Sunday, November 14, 2010

October this year, Wang twice starting in guiding coalition

Living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming up the new contract year will be announced less than three weeks, the last more than 1 year, Wang aggressive rehabilitation is to return to prepare major league mound, before he returned to Taiwan, in an interview had said that he knows injuries are inevitable, but never thought this would be such a serious injury, even once at a low ebb, the reporter Ni Chia-Hui reports from the United States.

October this year, Wang twice starting in guiding coalition, a total of 3 innings, 30 balls, 0 lost, and it was Wang rehabilitation outcome 1 year, in July 2009 after shoulder surgery or, Wang began the long rehabilitation of the road, return to the Major League mound time, from the earliest scheduled in May, kept putting one in Taiwan and other fans have to worry, Wang himself was at a low ebb. Living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming: "will be injured, but did not know would be so serious, low put ourselves up after that time, do not want to talk with others, is very happy in the end slowly, a little better, just like his teammates speech to the stadium. "Late last year, the Yankees did not renew Wang also rehabilitation, the reality of Major League teams, Aberdeen clearly established, and thus the patience to wait for the national team, Wang" pulling feeling heart. " Wang: "needs of pellet they are good players of course, a sign to you can go to games, so not thinking." Reporter: "So the Yankees can be said that a more realistic it?" Wang: "the court is this way. "shoulder to Wang to miss this year's season, next season it is possible to continue to wear the national team jersey? Wang guiding coalition with two games starting to prove their ability, other brokerage firms have to deal with.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Taiwan Wang finally returned to the light

So many fans Yanyinqipan, Taiwan Wang finally returned to the light, going off a half months. Know that we care about the injury, Wang first public trip that report the progress of rehabilitation, it comes after knee surgery, pitched the first time, when the whole body feels like your own. All rely on the process of rehabilitation and I play golf spend time with the little prince, to unwind. Now the shoulder is good, with the national team has no chance of renewal? Wang kept a low profile, emphasizing the go with the flow, all to the agent with the team decisions.

Moderator: "Welcome to Aberdeen was built! To meet with you!" Back to Taiwan, Wang is the first public press conference schedule, know the fans are very concerned about his right shoulder injury, to share a road rehabilitation. Nationals pitcher Wang Chien-ming: "shoulder is not in question, only now, only a thin muscle, can not so strong as before, I heard that if baseball players, no one received such injuries, I do not know why by this injury. "pulling back the time, had the opportunity to vote in July rehabilitation game, but because the right shoulder ligament laceration lip surgery, had to Hanka, this stop until Oct. 7, only See also Jian Zi heroic pitch to set foot on the mound to guide Union, 13, re-registration board, voted out of the two Councils 17 balls, Wang said that in October when the first pitch, when the whole body feels like its own, rehabilitation process, has been repeating the same action, actually quite boring. Today, the situation with the rehabilitation of all OK, of course, the end of talks with the national team salary, as the focus of the outside world, outside estimates of the contract if the parties to determine the annual salary of $ 1,600,000 have the opportunity to, if not to renew, you have to build Aberdeen Release out to Wang to team with other contacts who are interested, but the national team have braved does not guarantee that the risk to sign and return Wang. Wang: "do not worry, just let it go to their broker with the team." Reporter: "There is heard the other news?" James: "do not have." Most of the time, Wang both hands microphone, it sounds a bit stiff, and he alone, can make Wang a smile. Wang: "pretty good, and just fine with, and not very noisy, very playful like that." Admits his own children, as well as playing golf, is the best way to rehabilitation decompression, the next will have to accompany accompany parents, it seems to return to Taiwan this month vacation, Wang hopes to enjoy more Harmonious Families.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Apart from Rangers, the Angels is another a possible bidder

An anonymous union official said: "The Yankees will be the first and Cliff Lee, or contact, but will immediately propose the contract do not know, but if not now, and should be short-term contracts will have a clear figure it out." Mak Karen believes that the next 32-year-old Cliff Lee 2 years ago, sand fat than 4 years younger, if not and the Yankees signed about 7 years, but the annual salary of at least not fat or Mom and sand, only nodding to join.

Apart from Rangers, the Angels is another a possible bidder. Angel Moreno previous owner (Arte Moreno) has said publicly that this winter will not hesitate to drop big money grab Cliff Lee, expect the new season snatch away the Western title. The angel is also considered before the Tampa Bay Rays "fast legs" Crawford (Carl Crawford), the effectiveness of the new season the team most likely.

Cliff Lee nine major league seasons, winning a total of 102 wins 61 lost, 3.85 ERA, a career playoff record of 7 wins and 2 lost, the defense was only 2.13.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Colby Lewis fight in the World Series to pay a good 3 vote

Colby Lewis fight in the World Series to pay a good 3 vote, so the Rangers to avoid falling into the 0-for-3 defeat of the impasse, which was fought in Japan for 2 years the pitcher, hand, because of this experience rebirth in the major leagues.

Lewis returned home to the first battle in the first two games of successful fire suppression giant flown in 7 2 / 3 innings, only to be knocked five hits and lost 2 points, the Rangers one of the reasons that lead all the way . In the full field in front of over 50,000 spectators pitch, Lewis did not therefore upset the rhythm, which praised his teammates Darren O'Day said: "Colby's body has a lot of pressure, but this did not affect him, he is like the rock as strong. "

If a few years ago, I am afraid no one would believe Lewis can cast such a great achievement. The right-hander the Rangers in 1999 was selected, and in 2002 on the big league, although in 2003 to pay a record 10 wins, but the following year because of shoulder rotator cuff injury to the surgery. The performance of the injury to Lewis from hit bottom in 2007 and cast in the athlete wins, 2 lost 0, 6.45 ERA, after the results, Lewis did not know whether he can continue to make a living in the big leagues.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This year from Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) trading case to the Warriors Cabrera

Warriors coach Gonzalez had just put on (Fredi Gonzalez), the whole team need to rectify, Takashi Saito, and today the Warriors will Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) release, ready for the next season layout.

This year from Vazquez (Javier Vazquez) trading case to the Warriors Cabrera, performance is not good, .255 batting average four home runs 42 RBIs in the playoffs to face the giant number 8, 0 hits play , the overall performance last year or Mom.

Explorer Winn (Frank Wren) said: "We do not think what his market value, we do not want to pay the costs of arbitration." Cabrera can get salary arbitration this year, but the Warriors have thrown him away .

Is also to join the Warriors this year, Takashi Saito, lost season 3 won 2 wins 2.83 ERA, mostly as a repeater or terminator that Wagner (Billy Wagner) off the bench, but because of advanced age, 40 years old age, with right shoulder injury, the Warriors decided to release him, if Takashi Saito to quarter can not find a new owner, will end the 5-year major league career, 17 wins and 13 lost during the successful rescue of 84 times 2.19 ERA.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Strasburg pitched in game 7 of the Bureau of Safety was knocked 4 lost 2 points

The best performance is memorable, that is, Strasburg debut in the June 9 board, the pirates struck out 14 times Meng Biao's "miracle." The highest in baseball history for the first time the small hall debut, full of 40,315 spectators come to watch the battle of national home, and fans of this game is definitely a value for the fare, because the small history of nearly tied to the history of paying out a record rookie debut plate 15K results.

Strasburg pitched in game 7 of the Bureau of Safety was knocked 4 lost 2 points, sent 14 strikeouts and no walks throw four bad, and the small history of continuous K before the exit out of seven batters, but the atmosphere is sizzling to the highest point.

National gun Ryan Zimmerman is not only against tough, there is also a good defensive level, and he in a national game against Astros in the face out of the batter weak infield grounder, after receiving the ball quickly came up empty-handed pass to the first base, all in one complete the assassination of action, let him get the best defense of the nomination, as outfielder Nyjer Morgan also become candidates for two awards, namely the United States the most eccentric and best fielding skills.

Monday, October 11, 2010

7 regular season games the last 8 times mistakes Conrad

8 Board, the Warriors sent Craig Kimbrel closed, although he won two outs, but also let the bad with the Giants four hits and captured by scoring position, and back-up Michael Dunn was voted a person hits tied Aubrey Huff hit than the number.

Then took over the Peter Moylan, although the second base so that the direction of Buster Posey hit a ground ball, but Conrad mistakes at critical moments, the Giants scored ahead of the points. 9 Board under the Warriors unable to counterattack, whistle for 2 to 3 defeat.

7 regular season games the last 8 times mistakes Conrad, becomes the first four games in the playoffs 3 times in a single second baseman mistakes after the game he said: "This is really a shame, I once again feel I let you down. "

End of the season after the Warriors are going to retire after the game head coach Bobby Cox said: "We can win this game. We can win, can compete with anyone, but we do not have room for mistakes." As he will not Genghuan second baseman candidate, he said: "I need more time to consider."

Friday, October 8, 2010

Linse Kang's never like this show

Seeing soldiers say goodbye to the regular season is not an easy one, the first playoff game in his career threw a perfect performance, the Giants head coach of the wavelet (Bruce Bochy) full of praise after the game, of course, "Linse Kang really great performance, such a performance really, really not easy, but he did it! "

Linse Kang's never like this show, can not help but let the Warriors Zong Jiaotou Cox (Bobby Cox) defeat convinced, "he is today the most shining star, in such a tight competition in the playoffs on a large, still Let us only two batters hit the basepaths, very simple. "The next two teams will be 9:30 tomorrow morning (Taiwan time) to a second home in the giant war.

Monday, September 27, 2010

New York Yankees (Yankees) today suspended four game losing streak

New York Yankees (Yankees) today suspended four game losing streak, relying on Miranda (Juan Miranda) 10 Authority to Boston Red Sox (Red Sox) of Hideki Okajima pitched 4 bad, squeeze back to the winning points, the final 4-3 margin.

AL East leading the fight, the Yankees are now only down Hou Tanpa Bay Rays (Rays) half margin of victory. American League 2-6 defeat to bottom of light today, the Seattle Mariners (Mariners), 4 game winning streak stop.

Red Sox lost only 13 games the past 5 games, but the dispute over the American League wild card Yankees 6 ½ games behind the margin of victory, only 7 regular season games.

Rodriguez (Alex Rodriguez) 7 Board knocked 29 homers this season, helping the Yankees a 2-1 lead.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hu Jinlong fire support is not does not matter

Hu Jinlong fire support is not does not matter, because the Diamondbacks beat Crimping Kershaw The campaign, in 8 innings, only to be knocked four hits and lost 1 point, another whirlwind of 9 strikeouts, the last person off the first 13 wins this season. In fact, try to finish the Dodgers ace cast, but in the next series of 9 Board Chris Young and Tony Abreu was hit and knocked off 1 point, only in case of no exit out, ending by Kenley Jansen, but the rookie did not let us disappointing, the main cast a Board sent 2K, smooth the 2nd quarter revenue save.

Dodge Grand knock out six hits and not that much, but the performance is good in scoring, 3 innings on the Trent Oeltjen took the lead and win with an RBI triples, then 4, Jay Gibbons in the bureau when Andre Ethier hit make up a third base hit sacrifice fly later, an additional 1 point for the team, and Reed Johnson in left field 9 smacked solo shot on the Board, it is a win for the Dodgers to become more solid.

