Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jonsson Ren Ruiji Smith as hitting coach

Jonsson Ren Ruiji Smith as hitting coach, pitching coach for the Swiss that Leichtman. Last week in North Carolina, four performances of the race in Canada, the U.S. team on a more comprehensive understanding of their own. Jonsson nearly a decade leading the U.S. team took part in many of the world game, has run the world game is about. He asked about the starting rotation list, said: "We have written a rotation list, but in terms of international competition, no one is willing to tell you who should send. So I will be kept confidential."

"Here there is a lot of sports stars," pitcher Duan Sen said, "This is so fun, and go where people from different countries. You just need to say hello to them." Asking baseball players to the U.S. Well, they will attend the opening ceremony.