCraft II "and the new war net R & D work is about to enter an end, from the player to collect feedback and suggestions are very important to us. We look forward to Players can help us bring the game experience even more perfect synthesis. "

"StarCraft II: Wings of Freedom" is the sale of Blizzard Entertainment in 1998, was the world's gamers and game critics as the most successful real-time strategy game "StarCraft" sequel. In the new 3D graphics engine technology support, "StarCraft II" will once again demonstrated Star Spirit, human as well as the three major ethnic conflict in different insect world, and a variety of classic arms, upgrades and new branches of the military arms would be forth. "StarCraft II: Wings of Freedom," is expected to be available in the first half of 2010.

In addition, Blizzard Entertainment will once again through its world-renowned battle network online game platform for gamers to provide unparalleled online gaming experience. Battle Network has added several new enhancements and new features, will be the "StarCraft II" with the introduction into service of Blizzard Entertainment, a gamer's top online gaming platform.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Opera CEO: Mini browser, 5 times faster than Apple's Safari

According to foreign media reports, Opera has said JonTetzchner founder, OperaMini the speed of the browser 5 times faster than Apple's Safari.

In this week's "Mobile World Congress" on, Opera shows OperaMini customized for Apple's iPhone browser. According to Ticona said that in the iPhone mobile phone, OperaMini run faster than Apple's Safari browser built-in 5 times faster.

At present, iPhone application store does not accept competitor's browser, Opera has not been submitted to OperaMini application. However, Ticona said, that would submit an application in due course.

Ticona said: "We will submit an application, but has yet to determine the specific time in the future will be to further optimize the product."

Ticona said that in the 3G network, OperaMini than 5 times faster Safari. In the GPRS network, the speed of Safari at least fairly.

Monday, February 8, 2010

AOL want to sell ICQ, lock four international buyers

According to informed sources, the sale of its its instant messaging service ICQ, AOL has taken another measure, from the seven tenders, lock them four international buyers.

According to some informed sources, the service's offer of about 200 million U.S. dollars, and only some of a higher bid.

AOL spokesman declined to comment on it.

BoomTown wrote an article last November, said America Online's ICQ want to sell the company. The service was the latest stand-alone Internet companies in some key services, but because the company will shift to content and advertising business, so to sell it.

A month later, there are other reports said the transaction is actually nearing the end. Transactions, adopted a more traditional approach, that is the program to invest in the United States bidders online investment bank, Allen & Co and Morgan Stanley.

The source said, the bidding process has ended, has produced four candidates for buyers. But not by the suspect prior to the trade of American companies, but more likely to be many international Internet companies in one.

This is because, ICQ has 40 million to 50 million active users worldwide, but the performance of its overseas operations more robust, especially in Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe and Israel.

While I can not know for sure which company eventually became ICQ buyers, but the following are the most likely companies: Russian investment group Digital Sky Technologies, the group had social-networking site Facebook, and social gaming site Zynga invested; China Tencent company's instant messaging and gaming services, QQ; the South African media giant Naspers, Inc.; Czech Republic's largest portal, Seznam network portal; Russia's leading search engine Yandex is also possible.

In the U.S., some people think that Google will become the ICQ bidders, although the bid is much lower.

No matter how the final sale price, are likely to be far lower than America Online in 1998 to purchase the service prices. At that time a strong America Online to 287 million U.S. dollars acquisition of this once most popular online communication tools.

However, unlike its competitors Microsoft, Yahoo and Google when compared to similar services, ICQ's popularity in the United States lags behind. In addition, Facebook, and Twitter has also become a major competitor in that area.

In contrast, America Online's AIM instant messaging service performance is quite strong, is one of the most popular instant messaging software.

ICQ still has offices in Israel, about 100 employees, moderate level of profit. Sources said bidders and their team, now also with discussion.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Symantec anti-virus software automatically recharge events due to the re-sued

Security software vendor Symantec has once again the product without the user's permission automatically recharge the defendant to court. Last year, because of similar allegations of Symantec fined 375,000 U.S. dollars.