Diamondbacks starting pitcher Barry Enright performed well, was knocked out the main cast 8 5 Security Council lost 2 points, but unfortunately did not get enough fire support, finally ended in defeat to vote.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Since the head coach for the Orioles off Watt

Song war nearly seven in poor condition, loss of investment and total of 33 points and 42 are all responsible for lost, defense rate as high as 6.90, so the performance of the outside world wonder whether he has injured, or was that tired. Swallow the defeat, the season record to nine wins 6 defeat, ERA 4.86. Hideki Okajima has battle in this war, to vote a Board scoreless; rookie Bourdon (Michael Bowden) is a Bureau of 3K, performed pretty well.

Since the head coach for the Orioles off Watt (Buck Showalter) current situation quite well after he took office, nearly 45 games under face 28 wins, winning percentage as high as 6 percent of 22, than the Yankees and the light of recent developments also rods, originally lost the case may be watching 100 as long as another three wins, we can determine the lost season will not come to three-digit field.

Red Sox beat in the road, Madu Zi Orioles starting pitcher (Brian Matusz) very happy, "can win in Yankee Stadium and Fenway a great feeling, this is not an easy place to race." Madu Zi vote 5 Board only lost 1 minute strike Unfortunately, the final has nothing to do winning and losing, pitcher from the mess in leading-edge Hernandez (David Hernandez) was (8 wins 8 losses), Koji Uehara 1 Bureau of 2K 10 wins this season save.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

St. Louis Cardinals season was only brought to San Diego's Ryan Ludwick

St. Louis Cardinals season was only brought to San Diego's Ryan Ludwick, today (19) in Council on 9 blasted winning 3 points shot to help the priest to 8 to 4 win over the Cardinals. San Francisco Giants beat line with flame swallowing defeat, the clergy have to retake the National League West No. 1 position.

Ludwick went after the poor performance priest, but recent road trip, he played several years in 19 hit 8 hits. Today, the Cardinals away from the pre-war club, he played in four the number of hits in the hit two more in the 9 inning tie when the two sides, from the hands of Cardinals relief pitcher Kyle McClellan blasted winning 3 points shot.

Cardinals head coach after the game Tony La Russa said: "Ryan has done for us, he let the team in situations like this, there is very difficult to deal with opponents playing XI. This is one of his strengths."

Ludwick said: "before the club can have such a performance, felt very good. But I certainly did not mean to show off here, to whom."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lost to the Cardinals before the priests

Giant today (17) double-edged sword! Rely on strong starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez was 7 1 min 12K bureau responsible for great loss of content, plus hitters a rare crazy coming down 10 points, 10 more than 2 big break whistle Dodge, stand on long after nearly leading the NL West throne.

Lost to the Cardinals before the priests, and priests no giant margin of victory in the case, as long as the ranking Western leader to win; In addition, the first 17 games played against this season, the Giants leading the Dodgers lost 8 9 wins, then a win to determine the first time since 2005 after winning more than half of play against the Dodgers (2008, 9 to 9 tie).

Two teams first game of mutual gains, 4, Giants finally broke through the Ted Lilly Board pitch, Aubrey Huff fired 3 missiles for the season No. 25, rookie catcher Buster Posey also make the first 14 runs, 5 Jose Guillen then Board 3 home runs and join the festivities, the council ahead of the end of the giant 8 to 2, to determine victory or defeat in advance.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Overall sailors hit only 4 hits

Overall sailors hit only 4 hits, just under 7 Board 1 point of attack, wire obvious flame; Red Sox in the eight inning rely on Kelly Xu (Ryan Kalish) of two-run homer Adds scores and closing the 5 to 1 killing sailors by force.

Red Sox not only win, second baseman Sugutaluo also displayed excellent defense, so Ichiro Suzuki to eat turtle! Two outs in the next 3 innings, Ichiro Suzuki hit one grounder between second base to start the fast leg base running, Sugutaluo to the left hand glove, after receiving the ball directly to the left hand glove the ball thrown to first baseman homeopathic will be a Long assassination, complete wonderful fielding.

Ichiro The campaign against poor, four at bats did not hit performance, also struck out once, break the streak of 13 consecutive against the rate to 3 percent 09.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yankees escape being swept in the fate of light in 5:11 lost to the Red Sox

Sino Swearingen Aircraft goodbye was blasted Hsu's Koji Uehara H said: "I do not want to give up, A Scan home runs do not make people feel better." Koji Uehara transfer in August after the rescue, very successful, continuous take relief under the 7 field success, until today physicians.

Yankees escape being swept in the fate of light in 5:11 lost to the Red Sox, two narrow margin of victory yesterday, today once again pulled to 2.5 games, the Yankees next series of war opponents, will hit Texas Rangers , light is to run into Bluebird.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recently we should start a minor league playoffs

Minor league baseball game season ended today, the most amazing performance this year than the effectiveness of advanced Taiwanese player to play catcher Chen Junxiu Strong 1A, can be said that Taiwan's new generation of long lay hands is the Chinese team in the Guangzhou Asian Games medal One of the key hitters.

Recently we should start a minor league playoffs, Chen Junxiu their team Kingston Indians (Kinston Indians) entered the playoffs, although pellets remain in the United States hopes Chen Junxiu the playoffs, but he hopes to return to Taiwan to participate in national team training camp, the fastest Indian pellets tomorrow before a decision.

Chen Junxiu practice a ball game this year, very seriously, lean 30 pounds (about 13 kg), in order to help the national team to play the Asian Games, Chen Junxiu look forward to before returning to Taiwan, so the Chinese team coaching staff familiar with the opportunity to get recruited. Chen Junxiu not military service, if the Asian Games gold medal, eligible to receive additional soldiers.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

But this design did not allow a home run production decreased

MLB famous "Coors stadium effect" (Coors Field Effect), in this Philadelphia's game against Los Angeles full show!

Coors Stadium because of the high altitude, the ball fly farther away. Studies have reported that a general course in home run distance of 400 feet, flying in this stadium about 415 feet. The original golf course design, has this in mind, especially at the "no exaggeration" of the range, the outfield was designed a bit wide. Wish to allow a home run production, and will not be too far off the mark.

But this design did not allow a home run production decreased; but because the vast outfield, hit a lot of first base, will become a base hit, while the doubles will be carried forward into triples. What is more, because this feature will keep outfielder deeper than to minimize the production of a long fight, and therefore lead to a lot of hits Texas production. Because the outfielder keep too, stopped short of flying no time approached the ball. So, many scout jokes that, in this course, the best three outfielders are the center fielder, so the scope of possible defense is enough to cover this vast big outfield.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

7 inning Phillies catcher is attacked career play against Jonathan Broxton hit the three doubles

7 inning Phillies catcher is attacked career play against Jonathan Broxton hit the three doubles, batting average over hundreds of meritorious deeds, Carlos Ruiz then pinch at the moment, a stick hit the insurance add 2 points.

Chi was the first point of the first Board of Dodge, by two third bomb was suppressed H, 6 James Loney two points under the gun though kindled hope, Scott Podsednik 7 Bureau of fast legs burst into the auditorium, selfless U.S. technical grasp out, but always difficult to strike back fire flame National Cheng Kung University, Ruiz hit is fatal.

5 it 0 / 3 innings lost 4 flat, Kyle Kendrick still be teammates even behind, off season 9 wins; Monasterios on the mound at all, then 0 2 / 3 innings defeat dropped 5 points. 7 Board 7 walks, excluding Kuo of the Dodgers bullpen is still high for coaches Cry index.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tan Musi fire in the No. 2 Board, which is nearly 5 games his first five home runs

Nova was knocked 5 5.2 Security Council, cast 7k1 walks, only 5 of Board as Pierre (Juan Pierre) destroyed the security of 1 minute, lost more than 2 points under 6.2 Board of Sigmund Freud (Gavin Floyd). Freud was beaten a total of seven hits, including Tan Musi's solo shot, helpless teammates do not join in, swallow bitter defeat this season 11 (9 wins). And Rivera (Mariano Rivera) 9 to complete the task successfully won the 27th relief, but also to help Nova won his first career victory.

Yankees 2 Board by Tan Musi (Marcus Thames) solo shot was the first Chi-point, 3 on Gude Na (Brett Gardner) supplemented on an RBI hit, although no further back for a few points, but rely on an injection of bovine shed combat power, still fail to counterattack the White Sox.

Tan Musi fire in the No. 2 Board, which is nearly 5 games his first five home runs, season, 9 fat, stick very hot. The Sewei in better condition, 4 beat number 4 hits, arranged more than half the team hits. The White Sox after the game head coach Roy Keane (Ozzie Guillen) said helplessly: "lost 9 of last 14 games, it felt very tired, but do nothing."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New York Yankees Stadium will start from next week

New York Yankees Stadium will start from next week, exclusive from the world's richest rapper Jay-Z, and Yankees co-launched the clothing. Including T-shirts, caps and other merchandise will also be printed in the Yankees and Jay-Z's sign.

Yankees 26, according to a statement issued, these specialty clothing is used as Yankee Stadium to commemorate the first official concert merchandise. From August 30 to play on Sept. 14, sold exclusively at Yankee Stadium.

Rapper Jay-Z and Eminem (Eminem) in "Home and Home" tour, on September 13 and 14 will be held at Yankee Stadium.

According to Forbes magazine ranking of the investigation carried out, Jay-Z has every year from June last year, personal income in June, up 6,300 million, as the world's richest rapper. Ranked second Combs (Sean "Diddy" Combs), only half of his income.

Jay-Z is a well-known Yankees fan, his wife is a singer Beyonce (Beyonce). Jay-Z in 2009 World Series Baseball the second war, and the Grammy Award for R & B song Keys (Alicia Keys), sing at Yankee Stadium.

Hernandez after the game pitcher ERA dropped to 2.47 from 2.51

Hernandez said: "For the record I am very happy, I am very excited, but mainly I am even more pleased the team are winning friends." Venezuelan huge cast of young King HE, good at the pitch four suture fastball, two seam fastball, slider, curveball, changeup, etc., a variety of ball types of tool for a successful fool batters. Sailor new coach Brown (Daren Brown) said: "When he stood on the mound when there are always new, because you do not know that he will turn out that the type of ball."

Hernandez after the game pitcher ERA dropped to 2.47 from 2.51, ranking only in the National League rival Red Sox lost to Pakistan Coates (Clay Buchholz) of 2.26 ranked No. 2. He then has 139 days to 24 years of age to complete 1000K, 3701, following a career strikeouts cast of Blairet text (Bert Blyleven) 23 years 121 days, the former Cy Young strong cast Gooden (Dwight Gooden) and the 23-year-old 249 days, 3 a young K King.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Same speed the ball before sending the Max Scherzer Although two walks in 5 Council

In fact, the situation today is especially good Garza, 120 balls, 80 balls and strikes, in which the ball speed up to 101 more, slider, curve ball, but is a side dish, has forced the ball kind of monotonous Tiger batters could do nothing, 23 batters are being slaughtered fastball.

Same speed the ball before sending the Max Scherzer Although two walks in 5 Council, but equally no-hitter in the content and Garza rival, but the situation is completely different 6 Board, 2 walks with catcher Gerald Laird prejudice against the formation of bases loaded, one out later shout at the former Tiger hitter Matt Joyer blasted slam gun, so Garza morale boosted by this.

Garza career (including the Twin Cities period) before the 6th event of the tiger, 0 wins 4 lost not say, ERA of 5.85 is not ideal, this will play against the previous shadow swept away.

This is the Tigers since 1990, Randy Johnson (Mariners), the interval between the first opponent in 20 years show no-hitter.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two All-Star and National League Most Valuable Player last year

Colorado Rockies and National League Most Valuable Player last year, Harold Day (Matt Holliday) signed a 2 year contract for 23 million U.S. dollars.

