Sunday, November 7, 2010

Apart from Rangers, the Angels is another a possible bidder

An anonymous union official said: "The Yankees will be the first and Cliff Lee, or contact, but will immediately propose the contract do not know, but if not now, and should be short-term contracts will have a clear figure it out." Mak Karen believes that the next 32-year-old Cliff Lee 2 years ago, sand fat than 4 years younger, if not and the Yankees signed about 7 years, but the annual salary of at least not fat or Mom and sand, only nodding to join.

Apart from Rangers, the Angels is another a possible bidder. Angel Moreno previous owner (Arte Moreno) has said publicly that this winter will not hesitate to drop big money grab Cliff Lee, expect the new season snatch away the Western title. The angel is also considered before the Tampa Bay Rays "fast legs" Crawford (Carl Crawford), the effectiveness of the new season the team most likely.

Cliff Lee nine major league seasons, winning a total of 102 wins 61 lost, 3.85 ERA, a career playoff record of 7 wins and 2 lost, the defense was only 2.13.