January 19 this year, submitted to the New York state court pleadings show that a Norton AntiVirus 2007 users in November last year, from the Symantec office was informed that his use of anti-virus software has automatically for one year renewals cost is 76.03 U.S. dollars. The user said that Symantec did not receive renewals fulfill the obligations of the former.

Symantec's security products often have a one-year period. After that, consumers need to carry out renewals allowed to continue using antivirus software.

The name of the user to fraudulent business practices and unjust enrichment to prosecute Symantec, and require the company to refund all the fees charged by the auto-renewals. He also asked the court to the case as a class action lawsuit, this one to the plaintiff is likely to increase first thousand.

Last year, in June, New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has announced that Symantec and McAfee with the two anti-virus software vendors have reached a settlement agreement. The case was pointed out that the two anti-virus vendors without the user permission to automatically charge a user hard to remove the means or obtain a refund of such fees. Symantec and McAfee in their respective pay a fine of 375,000 U.S. dollars, said after the company can require customers to pay renewals, and to ensure that renewals of consumers wish to cancel within 60 days after the charge was to obtain a refund.

Symantec and McAfee also said that time will automatically recharge before and after the message alerts to the user. The settlement was forced anti-virus vendors do not cancel automatic renewals.

Symantec has yet to make any response in this case.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

66.3% of smokers did not intend to quit smoking

February 4th, Shenyang City, the health education public announcement, "opposed to the smoke gifts" outdoor intercept survey: 66.3% of the smokers did not intend to quit smoking.

It is reported that the survey related to the five district of Shenyang City Plaza, universities, railway stations, shopping malls, department stores, railway stations, hospitals, cultural centers, and 12-point bit, qualified male and female respondents to the questionnaire in the ratio of 1.4:1. Survey point and the geographical distribution of respondents of the sex ratio, age structure and other characteristics and the natural situation of Shenyang are basically consistent, and representative.

The results showed: there were 243 daily smokers, accounting for 46.0%, the average daily smoking 17; not smoke every day, there were 21 people, accounting for 4.0%, average weekly smoking 14; one is also There are 264 non-smoking, accounting for 50%. As a gift has never asked myself, there were 278 people, accounting for 52.7%. Once I asked myself as a gift for someone else there are 250 people, accounting for 47.3% of all respondents.

Survey shows that 66.3% of the smokers still do not intend to quit smoking. The survey also found that about nearly half of people have asked myself as a gift for someone else in the future may be I asked myself as a gift for someone else's also accounted for more than half. As can be seen, half of the people did not "to smoke gifts" as a bad behavior, but also not aware of "to smoke gifts" harmful.

From the people's understanding of illness caused by smoking, the majority of people know that smoking can cause lung disease, more than half of people know that smoking can cause mouth and heart disease, and most people do not know that smoking is also can lead to stroke and impotence diseases.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If you have the opportunity to acquire Internet company does not rule out

January 29, CCTV Financial Channel, "Global Finance" show host Mr. Rui for the mobile Internet, or even whether the acquisition Tencent bluntly put forward its own questions, China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou also given their answer. As for how to understand, everyone has their own interpretation.

Q: The combination of mobile Internet and mobile phones for Chinese consumers, does that mean?

Mr. Wang: In the past at the mention of cell phones, immediately think of is the well-known manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, telecommunications terminal manufacturers, said of these, old, and famous. Today you say a new cell phone, it is first mentioned in Apple, referred to a Dell, referred to a BlackBerry, referred to a Google. This is totally different with a few years ago, and the original IT companies, Internet businesses, large-scale access to the mobile communications. Members unanimously recognized that, without a long time, the number of people using mobile phones to access the Internet more than to use a computer to the Internet. The Internet with mobile communications integration, is indeed a new era of mobile Internet truly arrived. This I feel very deeply.

Q: Recently, there have been rumors that China Mobile plans to acquire Internet company Tencent?

Mr. Wang: Everyone has his own understanding, but to-take-all impossible, and no one can take-all. You said the acquisition is not possible to acquire all. The common opinion is to adopt a more cooperative approach, because we are not, after all other sectors of the experts, we can work together, of course, they will involve the appropriate part of them, as well as doing part of the acquisition, which is possible. However, overall, must adopt a cooperative approach.