Two All-Star and National League Most Valuable Player last year, Harold Day and the Rockies completed the New Testament, this contract, covering the Lok Dai Ha and the exercise of the right to salary arbitration to change his original salary of the 2008 season. His salary in 2008 was 9.5 million U.S. dollars, 13.5 million U.S. dollars in 2009.

Rockies originally considered to be paid to Harold Day 4 years 60 million U.S. dollars of contracts, and later decided to return to the origin, but Harold continued to wear if the performance achieved in his free agent status, it is expected he will receive a copies of the outbreak of large contracts.

Harold Day, said: "For me, what decisions are not made, the contract in two years, unless something changes, I will play in the Rockies, and I like it here, I want to stay here longer . "

In addition, to avoid salary arbitration, the Rockies and the center fielder Taweilasi (Willy Taveras) signed a 1 year 1.975 million U.S. dollars of contract, attached 150 thousand U.S. dollars in prize money. Rate of 3 percent last year to combat Taweilasi 20, as the Rockies pioneer of competency.

The Rockies have three players for salary arbitration, including pitcher Fanti Si (Brian Fuentes), third baseman Atkins (Garrett Atkins) and right fielder Harper (Brad Hawpe), because the pellets only willing to give them 5.05 million U.S. dollars, 4.125 million U.S. dollars and 3.575 million U.S. dollars, and they made a gap between the salary demands, and finally delivery of the Arbitration Board.

Was traded to the Athletics Braves relief pitcher Devin

Coser's injury has now recovered, but also a medical examination by the Warriors, who are well prepared to stage a comeback: "My condition is very good, I am confident that this year could be a race at least 150 games."

Was traded to the Athletics Braves relief pitcher Devin, last year's performance despite the progress, the only fans still can not forget the National League in 2005 played in the first round of the playoffs when the Houston Astros, Devin 18 in the playoff the next Board half play, was Astros Burke (Chris Burke) know their home run of the sad goodbye scene, this home run has helped the Warriors end of the year season, the Warriors are now the "nightmare" sent away, but also along the fans.

Monday, August 16, 2010

McNamee has been emotional in conversation and asked Clemens

"Rocket Man" Clemens now with lawyers Harding (Rusty Hardin) held a news conference in Houston to announce a roll of his physical trainer with the Yankees McNamee (Brian MaNamee) the telephone tapes, but McNamee on their own the allegations do feel sorry for old grams, but denied that was wrong.

Under U.S. law, phone recording only in New York and Texas are allowed, the rocket's this phone tapes, 16 will be adopted at a Congressional hearing evidence.

This paper taped recording in last Friday, full 17 minutes, the Rockets were repeatedly stressed his innocence, the hope that McNamee will say things in his favor, the only seem to hear.

The tape, McNamee did not deny any statement, only Clemens and his family the pain caused by regret, "I did, I think it is the right thing, and I had to do it."

McNamee has been emotional in conversation and asked Clemens: "how do you want me?" Clemens said that he was just the truth, because too much information so that he could not believe, so they need someone to tell him the truth. McNamee's voice as the restless: "stand by your position, I do not want this to happen, but I do not want to (lie) to go to jail."

"I have no money, no nothing!" McNamee said he came forward who accused the rocket is not doing a book deal and TV stations did not pay him compensation to seven the number of allegations of his on TV, he would say ban medicine, mainly in the face of federal investigations, have no choice.

Counsel Harding added at a press conference, McNamee's assertions have never denied that the rocket, so rocket did not use steroids. McNamee concluded that his son died of illness before the end of the rocket were persistent telephone recording evidence collection.

January 16th Congress Reform Committee hearing, 7 degrees Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens and McNamee will meet in, Clemens said, to the time he made clear to all things, Harding said that, when Rockets will once again reiterate the fact that not used banned substances.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Maybe this year is the year Dawson re-energized

2000 Hall of Fame Perez (Tony Perez), for the seventh consecutive year moved into the Hall of Fame Dawson (Andre Dawson) protestations, he really did not understand that Dawson is not the Hall of Fame.

Dawson from the Montreal Expos in 1976, fortune, played 21 seasons, his career batting average into 79,438 2 home runs, 1,591 RBI and 314 stolen bases, he was elected in 1977 National League rookie Wang, 1987, was elected the National League most valuable player, joining the Cubs in the first year to pay a 2 percent rate and 87 against the league's 49 home runs and 137 RBIs, his career took a total of 8 gold gloves Award, 8-Star team, record shine.

Road Senpeiruizi,: "We all respect Dawson's dedicated attitude to play, even if Dawson is not 100% healthy body, any one think he played ball player, whether his teammates or the opposing team, and now no one understood why he had not yet entered the Hall of Fame? "

Dawson's Hall of Fame of the road is very rough, he was elected in 2006, Hall of Fame candidate, but only receive 61% of the vote, the final audit voting, high sag (Rich Gossage) the vote rate of 71.2%, Rice (Jim Rice) votes rate of 63.5%, 56% of the vote Dawson, again unsuccessful, and the Hall of Fame players selected conditions, must be the United States Baseball Writers Association 75% of the votes cast.

Force on the former Chicago Cubs infielder cum Dawson teammates mountain Berg (Ryan Sandberg) Hall of Fame in 2005, when the speech said: "may be in major league history, there is no such portrait to Dawson, but suffered untold suffering, but this performance excellent good player, he is the best player I've seen, especially in 1987 Cubs record cranes tail, Dawson's most valuable player of the year, this is my play so far, seen the most incredible thing. "

Maybe this year is the year Dawson re-energized. Dawson brilliant career record, career RBI ranks 32 major league history, ranking No. 35 home runs, doubles the number of top 21, but Dawson is the league in the history of six to create a "300 (home run) / 300 ( stolen bases), "one player, this result can not enter the Hall of Fame, may be hard to be convinced.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baseball has been neglected for years for doping problems

Baseball has been neglected for years for doping problems, and the players union attempted to evade investigation, Mitchell's report will also explain further.

In view of the active players do not want to do more shows, leading to difficulties in interviews, most of Mitchell's report through a team coach, general manager, retired players, fitness coach and former New York Mets manager Radomski from the information provided.

Radomski another survey earlier this year in the case pleaded guilty in 1985 to 1995 to enhance the performance of players between the supply of drugs. According to the plea agreement, Radomski in the Mitchell's investigation reveal the list of a player.

In recent years, the players something to do with drugs, including Kang Seke, Bonds, McGuire, Jason Giambi, Sheffield and the late Kamuniti other slugger.

Responsible for the investigation of former U.S. Senator Mitchell

"New York Times" reported today that Major League Baseball (MLB) in a forthcoming investigation report will be named in more than 50 active or retired players suspected of taking performance enhancing drugs.

Responsible for the investigation of former U.S. Senator Mitchell, will hold a press conference in New York tomorrow to announce a 20 investigation reports the results. Alliance chief executive Selig held a press conference later that day will be.

Because Mitchell did not hold any of the players tested positive for drug test evidence through records of calls he had to stop payment checks, receipts, delivery notes gathering evidence.

New York to visit those two sources, the two men, said Mitchell's report, including dozens of players to use drugs, the name, but the newspaper did not say whether that player's identity.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pei Tite lost season record of 15 wins and 9

Mate product characteristics (Derek Jeter), pshada (Jorge Posada) Shengqingnanque, 35-year-old veteran Pei Tite (Andy Pettitte) 4 日 finally give up the idea of retirement and decided to continue Prix next year, the Yankees shirt.

Pei Tite lost season record of 15 wins and 9, ERA 4.05, Shang Banji a number of field quality starts are due to fire incompetent swallow defeat teammate, All-Star Game after the fire began to warm the Yankees, Pei Tite 11 wins Porsche Carrera 3 defeat, the Indians face the first round of the playoffs, pitched the second war veteran Pei start 6.1 Board scoreless, very exciting performance.

To many, and his family, Pei Tite has not given up the idea of sneakers hanging last month, also declined to 16 million salary next season an option, especially during the plot, pshada constantly communicate with Pei Tite, Heaven never lets finally painstaking person, Pei Tite agent Rick Han said: "In turn persuaded his teammates and coaches, Andy decided that next year will continue to fight for the Yankees."

Whether the transactions are for the Twins Santana (Johan Santana) And tonight the Yankees, the team, a change of heart at this time Pei Tite eat assurance, even if the Yankees can not win Santana, the starting pitcher rotation next year will be Pei Tite, Wang Jian China, Mussina (Mike Mussina), Hughes (Phil Hughes) with Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) dominated Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) standby power still To combat bad.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Guo Wei Huan Jia said Hiromitsu Ochiai

"I retired from Japan for many years, returning in the Chinese Professional Baseball League is still effective 3 years, I now 51 years old! Throw itself has been baseball people." Days of the most recent shock of General Championship news media look at the big Guo. Japanese pitcher Hill well Daisuke in Japan's overall championship bad one inning for-end and regret not win the perfect game, immediately raised the Japanese public opinion on the Sino-Japanese head coach Hiromitsu Ochiai scheduling dissatisfied Guo is to be on media the focus of questioning.

Big Guo Wei Huan Jia said Hiromitsu Ochiai, Daisuke Yamai was in the fifth finger had not comfortable, because the eighth nonintact bloody finger, or pitching coach by Hiromitsu Ochiai report to no longer vote, "I like Hiromitsu Ochiai have supervision over the teaching of the old popular Hoshino, Hoshino has long advocated the education of iron, but valuing feelings Shigeyoshi, mountain life, well not win pitching a complete game the biggest honor, I believe that situation is the last resort. "

Asia Series this year, Sino-Japanese Dragons Japanese representative, representatives of Taiwan Lions, which have played two big Guo, Dragons and Japan in particular has been 53 years had not won in Japan, "the year of Sino-Japanese Dragons take title, I have not born miles! But I'm still jealous. "

"I have since the end of the Sino-Japanese Dragons OB after the game, the knee felt unwell, and now I have changed to play golf!" Big Guo said, even so, he usually remains very concerned about Taiwan baseball, this trip he sticks by China Association invited the return of the World Cup opening ceremony, the way to Seoul Asian Championships in 1999, he served as captain fighting Japanese and Korean teams of personal experience, the Chinese team to provide the best psychological development of young players, "Competition in the short term, as long as We condensation morale and understanding, not necessarily lost to others. "

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Red Sox made the most sharp and playing online is destroyed as the first 2 bars of rookie

Rocky Arena Coors (Coors Field) in the high altitude and cold weather, even Rocky Bureau reversed in 7 chance, still can not stop the Red Sox today (28) days of fierce artillery fire, 15 hits, 9 points, including 3,8 Agency revenue, and closing 10:5 to win three straight to listen to brand advantage.

Red Sox made the most sharp and playing online is destroyed as the first 2 bars of rookie (Jacoby Ellsbury), and Pei Zhuoya (Dustin Pedroia), two in 10 at bats in win their seven hits, Ille Si Beirui four hits (three doubles), 1 RBI, 2 points; Peizhuo Ya 3 hits, 2 RBI.

"For us it is important to a win," in the first 3 innings with 6 points from the Red Sox offensive Peizhuo Ya, said: "In their offenses, not the lead is not safe."

"Ace killer," the Los Angeles starting pitcher Fogg (Josh Fogg), Red Sox 3 Bureau was severely off the hook, playing a total of 10 people knocked seven hits, coupled with his 2 walks, rinse 6 points during the key is loose (soil reaction) Daisuke time in over 2 RBI base hits.

