Monday, August 29, 2011

The Academic Style and the Painting Intrinsically Fulfilling.

This is a rich portrait of the plot of a girl sitting cross-legged on the stall, carefully, intently reading the album. Girl dressed in a yellow dress very texture, in contrast with the dark background, more dedicated to bring out the girls look. Johnson faces a good girl, pure and serious, showing a good upbringing. Reflect the whole picture of a kind of academic rigor and elegance.
The painting from the 1980s model Dorothy Dene (nineteenth century), after a mid-Leiden source of inspiration for many works. Unique perspective, coupled with beautiful curved body models (many of Raphael's works so successful, critics call it the rhythm of the female body) to make this painting unique. Bright colors makes the painting is particularly eye-catching.
Extremely rigorous academic Leiden to describe the attitude of the music lesson scene. Female teachers debug strings slightly bent to help girls, girls, female teachers in the chest are plucked by a vielle. This is just an ordinary music lesson scene scene, he was the artist has depicted very aesthetic charm. Elegant and beautiful face of female teachers, long skirts, pattern, texture is very realistic painter depicted; depicted a little girl was innocent, pure and innocent, earnest expression, it is extremely cute. Clothing, face and background of the picture, all reflect the academic style, but the painting is intrinsically fulfilling.