Friday, October 8, 2010

Linse Kang's never like this show

Seeing soldiers say goodbye to the regular season is not an easy one, the first playoff game in his career threw a perfect performance, the Giants head coach of the wavelet (Bruce Bochy) full of praise after the game, of course, "Linse Kang really great performance, such a performance really, really not easy, but he did it! "

Linse Kang's never like this show, can not help but let the Warriors Zong Jiaotou Cox (Bobby Cox) defeat convinced, "he is today the most shining star, in such a tight competition in the playoffs on a large, still Let us only two batters hit the basepaths, very simple. "The next two teams will be 9:30 tomorrow morning (Taiwan time) to a second home in the giant war.