Rocky 6,7 further intense counterattack, Harold Day (Matt Holliday) at the 7th Council of 3 guns, will be pushed to the score 5:6, but the Red Sox in section 8 Authority to three consecutive hits, then take 3 points , Los Angeles put out the hope of counter-offensive.

Pine (soil reaction) Daisuke pitched five further one third, gave up three hits, 5 strikeouts, lost 2 points to become the first in the World Series is not only in Japan starting pitcher, also a record off the first wins. Red Sox once again rely on, "Hideki Okajima + Popper friend (Jonathan Papelbon)" backup relay victory in Formula One, holding a leading position.

Red Sox since 2004, has won seven straight World Series, the official beyond the 1915 to 1916 between the teams to write the history of the 6 game winning streak. According to the World Series history, winning 22 0 3 lost the case, has not seen four straight and reversed, 19 times leading the team to complete sweep, the Red Sox are expected to become the first 20 teams.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Torre (Joe Torre) to arms after the Yankees decided to remove the teams from 23 interviews to start work successor

Torre (Joe Torre) to arms after the Yankees decided to remove the teams from 23 interviews to start work successor, the Yankees had also to consider the list of La Lusha (Tony La Russa) determine the contract with the Cardinals two years later, vacancies from the original first base coach Pena (Tony Pena) fill, new coach ready to come out the Yankees.

1996 to 1999, played for the Yankees 4 season Girardi (Joe Girardi) as the first wave of interviews pellet target, as the previous candidate on the list are the current day supervision of staff Rod Valentine (Bobby Valentine), then Yankees executives have been removed.

90's combat capability at the peak of the late Yankees, Girardi during the effectiveness of the Yankees, who won three World Series champion Marlins last season Girardi palm to arms, and won the National League the best Head coach, the team specializes in integrated combat capability, expected to take over team management issues Hank (Hank Steinbrenner), said: "Joe a quick mind, and passionate match, is a good candidate."

While Girardi has the advantage of Yankee background, but will leave after the end of last season the Marlins, is reported with high-level sub-concept, which Girardi distress: "want to be a competent coach, in addition to the team record, the private and high-level interaction is also a science. "an hour of talks, both sides have a great understanding of the potential to avoid the embarrassing situation, Hank bluntly:" Why leave the Marlins Girardi is not our the focus of discussion and do not want the atmosphere of the talks deadlock. "

Tomorrow or the day bench coach Mattingly (Don Mattingly), Pena will have to high-level meeting with the Yankees in Tampa.

Friday, July 30, 2010

New Jersey, according to media reports

New Jersey, according to media reports, the original heir to the old history of preferred candidates for Mattingly, has high-level that was not ready at this stage then head coach position, and the replacement of Mentor's Torre also made him feel very uncomfortable, Yankees little chance of access to arms.

For media reports, Mattingly's agent, Schutte (Ray Schulte) quite "cold", "reported the content is completely fabricated, simply was not true!" Schutte said through a statement: "Now is not dancing with the media when the head coach candidate when the Yankees made the decision, Don will personally tell you is that clear. "

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

American League Championship Series at Fenway Park was the second Indian war after the break

American League Championship Series at Fenway Park was the second Indian war after the break, "Heisei monster," Red Sox recapture the magic ball to become the hope for home field advantage.

Red Sox pre-season baseball for the super-strong cast for the Japanese pine (soil reaction) Daisuke, paid 55.11 million U.S. dollars in higher payments to the Seibu baseball negotiations, "Pine (soil reaction) Tornado" swept the major league, but rookie season 15 wins and 12 lost, 4.40 ERA results, the average couple has been unbearable, but pine (soil reaction) Daisuke can only say that in terms of "unsatisfactory", Taipei, 16, moved to Cleveland at the time the third war, became loose (soil reaction) confirmed the strength of the index.

Red Sox swept the Angels in three straight sets first round, but the first career playoff appearance in the pine (soil reaction) Daisuke unsatisfactory performance, the second hit in a fight fat 4.2 out of 7 Security Council destroyed three points, exit when the Red Sox also in 2:3 backward from the last Red Sox Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) hit the bye-third of guns win, loose (soil reaction) lucky escape failure to vote.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A-Rod career total of 518 home runs

Century-old Yankees for 3 years beyond the first round, can not wait for the boss(George Steinbrenner) Open Voltage, "golden boy" Luodelizi (Alex Rodriguez) agent 10, threw stun grenades, suggests A-Rod and the Yankees may give up before the remaining three years of the contract, to find a new owner.

32-year-old A-Rod, 2001 Porras in super agent (Scott Boras) assistance, and the Rangers signed 10-year astronomical 52 million U.S. dollars 200 million contract, say goodbye to 7 years old when the club Sailor, 2004 Luodelizi took over the contract from the Yankees, "million man" the Yankees down a four-bar official responsibility.

A-Rod career total of 518 home runs, ranking fourth among active players, still lags behind major league home run record holder Bangs (Barry Bonds) 242 branches in the old 43-year-old Bangs does not intend to retire before the full two Competition has become a base hit A-Rod about the consultation to consider changing the focus "in the future new owner must be able to sincerely accept the birth of a record player, which is a core value." Porras said.

Luodelizi pay a 3 percent this quarter, 14 of batting average, 54 red and 156 RBI, not to have topped the league crown, the American League MVP for the season to compete for the most popular candidate, the same play in the first round iron plate Cubs, Angels are interested in recruiting A-Rod, Yankees owner also may be made to extend the contract to retain the golden boy of the heart, to get people before World War II exploded.

Whether A-Rod finally decided to continue the Returned Overseas base, or into the free agent market to find a new owner, must within 10 days after the World Series to decide.

Friday, July 23, 2010

American League first-round play against another group of series

In addition to two artillery, four-year-old veteran Schilling old and grow stronger as the performance is the key to the Red Sox win. In this before, Schilling is all in the playoffs starting pitcher at least 10 fields were the highest winning percentage, playoff appearances while pitching at least 100 Board, he was an average of 2:06 of the ERA is The third low.

Today, the battle with the Angels, Schilling Wal live playoff hero, threw 100 balls with 76 shots Qiju opponents hit six hits, four strikeouts and walked one sent only opponents once captured third base. In 2004 the first postwar American League first round, Schilling once again to help the Red Sox beat the Angels.

In the game lies in the eight innings, the Angels 3 Red Sox relief pitcher all the fire authority on good offensive play the Red Sox poured them into the seventh of the 11 batters, the original two-zero lead widened to nine zero ; Angels rely on a site next nine innings doubles, wild pitch and a sacrifice fly by one point, but does not help.

American League first-round play against another group of series, the Cleveland Indians to two zero suspense leading New York Yankees, Red Sox will play against the winner of this group compete for the American League championship.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grips both sides will be the second time 6 held in Taipei

Red Sox attack from a bureau, has begun to play. 2 sticks of first baseman Youkilis (Kevin Youkilis) on the first play I hit a home run, leading to the Red Sox get 1:0. 3 innings Red Sox offensive resurgence, Youkilis doubles, the "Daddy" Ortiz (David Ortiz) followed up on the right field of the two sub-gun, followed by relying Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) and lol (Mike Lowell) of hits, leading 4-0 to get wrapped up. Angels 3, if not single performances fielding double plays, and perhaps even more so the score gap.

Grips both sides will be the second time 6 held in Taipei, the Red Sox will send a song [soil reaction] Daisuke start of the angels Aisikeba (Kelvim Escobar). Song [soil against] a large secondary Shangban Ji won 6, lost 10 wins, but the Star break to decline, only 5 wins 6 defeat, can overcome physical against the wall of the key. Angel Aisikeba scored a career high this year of 18 wins, earned run average level of 3.40 is also above the angels can fly out of Fenway Park with a win, depends on the performance of Yisikeba.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Metropolis in the last 18 days buried seven games leading edge margin of victory in their last 7 games

This time, Glavine ace pitcher (Tom Glavine) could not save city! 1, Taipei time, the key battle last 1, 1 Bureau lost 7 points, and closing loss to the Marlins city to 1:8, as the Phillies beat the nationals, which boarded the NL East throne, losing a large and the playoffs will be missed.

Metropolis in the last 18 days buried seven games leading edge margin of victory in their last 7 games lost 6 games are at home to lose, what fell from heaven to hell.

"What factors may affect us, so that we finish off the lead," 41-year-old Glavine said after the game so this may be his major league career in the last 1 match, 1 up on the council, one hit in out of five hits, lost 7 points, this is the 21st of his career since the 2nd quarter, pre-cast only 0.1 Bureau, also his first two career short, but this may be his last 1 times .

"I want to go home and I want to forget about things," the season record of 13 wins 8 negative Glavine said: "I am very frustrated, this is not the way I want to pitch." Glavine this season break the 300 win mark.

In preparation for the playoffs, pitcher Wright (David Wright) reluctantly said: "This will be a long off-season period, I know I do not want to go through such a thing."

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lowell will also raise their batting average to a career best of 3 into 26

Lovell (Mike Lowell) and win the match three one-base hits, 5 RBI, RBI accumulated 116 points this season, this is Red Sox third baseman in the history of a new high, he was beyond the predecessors Hobson (Butch Hobson) 1977, 112 minutes, Lowell said: "I am very proud of, until last week, I know I am close to this record, you know a lot of good third baseman has been playing in this team, I am glad that I can to achieve this record. "

Lowell will also raise their batting average to a career best of 3 into 26, a change in the past Star break, the phenomenon appears stalled in the strong play Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) in the absence of the 24 games played a clear base Zhe role, and now Manny Ramirez coming back and almost beat the number two hit 5 4 hits and Red Sox battle in the last five wins have won 4, Red Sox and the Twins at home then the final four games.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Indians starting pitcher Weiss Brook (Jake Westbrook) 9 strikeouts in 7 Board of times

24, Taipei time Cleveland Indians beat the Oakland Athletics 6-2; Los Angeles Angels to 7:4 Lectra Seattle Mariners, won the American League, respectively, the Western champions, determine playoff appearance.

Indians starting pitcher Weiss Brook (Jake Westbrook) 9 strikeouts in 7 Board of times (a career-most strikeouts), plus Se Simo (Grady Sizemore) 4 bats 4 hits, 2 RBI's contribution leadership, defeated athlete, 6 years, won the AL Central title for the first time.

4 Bureau, the Indians fire outbreak and win three first base hits, doubles and triples each one, poured them into a total of 4 minutes, Se Simo hit the third base hits, so the Indians made 6-0 lead.

When relief pitcher Chambertin test (Rafael Betancourt) 9 inning strikeout the last batter Ellis Athletics (Mark Ellis), won his second season rescue, the Indians home 40,250 spectators revel, Tony Tanzanian exam jumped into catcher Martinez (Martinez) arms, the same team into the wild celebration of the venue.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This transaction also represents the Romantic Swordsman will wear a Rangers jersey to participate in All-Star Game

Today (10) Major League season, the first pile of major transactions occur, the sailor, "Ronin strong cast," Cliff Lee (Cliff Lee) renewal club again, so that the public media and experts, the accident is not the winner almost sure to come by "evil empire" the Yankees, but in the same district leading the Texas Rangers, strip the military to rookie Shi Moke (Justin Smoak) and other three minor league players in exchange for Lee, Lloyd (Mark Lowe) and 225 million dollars .

