Friday, May 7, 2010

Rangers still have four catchers

Rangers still have four catchers: Gerald Lier De, Jeremy de, Tige Deng Luomanruizi Taylor and Marx, and has not moved them. But they always wanted to talk about these people. Rangers general principle is that inside one or two good pitchers in exchange for catcher. Rangers have had a variety of trading opportunities in exchange for pitchers, but pitchers are not satisfied that the transaction was ignored. Daniel said Wednesday before the game on the sailor's trade deadline that can not he made a. "Things are changing, but now we are ready to make good use of our players along the way." Daniel said. Gerrard in 54 games, hit 194 seats, there are four home runs and 26 RBI. In addition to Hamstring muscle strain due to the absence of more than a month, in the last 16 games, Gerrard has a .456 batting, he has not troubled by the trade rumors. He believed that Thursday after the Rangers who he was. "This is my idea." Gerrard said. He spoke Wednesday before the race and Daniel. "I just want to race, do not consider them." Rangers outfielder and other teams such as Malone. Byrd and infielder Frank talked to, but they more or discussion catcher. cheap mlb jerseys