Sunday, November 14, 2010

October this year, Wang twice starting in guiding coalition

Living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming up the new contract year will be announced less than three weeks, the last more than 1 year, Wang aggressive rehabilitation is to return to prepare major league mound, before he returned to Taiwan, in an interview had said that he knows injuries are inevitable, but never thought this would be such a serious injury, even once at a low ebb, the reporter Ni Chia-Hui reports from the United States.

October this year, Wang twice starting in guiding coalition, a total of 3 innings, 30 balls, 0 lost, and it was Wang rehabilitation outcome 1 year, in July 2009 after shoulder surgery or, Wang began the long rehabilitation of the road, return to the Major League mound time, from the earliest scheduled in May, kept putting one in Taiwan and other fans have to worry, Wang himself was at a low ebb. Living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming: "will be injured, but did not know would be so serious, low put ourselves up after that time, do not want to talk with others, is very happy in the end slowly, a little better, just like his teammates speech to the stadium. "Late last year, the Yankees did not renew Wang also rehabilitation, the reality of Major League teams, Aberdeen clearly established, and thus the patience to wait for the national team, Wang" pulling feeling heart. " Wang: "needs of pellet they are good players of course, a sign to you can go to games, so not thinking." Reporter: "So the Yankees can be said that a more realistic it?" Wang: "the court is this way. "shoulder to Wang to miss this year's season, next season it is possible to continue to wear the national team jersey? Wang guiding coalition with two games starting to prove their ability, other brokerage firms have to deal with.