Odd transaction, U.S. time 9 am, Morning Post and the major sites Major League Yankees on the verge of publishing the news of Cliff Lee, cooked duck was about to hand when the Rangers been abruptly snatched away, so that Yankees stunned. Things start to get a big, Rangers general manager Daniels (Jon Daniels) is still a cautious approach, "to what we have not really won, but we think the American League and partition more competitive."

This transaction also represents the Romantic Swordsman will wear a Rangers jersey to participate in All-Star Game, learned that he has been sold, he seemed accustomed to, "When you take the time to be changed, the do not know what the expectations. But I know one thing, that team must be great, but the first. I will do my best to help them remain at the first row, they are supporting a great team, and I will become a part of them. "

Friday, July 9, 2010

New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers will play this week for family war

New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers will play this week for family war, which for many Yankees players, coaches and staff and even fans, the former Yankees Zong Jiaotou with Torre (Joe Torre) led the current Army PK, definitely is very exciting. But, the Yankees slugger Rodríguez (Alex Rodriguez) is not think so. Torre appointed in 1996 to become head coach of the Yankees, to arms for the first 1 year in charge on the win the world champion, and in 1998 set the year 2000 remarkable third consecutive build the Yankees dynasty, momentum and reached its peak. Thickness of the Yankees in 2000 but will not win again in 2007 despite entering the playoffs, but were eliminated in the first round. As Torre has also switched to Dodge next year embrace with the Yankees ended a 12-year partnership. Moreover, even after the departure of Torre and the United States in the "Sports Illustrated" columnist Foda Xi (Tom Verducci) jointly published "Yankee Years" (The Yankee Years) revealed secrets behind the team, third baseman A-Rod blasted thing things are love and captain Kitt (Derek Jeter) regardless of what want and Kitt times, even asking a private club for his assistant have to send. The book is also a large explosion while teammate regarded A-Rod as "liars," so this book came after the burst of noise caused by natural big wave. At that time this "Yankee Years" also makes a lot of players come out even behind the Yankees, catcher Jorge Posada main battle (Jorge Posada), said: "Joe Torre in my eyes like the father, I do not think what he did wrong. "Yankees giant muszyna (Mike Mussina) is that Torre's book would not A-Rod, or any other team mate, the impact. Only, the clients would not necessarily be so on the matter. Love old apprentice big break, the two people is not seen the king the king, so when the media mention when Torre, A-Rod not only refuse to speak, he and Joe Torre also declined to discuss the 4-year cooperation relationship. But, on the A-Rod, the best way to retaliate is off the hook Torre Dodgers, the Yankees did not prove to Torre that he is not what happens. The entire military operation against the "Torre Corps," when, A-Rod to such a kind of response: "I am looking forward to a race, but everything will work properly. Because as a member of the team, the primary purpose is to help the ball Group win, while players of the game to enjoy yourself. "Rodríguez also emphasized:" There is no more important things than a game. the rest of the things I do not want to answer, thank you. "

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Major League Box critic Baddeley (Hal Bodley) that had risen to 100 miles Short History of the fast ball though so many fans were hooked

Washington Nationals "A Short History of Genius," Strasbourg (Stephen Strasburg) before the major leagues yet led to many discussions, on June 9 board played in Major League Pittsburgh Pirates debut of its nearly perfect their skills have become the focus of the world. It is reported that only 21 year old history of the United States should have the opportunity selected time on July 13, the Los Angeles Angels All-Star Game held at home, but some experts feel the opposite.

Major League Box critic Baddeley (Hal Bodley) that had risen to 100 miles Short History of the fast ball though so many fans were hooked, but the star just before starting a few games does not mean he could enter the National League Star team because he is just up to the big leagues, "If there is a small history of sustained performance we all expect, I believe belongs to his All-Star Game is also not far away."

Baddeley added: "I am not denying the strength of a small history, and he did show talent level of skill, but the major leagues in the fierce arena, a small history of need for more long-term and stable hard." In addition, he mentioned that all major Union has more experience should be selected as good pitcher, if only by the history of several small start-Star team on election, be unfair to other pitchers.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The situation with a game similar to the Dodge have been a guest lead

5 Council on James Loney meritorious deeds in a timely and win points with advance hits to help Dodgers win again by 4 to 2 for two nights, so the giant bow.

The situation with a game similar to the Dodge have been a guest lead, then tied by a giant, but there will be a hero out of Dodge to save the team to break the tie impasse today (30) down a this heavy responsibility of the players is to Loney.

Once on shore, appeared before the 4 Board 1 to 1 ratio of the number of war situation, has changed in the 5 inning, Rafael Furcal and Russell Martin successive win their first base hit, so dodge out of the case in the absence of captured one, third base, but Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp could not immediately meritorious service, make this an excellent semi-Board offensive was only a single people would have been neutralized.

Loney not want to see the situation clearly. After stealing second base on the Martin, Loney knocked a base hit to right field, will base on the two teammates swept back to home plate scoring, to help get ahead of Dodge advantage, while Casey Blake added an important qualification on the knife, immediately hit the outfield and first base hit, escort pass on to second base while relying on the Loney Benhui home plate scoring, so Dodge will lead the expansion into the gap 3.

Friday, July 2, 2010

9 Bureau of the bullet for the Leicester head coach Falankena

9 Bureau of the bullet for the Leicester head coach Falankena (Terry Francona) very pleased that, which makes the pitching staff out in force yesterday to rest, "This is very important to us." Fa Lanke Na said.

But, only control the Red Sox battle in the series is 2 wins and 1 defeat to prevail, but the group is not happy together, because the Red Sox in the three wars have been breakage: Star second baseman sent Asian Capital (Dustin Pedroia) Pakistan Coates left thumb fracture and today, catcher Martinez (Victor Martinez), no wonder Martinez after the game to cry: "We can not wait to leave here quickly!"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

In addition, the effect of Ni Fude Tigers are also playing

In addition, the effect of Ni Fude Tigers are also playing, he was on the Warriors in the next 1 to 4, 8, Bureau of backward, third base board when the board was first cast walks outfield fly ball and then was knocked out a number of manufacturers, and third base back to home plate the runner is not.

Then Ni Tsai met the League of Nations "against the king," Prado, to avoid the event, intentional bad form four bases loaded, and then under the full address of a batter M. Cabrera, well to defuse the crisis. Individuals with 4 games suspension also lose points record, 5.40 ERA in a small rate fell to 5.24.

But the Warriors are still wrapped up 4 to 3 win over Tiger, the Japanese pitcher has finally opened Kawakami Hu extended the Constitution to suspend the opening of nine straight games and cross-season personal record of 11 straight games.

In addition, the White Sox this season by Ke Nuoke hit the 19 home runs, to 3 to 2 win over the Cubs. White Sox in 11 straight in 1961 (12 straight) has the best record in team history.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Joe Torre reunion in the past the army

Joe Torre reunion in the past the army, including the former Yankees players, including Paul O'Neill, and many of us are looking forward to the reunion, but Alex Rodriguez should not have much interest in this matter a few people.

Since 2007 after the end of the season, Torre and the Yankees the first time to meet the court's own army, but the two sides are not on the same side, we must use live ammunition for their victory, but not in the New York gathering place is a little pity , as Yankees fans can not see the manner in which the "Welcome" Torre.

But even so, the former Yankees outfielder and current YES television sports writers of the O'Neill still believes that the two sides meet, should be happy scene, "I think Joe is everybody's friend, I will speak with Joe, I also determine these players will do, as Joe Girardi is. I think both sides will maintain the respect for each other, and be able to see the good in your life has been a part of the people, is always a good thing. "

Monday, June 28, 2010

In that day, the White Sox won the record of 13 wins and 1 loss

"A few weeks ago ... ... just say it is very difficult to use and have no fun." Konerko said: "But now we have a smile on his face, it was fun, this is a great thing. The more it can not Baseball is working to become better. "

2 weeks before the June 9, White Sox lost to Tiger, but baseball was not only into the work, or a disaster like the work. Their record of 24 wins 33 lost, left behind to the AL Central-leading Minnesota Twins 9.5 games margin of victory, they should have a good start rotating cast of mess, they will not fight, even general manager Ken Williams are in and General manager Ozzie Guillen quarrel, threatened to make major changes to the team. cheap mlb jerseys

In that day, the White Sox won the record of 13 wins and 1 loss, including the most recent 3 consecutive series sweep opponents, winning nine in a row, with the Twins margin of victory has shrunk to 2.5 games.

Over the past 15 games, White Sox starting rotation throw quality starts in 14 games, his ERA was only 2.03. Guillen said: "According to our pitching situation now, we should win. Every play, we start from the race to know that we have opportunities to win."

7 Board today also can not win without losing a ball of Lowe, said: "We were swept up, but we will not feel left-worst team. White Sox's performance over the past two weeks to break in good form." Warriors star hitter Chipper Jones said: "This is our strongest month to face the team."

Friday, June 25, 2010

Marlins will be on March 31 home opener against the New York Mets as the first hit

Gonzalez said: "If the season started tomorrow, Luomanruizi as the first bar, we want him to stay in the fight sequence, I think he is quite comfortable, he likes to play the first bar, we will observation, if we play center line performance is not good, our approach and the same as last year. "

If all goes according to plan, Marlins will be on March 31 home opener against the New York Mets as the first hit will be the face of metropolitan seats Luomanruizi ace left-hander (Johan Santana).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New York Yankees today at home against Tampa Bay Devil Rays

New York Yankees today at home against Tampa Bay Devil Rays, while losing by 1:4, but the 39-year-old starting pitcher muszyna (Mike Mussina) to restore the level, so the team is relieved.

Muszyna pitched 2.2 Bureau, was hit two hits and lost 1 minute, sending five strikeouts 2 walks, his number to 54 because the ball ball ball exceeds a predetermined number of end result was for, he spring training warm-up first astronauts on the Houston, which lost 5 points 4 points is the ERA, today it is great progress.

Muszyna am very pleased with his breaking ball to fall into the strike zone, although in the second inning Gemai Zi (Johnny Gomes) homered, but because of the strong relationship between the downwind course to send the ball out, Mouchy Na do not think that was his mistake.

Monday, June 21, 2010

From China Taiwan Eastern television reporter

From China Taiwan Eastern television reporter, of course focus on a small body Guo, "The Taiwan baseball team has made tickets to the Olympics, you have no chance in today's effectiveness of the Chinese Taipei team in August, to Beijing play in the Olympic Games, another coach can not call on the Toll evaluate the China Taiwan baseball team has the chance to get Olympic medals. "

Kuo Hong-chih said: I am speaking on, if the good of the opportunity to return to Taiwan to help the team if it is a good of things, but Xianzai the most to me during this year's season hit a good Cheng Ji. "He was politely if so indicated he would not participate in the Beijing Olympics, Major League Baseball for the people, the professional baseball season is the key, which is why the United States and Japan, unlike Korea, has been sent to participate in amateur the reasons for the Olympic Games. cheap mlb jerseys

Qiao Tuoer heard Kuo priority position on the Dodgers, after jokingly said: "I'm glad you put the team on the first one. For the Olympics, I would like the Olympics is certainly an exciting game, I hope tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we are two games in this site can be active atmosphere of the Beijing Olympics. The Chinese Taipei baseball team's performance, with some of my contacts in Asia to see baseball players, they put into the game, in the games passion, especially in the discipline of Asian baseball players are very worthy of respect, this left us with a deep impression, but also hope that the Chinese Taipei baseball team to get good results. "

Friday, June 18, 2010

MLB China Games today in Beijing Wukesong Olympic Baseball Field ended

MLB China Games today in Beijing Wukesong Olympic Baseball Field ended, the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres exciting duel to the Chinese audience to Major League Baseball's first professional tournament experience for the Beijing spring added new vitality element.

