Monday, November 1, 2010

Colby Lewis fight in the World Series to pay a good 3 vote

Colby Lewis fight in the World Series to pay a good 3 vote, so the Rangers to avoid falling into the 0-for-3 defeat of the impasse, which was fought in Japan for 2 years the pitcher, hand, because of this experience rebirth in the major leagues.

Lewis returned home to the first battle in the first two games of successful fire suppression giant flown in 7 2 / 3 innings, only to be knocked five hits and lost 2 points, the Rangers one of the reasons that lead all the way . In the full field in front of over 50,000 spectators pitch, Lewis did not therefore upset the rhythm, which praised his teammates Darren O'Day said: "Colby's body has a lot of pressure, but this did not affect him, he is like the rock as strong. "

If a few years ago, I am afraid no one would believe Lewis can cast such a great achievement. The right-hander the Rangers in 1999 was selected, and in 2002 on the big league, although in 2003 to pay a record 10 wins, but the following year because of shoulder rotator cuff injury to the surgery. The performance of the injury to Lewis from hit bottom in 2007 and cast in the athlete wins, 2 lost 0, 6.45 ERA, after the results, Lewis did not know whether he can continue to make a living in the big leagues.