Q: China Mobile's strategy is to co-oriented, does not rule out mergers and acquisitions?

Mr. Wang: If you have the opportunity.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Warcraft of world wlk the final copy of the Open

February 2, World of Warcraft Europe and the United States through the weekly server maintenance, the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack version 3.3, "The Fall of the Lich King" final copy of the region "cream-wing lobby," the official opening, the final version of BOSS, with the fit of the Lich King Alsace Prince upcoming player appearances.

With the version of the ultimate team, a copy of "Freezing crown fortress" in the end zone "cream-wing Hall" opens and defeat Lich Queen's video has also been resolved out, and we guess the same as before, Alsace Prince did not get redemption However, the last moment of life restored sanity, but Bowa Er Duke wearing the helmet of the Lich King become the new Lich King, to their own will fight with the corrosion of the Lich King, and control a huge Scourge.

A copy of the difficulties yet to open the current model, with the eventual opening of regional players in the fight against Ice Ice Dragon to reach the crown to challenge World of Warcraft the most popular villain BOSS Lich King, in the next few days is bound to the Lich King by the challenges of high-end professional unions, the world's first DOWN into someone's wait and see. Please note that the relevant report on this victory Netease game channel of Warcraft Area follow-up reports.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Facebook catch up with Yahoo to become the world's third-largest Web site

February 2, according to foreign media reports, Facebook is overtaking Yahoo will become the world's third-largest site, Google and Microsoft led the first three. It is learned that, Facebook last year, replaced AOL as the world's fourth-largest Web site. However, Comscore data shows a monthly unique visitors and passengers and was ranked third compared to Yahoo's website, but also a difference of 241 million. To December 2009, the gap narrowed to 125 million passengers. (The same month, Facebook in the United States replaced the original fourth of AOL.)

In December 2009, Facebook has reached an independent visits 469 million, compared to the previous month has increased by 31 million passengers. Facebook within a month increase in the amount of new users of Yahoo for one year is equivalent to the amount of the increase in users, but also is equivalent to the amount of Digg users and the total amount of half of the Twitter users. At the same time, Yahoo in December from November to the loss of 7 million unique visitors, visits to the end of its independence has dropped to 594 million. (In the U.S., Yahoo ranked second only to Google. Yahoo in unique visitors in December for 161 million passengers to 173 million in Google, Microsoft for the 138 million passengers, Facebook 112 million person-trips)

This figure and the Fcebook's 350 million registered users do not like that half of these users who visit the Web site every day. ComScore statistics of site visits per day, the result is compared with the number of registered users more than. However, these figures are only estimates, and does not include the 60 million a month through the Facebook web site links to other sites log the number of users.

In terms of years Facebook unique visitors in 2009 increased by 2.5 million passengers. 2010 want to maintain this growth more difficult, but even to keep half of 2009 growth, Facebook is still certain to win and be able to become the world within a year of more than Yahoo's third-largest site, but also not listed. Of course, ahead of second-top-ranked Microsoft and Google, but also take a very long time. Microsoft's 09 at the end of the world's unique visitors reached 727 million passengers, an increase on the previous year 80 million visitors, while Google has reached 899 million passengers, an increase compared with the previous year to 123 million passengers.

Other aspects of the data, Facebook has more than Yahoo and Microsoft. Its comprehensive views increased 141 percent in the 09 end of the year reached 193 billion, almost twice as Yahoo and Microsoft (Yahoo, a decrease of 2 percentage points, to 100 billion, an increase of 54 percent of Microsoft's 109 billion). Google is still tops pageviews a month's visit amounted to 274 billion (an increase of 35 percentage points). Clearly, Yahoo lost its competitive edge. Microsoft and Google at least maintained a significant growth rate. However, people are not hard to imagine that one day the Federation of Facebook than Google.

Facebook to stay in the user the length of time the site is also more than Yahoo (116 million and 1.01 million), the same, its users to stay on the site, the average duration is also more than Yahoo (Facebook for 274 minutes per month, Yahoo is 170 minutes ).