Two Harding Park, the Los Angeles Dodgers to China Chinese Taipei's Clansmen and Villager left a profound impression on the audience. Although slightly nervous in the first game, Clansmen and Villager errors occurred fumbled, but today's game, but was quickly elevated status for the Dodgers Shoukaijilu Clansmen and Villager. Coach Te Aorui on the Clansmen and Villager is also full of praise, that Clansmen and Villager today's performance is outstanding, playing in front of the home audience the best level. The Clansmen and Villager after the game wearing suits also expressed satisfaction with his performance, "Today's performance so bad, though not to the peak, especially in China, in Beijing this beautiful stadium make me feel better to keep going." But He was also a big lead after the Dodgers been rivals catch up the lost score greater regret, he believes he is too cautious in the game missed some opportunities.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chicago Cubs coach Pinilla continued thinking about his start playing lines

Chicago Cubs coach Pinilla continued thinking about his start playing lines, today he said that Kosuke Fukudome will be the fifth bar from the exchange to a second bar, this way, three to five rods, respectively, is the center of the batter Shaliyanuo (Alfonso Soriano), Lee (Derrek Lee) and Luomanruizi (Aramis Ramirez).

Pinilla for Lyatt (Ryan Theriot) as a pioneer in quite satisfactory, so it will not wave a big stick, let him play the third bar, but Pinilla Kosuke Fukudome for the bar plays a very nerve-racking . MLB jerseys

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Red Sox starting pitcher today

MLB 2008 season by the Red Sox and Athletics Stadium Tokyo Dome in Japan kicked off war, both sides played one after another all the way, the Red Sox from the backward, ahead, behind, relying on Moss 9 (Brandon Moss) and a solo home run chase was able to put into a 4:4 ratio of the number of tie, the two sides into the playoff. 10, the Luomanruizi (Manny Ramirez) base hit scored two points, the Red Sox to 6-5 Lectra Athletics.

Red Sox starting pitcher today, Daisuke Matsuzaka, one would have been under the turbulence, first by the second rod Ellis (Mark Ellis) hit the spring home run, then left to face the Athletics seemed to play Force Sparkling Duo Duo, has been voted the low angles of the ball, but has not voted into the strike zone, walked a third rod Barton (Daric Barton), Shawn Custer (Jack Cust) is cast body touch the ball, in the face Brown, the fifth bar (Emil Brown) first cast out wild pitch, then walked on balls appeared, so that the formation of Athletics bases loaded, the sixth bar Crosby (Bobby Crosby) hit ground ball pitcher before, although the assassination of a base before, but in the third base of the Button back to home plate by 2 points, the seventh bar Hannah Han (Jack Hannahan) were struck out, This ended the first game Athletics offensive. Daisuke Matsuzaka 1 the following seven batters on a total of 30 balls with.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wang a year ago because of the accident

Wang a year ago because of the accident, lost the opening match of the New York Yankees starting pitcher for the opportunity, but he's still will not run away, and today the Yankees coach Qiao Ladi (Joe Giradi) OK, Chien-Ming Wang will serve as The new season opening match of the Yankees starting pitcher, Taipei time on April 1 at home against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Qiao Ladi said it was his earned over the past two years he won 19 games, and the cast well, I assured him as the opening of the war starting pitcher.

Wang war coincided with the opening of 28-year-old birthday, and this year is Yankee Stadium's final year, so the game Aberdeen is particularly on the construction of meaningful, he said, I am very pleased, this is my first time as the opening match starting pitcher, is significant for me, I am very excited! This also shows that coaches trust me, in fact, I have many things to learn.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yankees hit a total of six hits

Yankees hit a total of six hits, right fielder Abu Rui worry (Bob Abreu) 3 hits and 1 RBI hit number 2, first baseman Jason Giambi (Jason Giambi) 1 个 bat hits a RBI 0. Blue Jays also hit six hits, shortstop Aikesitan (David Eckstein) 4 个 hit number two hits and an RBI, right fielder Liou Si (Alex Rios) 4 个 hit number one hits, 1 RBI.

And closing the Yankees to beat the Blue Jays 3 to 2, Yankees 2 wins and 1 loss record now, the Blue Jays record a win and 2 losses.

Monday, June 7, 2010

3 Bureau, the astronaut team captured a second out

Houston Astros vs. St. Louis Cardinals, three series, the second war, the first astronaut team won 5 to 3.

Second Board, the Cardinals captured one out bases loaded, pitcher Thompson (Brad Thompson) with an RBI sacrifice bunt. Third inning, right fielder Michael Schumacher (Skip Schumaker) triples, left fielder Duncan (Chris Duncan) sacrifice fly back to 1 minute call back, Cardinals 2 to 0. mlb jersey

3 Bureau, the astronaut team captured a second out, second base, shortstop Tejada (Miguel Tejada) base hit, base on 2 runners back to home plate scoring, Tejada to third base to take advantage of transfer station, the next pitcher wild pitch, Tejada scored, Astros 3 to 2 lead.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rangers starting pitcher Maierwude (Kevin Millwood) pitched Qiju beaten three hits and lost 1 point

Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles, double the first fighting game, the three series the first Orioles to win 8 to 1. MLB jerseys

Rangers starting pitcher Maierwude (Kevin Millwood) pitched Qiju beaten three hits and lost 1 point, pitcher to win, record a win and 2 losses. Orioles starting pitcher Choi uxeau (Steve Trachsel) pitched 6.1 inning hit five hits and lost 3 points, to swallow defeat cast, record a win and 1 loss.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Rangers starting pitcher Maierwude (Kevin Millwood) pitched Qiju beaten three hits and lost 1 point

Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles, double the first fighting game, the three series the first Orioles to win 8 to 1.

Rangers starting pitcher Maierwude (Kevin Millwood) pitched Qiju beaten three hits and lost 1 point, pitcher to win, record a win and 2 losses. Orioles starting pitcher Choi uxeau (Steve Trachsel) pitched 6.1 inning hit five hits and lost 3 points, to swallow defeat cast, record a win and 1 loss.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Today morning, please give details Chamberlain's sister personally know the father condition called Qiaola Di

Yankees relief pitcher Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain), the Yankees and Red Sox yesterday's game, received the news of his father's illness, a very filial Chamberlain pro server, then leave back to the head coach Qiao Ladi Nebra Apsley state.

The results, not Chamberlain, the Yankees, the Red Sox lost to 5:8.

Today morning, please give details Chamberlain's sister personally know the father condition called Qiaola Di, Qiao Ladi account, Chamberlain father very serious condition, Chamberlain's sister talking about illness, the crying so badly, but fortunately the father Chamberlain the condition under control. Qiao Ladi access or telephone, immediately included in the Chamberlain "bereavement list" (bereavement list), not necessarily the number of days.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arizona scored in the match by 4 points

Contrast, the Giants have high hopes of starting pitcher Chito (Barry Zito), starting four games this season have been, but even the 4 defeat.MLB jersey

Arizona scored in the match by 4 points, concentrated in the pitcher Weber (Brandon Webb) his two RBI, Baines (Eric Byrnes) and Hudson (Orlando Hudson) and 1 RBI.

Diamondbacks team is currently 11 wins 4 lost, temporarily National League West is still the highest in 5 teams; belong to the Western District Giants, 6 wins 10 lost, temporarily end of 5 teams.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today sailors slugger is arranged today

Today sailors slugger is arranged today, 4 RBIs team of Saxony (Richie Sexson), his two hands on the start Sanders hit a spring home run, then 7 on the same hand from the Sanders then hit a home run with three RBIs, the number of chase than just one point behind, Mariner 4 to 5 behind.

However, the edge of Angel Hunter completely overshadowed Saxony Pom, his four at bats today, 3 hits, 3 RBI arranged; powerful is that three are doubles, tied the Angels single game in team history up to second base hits record, the performance of his more critical on 2 out of 9, the sailors have a Saxon people in the base case, hit the center field fly ball very far-reaching, seeing a reversal of Saxony would hit a single field than the number of 3 ring gun, the Hunter to jump up the wall in the home run ball then kill, to keep the angel of victory.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Phillies headed left fielder Burrell (Pat Burrell),

Phillies headed left fielder Burrell (Pat Burrell), continued his strong fight in 2008, the Brewers home 2 Lien Chan's Game 2, 4 foot combat zone, 2 walks, 2 hits, including a key 8, the Burrell hit the 2, 2 RBI base hit, making Philadelphia a 3-1 Brewers win, 2 Lien Chan series, with each one wins and 1 loss MLB jersey.

The two sides start the game, the Phillies Maya (Jamie Moyer) voted 6.0 Board of Soupanh Brewers (Jeff Suppan) 7.0 Board voted, only lost 1 point earned run, the performance of both well, and after, 2 pitchers of any decision the fate of the two sides.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The sixth inning, the Tigers second baseman Bo Langge (Placido Polanco) spring home run hit

Of five, the Tigers left fielder Thames Williams (Marcus Thames) hit a 2 RBI home run.

The sixth inning, the Tigers second baseman Bo Langge (Placido Polanco) spring home run hit, followed by Tigers third base with runners on second out, third baseman Gene (Carlos Guillen) a base hit with a sub- RBI, Tigers get 5 to 2 advantage.

Eight innings, the Bo Langge hit spring home run by a single field Pom.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

St. Louis Cardinals continue in Colorado

St. Louis Cardinals continue in Colorado, and Rocky the three teams with the second game, the first Cardinals to win 6 to 5.

A Council on Cardinals star first baseman MLB jerseys Pujols (Albert Pujols) two out hit after base hit, left fielder Lu Weike (Ryan Ludwick) a base hit with an RBI.

2 Bureau of the Cardinals two out, starting pitcher rupah (Brandon Looper) doubles continued offensive shortstop Cesar Izturis hit first base with an RBI hit, right fielder Barton (Brian Barton) and second baseman Kennedy (Adam Kennedy) followed successively hit an RBI base hit and a base hit, the Cardinals made 4 to 0 advantage.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An end, the Pirates team to win the Giants 5-4

An end, the Pirates team to win the Giants 5-4. 3 Lien Series teams, the visiting Giants were swept tragic, last 6 war, wrote the embarrassing defeat of a win 5.

Giants starting pitcher MLB jerseys Ken (Matt Cain), voted 6.1 Bureau, was hit nine hits and lost 5 ERA, take this lost war (1 win 3 lost); pirates any team 2 pitcher Ousuoliya (Franquelis Osoria), voted in the 7th Bureau, no loss of points, won the season 2 win (1 loss).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers in the final of a three-Lien race because of rain delay

New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers in the final of a three-Lien race because of rain delay, now rescheduled race date not decided yet, the Yankees have seed money to start going to Florida to prepare the next series, beginning tomorrow in Tampa Bay's Tropicana Stadium and light to start four Lien Chan.

Because God's spoiler, the Yankees accident more day of rest, let Wang start date of the subsequent extension of the day, the scheduled start today against the Tiger pitcher Pettitte (Andy Pettitte) tomorrow will be the first battle of the light The starting pitcher, Wang will be the time in Taipei Wednesday morning 7:10, a second war starting pitcher, on the Jackson (Edwin Jackson) is the third war veteran muszyna (Mike Mussina ) command.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tiger Luoji Si is lost in this war game pitcher

1, the Royal played in seven individual times, scored 3 points. 2 and 4 under each scored 2 points lower then, Rogers was for the match when leading the Royals to 7:1 more than 6 points.

