Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today sailors slugger is arranged today

Today sailors slugger is arranged today, 4 RBIs team of Saxony (Richie Sexson), his two hands on the start Sanders hit a spring home run, then 7 on the same hand from the Sanders then hit a home run with three RBIs, the number of chase than just one point behind, Mariner 4 to 5 behind.

However, the edge of Angel Hunter completely overshadowed Saxony Pom, his four at bats today, 3 hits, 3 RBI arranged; powerful is that three are doubles, tied the Angels single game in team history up to second base hits record, the performance of his more critical on 2 out of 9, the sailors have a Saxon people in the base case, hit the center field fly ball very far-reaching, seeing a reversal of Saxony would hit a single field than the number of 3 ring gun, the Hunter to jump up the wall in the home run ball then kill, to keep the angel of victory.