Monday, October 11, 2010

7 regular season games the last 8 times mistakes Conrad

8 Board, the Warriors sent Craig Kimbrel closed, although he won two outs, but also let the bad with the Giants four hits and captured by scoring position, and back-up Michael Dunn was voted a person hits tied Aubrey Huff hit than the number.

Then took over the Peter Moylan, although the second base so that the direction of Buster Posey hit a ground ball, but Conrad mistakes at critical moments, the Giants scored ahead of the points. 9 Board under the Warriors unable to counterattack, whistle for 2 to 3 defeat.

7 regular season games the last 8 times mistakes Conrad, becomes the first four games in the playoffs 3 times in a single second baseman mistakes after the game he said: "This is really a shame, I once again feel I let you down. "

End of the season after the Warriors are going to retire after the game head coach Bobby Cox said: "We can win this game. We can win, can compete with anyone, but we do not have room for mistakes." As he will not Genghuan second baseman candidate, he said: "I need more time to consider."