Ham team in Japan last year as cheap MLB jerseys head coach of the Hillman (Trey Hillman), as the constitution is not strong season Royals coach, first at home and get three straight Kansas Kansas elders and the comfort. However, the Royal team record 19 wins 21 lost, winning percentage, or less than 5 percent.

Tiger Luoji Si is lost in this war game pitcher, the current record 3 wins 4 lost; Royals starting pitcher Jimmy Xu (Gil Meche), voted 7.0 Bureau, was beaten by 6 hits, 3 walks and 6 strikeouts, is the winning pitcher in this game, the current record 3 wins 5 lost.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Third inning, the Orioles an out with runners on first base

New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles, three with the third race war, both the first two games were a win and 1 loss.

Third inning, the Orioles an out with runners on first base, shortstop thanks to (Freddie Bynum) triples, Orioles 1 to 0.

4 Bureau, the Yankees one out one, with runners on third base, right fielder Duncan (Shelley Duncan) sacrifice fly with one RBI, the two sides tied.

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In the major leagues has been 22 years old left-hander Tom Glavine

In the major leagues has been 22 years old left-hander Tom Glavine (Tom Glavine), today at home and the Diamondbacks Warriors 4 Lien Chan's No. 3 team battle as the starting pitcher, 5 on, 2 out, bases loaded, he was a rattlesnake Teams left fielder Baines (Eric Byrnes) play situation got slam gun, which is Glavine pitching major league career of 22 years, was first hit grand slam, Diamondbacks team won 9:3 Warriors.

After the match, the media asked the Baines hit a home run full aware of his opponent Glavine has never been played slam home run, Baines said he did not know, but he said that has been set to Glavine had been masters of playing the low point of investment and speed the ball, the ball did not expect the former two are labeled bounds. While Glavine has chosen to cast the ball speed and brought the first three speed adjustment to the central point of the ball low, Baines pulled the ball left field home run wall, coming down to Arizona breath 4. This is Glavine 22 years, 4,395 voted in another 1 / 3 innings, the first slam home run was hit.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today, the Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher at home relying on Sant

Today, the Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher at home relying on Santana (Ervin Santana) concert, vote, Mathews (Gary Matthews Jr.) Goodbye at the bottom of the ninth hit hits and closing Angels 3-2 win over the Detroit Tigers on, won two straight to win the series.

Angel Santana pitches today, is awe-inspiring directions, although the two Jushang Ban by the EU East Martinez (Magglio Ordonez) hit two-run homer, but settled after 12 consecutive batters, Santana 9 today Board Biao the 7K, was hit three hits and only lost 2 points, 20 batters he threw the first strike on the ball, never a good golf ball 2 balls and no number of backward situation.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

The annual Major League All-Star Game about the time in the United States

The annual Major League All-Star Game about the time in the United States on July 15 at Yankee Stadium, Yankee Stadium, after a year of this event, the Yankees team settled in the new stadium, Yankee Stadium will become history, Therefore, a special significance this year's All-Star Game. mlb jerseys

Before the vote, the deadline only six days, in addition to the pitcher by the head coach is in accordance with the direct selection of the team pitching, the fielding position of the votes in all the leading players also tend to become clear, these fans voted by the world out of the hands of a good herd home stand out star players, will be a starter in the All-Star Game to the identity of appearance.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rangers still have four catchers

Rangers still have four catchers: Gerald Lier De, Jeremy de, Tige Deng Luomanruizi Taylor and Marx, and has not moved them. But they always wanted to talk about these people. Rangers general principle is that inside one or two good pitchers in exchange for catcher. Rangers have had a variety of trading opportunities in exchange for pitchers, but pitchers are not satisfied that the transaction was ignored. Daniel said Wednesday before the game on the sailor's trade deadline that can not he made a. "Things are changing, but now we are ready to make good use of our players along the way." Daniel said. Gerrard in 54 games, hit 194 seats, there are four home runs and 26 RBI. In addition to Hamstring muscle strain due to the absence of more than a month, in the last 16 games, Gerrard has a .456 batting, he has not troubled by the trade rumors. He believed that Thursday after the Rangers who he was. "This is my idea." Gerrard said. He spoke Wednesday before the race and Daniel. "I just want to race, do not consider them." Rangers outfielder and other teams such as Malone. Byrd and infielder Frank talked to, but they more or discussion catcher. cheap mlb jerseys

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rangers do not waste this wonderful play has

Rangers do not waste this wonderful play has. Nine innings, the Brandli. Milton pinch appearances, won the walks, Tavis. Meika Fu Generation ran for him. Ian ‧ Gensler labeled in short-throw attempt after two strikeouts, walked after Gerrard ‧ Lier De obtained. Mike. Young struck out, then walked to Hampton. Finally, Bird debut. He will be the first ball - a slider - hit home runs strong. "His first ball is always a slippery ball." Byrd said. Byrd pushed to the far right field the ball, which he slam home runs this season, the second branch.

The last time Rangers bye slam home run in July 31, 2003 Versus Red Sox game, that's hero is Alex ‧ Weilikuizi. This time, Alex ‧ Weilikuizi got into the opponent's rest area.

Bird is very excited after the game, even in the lounge area before and Gerald de a short hop jigs. "Too great," Bird said, "really too great."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jonsson Ren Ruiji Smith as hitting coach

Jonsson Ren Ruiji Smith as hitting coach, pitching coach for the Swiss that Leichtman. Last week in North Carolina, four performances of the race in Canada, the U.S. team on a more comprehensive understanding of their own. Jonsson nearly a decade leading the U.S. team took part in many of the world game, has run the world game is about. He asked about the starting rotation list, said: "We have written a rotation list, but in terms of international competition, no one is willing to tell you who should send. So I will be kept confidential."

"Here there is a lot of sports stars," pitcher Duan Sen said, "This is so fun, and go where people from different countries. You just need to say hello to them." Asking baseball players to the U.S. Well, they will attend the opening ceremony.

Monday, May 3, 2010

He praised the outstanding performance of Luomanruizi

Dodgers manager Week Toll, by virtue of this victory, that is, the 2126 second victory of his career, playing Ping Zhou Maikekaixi victory in the manager's performance rating, tied for seventh. He praised the outstanding performance of Luomanruizi.

However, the ninth inning, relief pitcher Jonathan. Braxton really pinched everyone to sweat - a full base. Fortunately, he adjusted the state, he will solve the home run champion Ryan Howard lost, won its eighth save. mlb jerseys

"He's still learning," Dodgers second baseman Jeff. Kent said, "that the situation is very difficult, especially in the face of a strong line when playing."

Friday, April 30, 2010

Barenthein struck out four, the second game, the fourth game

The ball flying out of the course, build a wall, there are more than 100 feet high, more than 400 feet away. Barenthein struck out four, the second game, the fourth game, the seventh, the 10th Bureau. mlb jersey "That night, playing very hard, but I did not give up," he said, "I concentrate on, to seize the opportunity, I did." He smiles. After the game we celebrate his sixth homer of the season, this unexpected victory brings the sailor home run. Eighth Jushang Ban, sailors got the equalizer one minute, but was again overtake the next eight innings of two points. But in the ninth end Angels pitcher Francisco. Luolikuizi sailor and then scored when third overtake Angels. Luolikuizi the season for his first success in 47 relief efforts, the plan has got the failed rescue of the fifth season, ended his crew of 20 consecutive save. Jeremy Reed hit ‧ tied the score in the right field base hit, one hit the next Laf hereby outfield to first base hit scored a points lead, the end. Like this, sailors did very little this season, several teams do it - to conquer the angel in the ninth. But they really should win after a few Board. In the bottom of the ninth JJ Pouzzner sailor Terminator sent Mark Takesila a tying home run record. 7 wins this season relief Pouzzner 7 negative, 42 times last year, but the successful rescue rescue 40 it. Sailor's insistence for him to erase the record of failure recorded on paper relief. "If we lose, I would like to take hat off to his teammates; if we win, I would like to take hat off to his teammates," Rui Geman said, "They worked very hard, never give up. Our position sounds ridiculous, But good game like this this year, we had many times. I am proud for them. "

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yankee's bullpen took over the Poisson's baton

Yankee's bullpen took over the Poisson's baton. In almost no support to combat the fire conditions, the bullpen has voted 6 2 / 3 innings scoreless. Yankee spent six rescue, everyone with a scoreless appearance results. "Our pitchers did a good chance to win us back," Ji Ladi said, "Everyone's very good investment."

Yankee victory to have hope in the three-game series win. Although the result is not good against, but the rest of the season, they can only sprint for the Wild Card, Yankee know in any case can only win. "Now this stage, no difference in how others like it," captain Deray said, "we can only win."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Most people just look at the news read the newspaper

Despite such achievements, but the competition for the Wild Card is still a sore point. "Look at these teams are doing every day." Jean said with a smile. 02 angels, 03 of the Marlins, 04 of the Red Sox have been thinking of ways to win the playoffs. American League Central White Sox also entered the battle outside the card, although news reports only care about the White Sox and Twins first district contest, while ignoring the strength of both teams. cheap mlb jerseys

"Most people just look at the news read the newspaper, not on the Alliance's position, so you will not think in the second district will have the opportunity to take a wild card." White Sox first baseman Paul. Connor Ke said, "It seems everyone will think the second will take the Eastern wild card, is not the case. If we do not get the district final by virtue of the first but a wild card into the playoffs, that's great." "If We and the Twins are still the Devil Rays into the playoffs, not that the traditional two playoff regulars, it would be really different. but we have to see what happens eventually. Devil Rays this season, as possessed. "White Sox will play against the Devil Rays next week.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Minnesota Twins shortstop Adam Aiforuite standing cow

Friday night, Minnesota Twins shortstop Adam Aiforuite standing cow, is preparing to play the fifth set against the beginning, suddenly Manager Luodemaike McCormick called him into the aisles. Yiforuite was told that his shirt in question.

"I looked down, oh my god, I Chuancuo the jersey it?" Aiforuite said.

Monday, April 26, 2010

In the Marlins catcher Ivan had a partner on and Pavano

"I think I cast quick ball movement and better control, so after the Council voted in two more quick ball. I know this is my only way to find pitching rhythm, beginning from the third, I did The. " cheap mlb jerseys

In the Marlins catcher Ivan had a partner on and Pavano. He said that after the second game, quick ball to Pavano more confidence.

Yankee's bullpen has a good performance in Pavano did not lose points after exit. Buri voted in the two Councils, Vilas voted in the eighth, Rivera voted in the ninth inning was the 30th save.

Matsui seventh inning and a solo home run for the Yankees reassures. This is his first 500 RBI.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Strong suppression of Athletics beat Mariners Line

"Today is a great step forward," coach Jim sailor said, "He suppressed his opponents, as we voted in the sixth inning, won. Netball not an easy task, especially in this weather."

Fifth, City Island, Kenji from Athletics starting pitcher Dan Meyer hands shot home run, the score 3:3 level. This was his fifth homer of the season. Jose Lopez again in the sixth knocked from the hands of relief pitcher Kekeshalu third home run. This was his 11th homer of the season, and last season's successes. City Island this season with Kenji is tough, he's batting only 215, playing time is also reduced. "Reduced playing time is a difficult thing, because there is no such experience before," the sailor's catcher, said, "not very comfortable playing online." replica mlb jerseys

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Xiouxiya on Recchi's performance is puzzling

Xiouxiya on Recchi's performance is puzzling, especially in his home race in Angel, 7 wins and 1 negative, 2.41 ERA rates. "This is excellent data," Xiouxiya said, "John is a good pitcher, the whole career like this. I know his record is especially good sportsmanship, but overall he is a good pitcher." mlb jersey

Tuesday, he finished two out from the shutout, the standing area is hitting Jack ‧ Custer, 0 bad ball number 2, well, he threw a fastball, hit in home run into spring. "It was a four-seam ball," Recchi said, "This ball I voted this one night only. He was right." Recchi said. Although not a shutout, but Recchi for the complete cast of this result was very pleased. This is his first 3 games of the season complete game cast, 13th career.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The last play, that is where we try to be more active

"The last play, that is where we try to be more active," Atkins said, "I still remember when Dodge Fukenboge also effect the face of his scenes, it was a fastball. Which I am the best ball is hit. "

Although the Rocky in the legendary discount mlb jerseys pitcher pitches to get 10 hits, 9 points, Atkins and his teammates, especially his own, or can not say why create so many points.

"I do not know how it is," Atkins said, "This is San Diego. Where climate has been good. This is the day for play, the golf course very well. I look in here for a success."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Melvin said that Lyon is the Terminator Cobra

Monday, Baobomaier paper did not hesitate to answer this question. "Who is my Terminator tonight?" Diamondbacks manager asked. "Brandon. Lyon." This will undoubtedly disappoint many Diamondbacks fans, we are looking forward to the right-hander's performance. 6 times in the recent appearance, he pitched 5 1 / 3 innings, gave up 11 hits. Melvin did see another look. He saw in Lyon played in the recent six times, 5 times is difficult, there is no chance of success once there is relief, and are at home. The only road in a battle in Colorado, is a rescue chances of success, perhaps this is not a coincidence. mlb jersey

"I think his chances of success are too few rescue." Melvin said.

This season, Lyon road ERA was 2.22, home to 7.66.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chicago Cubs third baseman Yiruimisi

Chicago Cubs third baseman Yiruimisi. Luomanruizi had to leave before Thursday's game against the Atlanta Braves. He is not smart in a sliding vilification of the left hip. But may be a race on a Friday.

"Fri know. Be not very serious." Luomanruizi said, "I am free."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In fact, this figure equaled Rademon Williams, ranked eighth in the big leagues

354 wins - This is a milestone. In fact, this figure equaled Rademon Williams, ranked eighth in the big leagues. He does not mind discussing this with his performance as the opponents. "I have always admired him," the four Cy Young Award winner of seven Cy Young Award winner said Keleimengsi, "I always thought he was the greatest pitcher. I had the opportunity to play with him. And before than you Comparing players is not easy. My roommate is his university alumni. We had a good time to see him play any chance. he is the best in all aspects. "However, the only pitcher to win once again, it means the Maidakesi better player than he do? "No, no," he said, "This only shows that I played longer than him, voted more times."

Of course, he failed to do. Hall of Fame career, he continued, the Dodgers need him like this game tonight. Eight-game losing streak in the Dodge, he was also, he lost the first two starts. However, his first as a player Dodge Dodge home in the start, it seemed he did not keep the pain that he supported 13 days before the trade rivals.

Monday, April 12, 2010

As for Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady deal

Cashman believes that Manny is a very good player, but the team whether it is salary or human, have no room for him to play, so do not fight for him to consider joining. Dodge, although the terms of the contract is rejected, but they still do not give up, general manager Ned Colletti in the U.S. time on the 4th contact again with the agent Scott Boras, the next few days to continue negotiations.

Since Cashman has vowed to pay down the Yankees in this year's team, together with the current lineup has been adequate to meet the 2009 season, the Yankees rumored plans to rob a market, "A coffee", but Cashman said, really There is no room for player.

As for Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady deal, Cashman said that the current is still in talks with other teams, but with spring training approaching day, he gradually abandoned the idea because he would not undermine the existing lineup, which He said: "it is really talking about earlier, but now I hope the team can use the formation to face the most complete spring training."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hiroki Kuroda could start as the Dodgers opened

Dodge likely to Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda start of this year's opening

Chad Billingsley had 16 wins last year, becoming the new Dodgers ace, it is reasonable for the opening match of the team should be competent start, but broke his leg at home was supposed to be fighting for the glory of his opportunity. Coach Joe Torre still Billings doubt about Lee's foot injury, the current prefer the performance of last year's playoffs wonderful Kuroda, as the opening of the starting team.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hughes scoreless first relay

Hughes the Yankees after losing the starting position, first relay yesterday, 1 Bureau of scoreless, four home runs the Yankees relied on H-collapse Rays to win 5:3.

Hughes played on June 1 after the Indians, the rotation was replaced by Wang, Head Coach Girardi said several times, to make Hughes more than a race to keep the ball sense, yesterday finally only use Hughes relay.

7 Board to succeed Hughes starting pitcher Pei Tite, cast a Council to solve three consecutive batters, let Upton and Crawford ground ball out, then struck out Longoria, hold a 4:3 lead.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Faffe No. 4 jersey retired at the Packers team glory

Team Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre has just retired a preliminary study for the next season and will retire his jersey number.

Green Bay Packers teams of the Chairman and Chief Executive Mark Murphy said Wednesday: "I want to say is that this is a very easy decision. We clear Brett Favre as the Packers team and the league are doing, so glorious retirement he The jersey number is a very simple thing. "
When the NFL announced the arrangements for the entire season after the team and Faffe election race will be held with the retirement ceremony.

Could it be continued, "Brett and I have a brief conversation, he was very eager to come back. We do not have to make specific arrangements. Once we get the schedule, we will work out a better way to express his respect We definitely will be his number retired. "

The next step is outside the markers in the Lambeau Field it?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Patriot is one of the defensive hero Saturday over 39-year-old Theo

Patriot is one of the defensive hero Saturday over 39-year-old Theo. He has 18 seasons in the NFL fought on the first season and all 13 teams in the Lightning, although all-star many times, but never a champion to try the taste. He played for the Patriots to the Super Bowl hopes lightning into the break again. The game reserve running back in the lightning balls almost impulse array Turner, the Theo to intercept the scoring lines, so lightning is not able to overtake the Patriot touchdowns, but ending on penalties. He also Qinsha Rui Fusi 1.

Patriot two Cornerback Samuel and Thomas Hobbes once the anti-pass cut-off Rui Fusi. Samuel in the offseason to sign with the Patriots defeat the efforts of large contracts were designated as the label hung club players. After this season, his outstanding performance, certainly got his wish.

Patriots offensive arms, is the versatile running back Marshall - Fork, he was clever and good at catching the characteristics of post moves, and give full play in this game, the defense close to each other in cause great difficulties, he 8 times the ball 82 yards, the ball than the total number of codes outside the Patriots took over several stars are high. Another point is still the ball outside to take over Wilke, 7 times the ball 56 yards. Patriot games because of the weather and other tough for the air offensive by the two basic medium to advance the ball a short distance.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

AP scores probably are not happy with the tug of war so the two sides

AP scores probably are not happy with the tug of war so the two sides, they played a gamble to play, although by this side grabbed the ball, but Kai ball foul penalized 5 yards and re-kick-off, the League's Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware the ball back after the attack, but unfortunately, sell, Midland's Ravens defender Reed grabbed the ball from the AP to 29 yards at the League of Nations began to attack. Manning is not in the two passes, plus a penalty, scored the final penalty three minutes. AP by 17 to 7 lead.

The League of Nations began to attack the near future into the Section 2. If the pass has been silent lightning counter-cut cornerback Cromartie. Last year was rookie of the Keluomadi 10 times this season, intercepted a pass against the column NFL first. AP Offensive replaced by Steelers quarterback this - Rosser Rosberg led the League of Nations 29 yards from the offensive began, the long pass 16 yards to the Bengals TJ, Jaguar All-Star team for the first time the veteran Taylor red ball 11 yards, and then pass on the 1 yard short TJ touchdowns. AP with a strong lead of 24 to 7.

American League kick-off again back to the League of Nations heist attack 51 yards to the 49 yards at the League of Nations. If the silent battle once again, after several attacks, one 34 yards long pass TO, smoothly advanced to AP at 7 yards, and then passed TO touchdowns. The League of Nations to pull the score to 14 to 24.

AP attack, to continue by the initiated. Advanced to the League of Nations after the 30-yard line, and fail to pass is not in the. Titans kicker Bironas surgeon scored 3 points. AP by 27 to 14 lead.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jaguar defensive performance in a very good job

Chiefs 7, Broncos 41

Broncos quarterback Cutler played well, 27 pass 20 in the 244 yards, 4 passing TDs. Mustang offensive total yardage to 453 yards, while the chief audience is only pitiful 129 yards offense, there is no parry our blows. Unfortunately, the outbreak of wild horses came too late, with the district has been the leading two games lightning. Mustang basically missed the playoffs.

Panthers 6, Jaguars 37

Jaguar defensive performance in a very good job, Panthers passing attack, but 100 yards, the ground attack only 50 yards. Anti-cut cornerback Ingram Panthers offensive touchdown pass back. Jaguars veteran running back Taylor to play again, well, a long dash of 80 yards in mind touchdowns firmly to seal the victory. Jaguar is currently 9 wins 4 losses, the basic lock-AL wild card. Panthers quarterback De Hemu main first three games this season, passing touchdowns eight times, the injured out of the season, the Panthers quarterback Carl, test, Wordie, and Moore battle played a total of 11 games to reach Array passing is still less than the total number of eight.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So far this season, Raiders of the record is 2 wins 8 losses

So far this season, Raiders of the record is 2 wins 8 losses, American League West Bottom of honor ranking. At present the team's most urgent problems are twofold. The first one to let players set up a strict discipline, because each game this season, has a disturbing many fouls, many of yardage lost in vain, and the impairment morale. The second is to improve red zone scoring ability, to attack a real advantage to be converted into a score. Sunday's first half, Raiders scored three times deep in the hinterland of Vikings, but only won a scoring position.

Next Sunday (November 25), Raiders continued to play an away match, belong to the same American League West rivals Kansas City Chiefs (Kansan City Chiefs). Raid by the Chinese network will provide exciting racing forward-looking and after the match reports, The large number of fans pay close attention.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The former Saints defensive coach will be appointed coach of Redskins

Local time Tuesday, Jim - Haslet Washington Redskins agreed to contract out, about to become coach of Redskins defensive team, this is coach Mike - Shanahan's second since he took office key appointments.

Redskins team an anonymous insider revealed to the media this is news, because teams have to wait for someday erythroderma news conference to formally announce the appointment of Haslet in 2000 to 2005 coached the New Orleans Saint Christians, in 2008, Scott - Rhine Han was sacked after a few months as the transition Rams coach prior to his Rams, Saints and the Steelers as a defensive coach. Last year, the Haslet not find a job to the UFL (United Football League) team coached Florida ivory.

Haslet Monday to Redskins Park, the plane met Mike - Shanahan and red high-level team, he will replace the retiring Greg - Blachais, which has teams in the Redskins played six seasons However, once studied Liu Xun, has reached the retirement age. Count Hallett, Shanahan after taking office already has two chief aides, last week, his son Kyle as he came to Washington to become the team's offensive coaches erythroderma.