Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pop Art--- Hamilton and His Lifetime

From the perspective of modern art history, British and American pop art in their different orbits parallel to develop. British Pop Art has two characteristics: First, its emergence and early development in the United States, that is a romantic and exciting way to stimulate the daily life of praise: the other major artists in general is that it was "Pop" is the word suited to their ideas and art. Strictly speaking, Hamilton is a new Dada artists, especially in painting, the old Sunburst than the United States has a more academic means and didactic components. Hamilton on the development of Pop Art in the UK to play the role of innovation and open up, especially for the 1950s of Hamilton, the definition of tomorrow's world is inevitable woman, food, newspapers and magazines, movies, cars, houses, comedy and television. Since then, his personal influence in the United States and Europe continues to expand.
After the 1960s, Hamilton rarely exhibited his work, but the main focus and interest into the form of commercial advertising and to explore materials, to develop a variety of works of art reproduction technology. Such as photography and printing. In 1968, he was the "Beatles" designed "white songbook," the album covers, with a unique style widely popular. His work always reflected in contemporary popular culture, and then again, he also uses computer technology to create a revolutionary work, deeply influenced a whole generation of British artists, including well-known painter and later • Mark Lancaster, Stephen • Buckley, Tim • Hede, care management • Carter, etc., of which there are his second wife, Lida • Donna. He broke the traditional art beyond the reach of the channel, the arts closer to everyday life. Especially today, is still the development of Western contemporary art has a huge impact.
Hamilton (Richard I Hamilton, 1922 ---), was born in London, England, from age 12 to enter a particular stage of a long arts education, especially when he entered an adult education institutions tutorial, he was a child . 14-year-old primary school to Westminster College and Saint Martins School of Art evening classes during the day and do odd jobs at a company office, but also as an advertising company to do the exhibition assistant. Later entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts to study painting in 1946, was expelled from school because the school is not in accordance with the teaching of classes. And then later into another one of Fine Arts to study painting, learning the art of painting in the process of the Second World War to stop. In 1953, Doohan became a lecturer at the University of Hopkins Art Institute in 1957 in the United Kingdom Royal College of Art professor interior decoration course. After the 1960s, his paintings are widely recognized, has held solo exhibitions in many places, the 1980s, Hamilton has been using the computer's digital technology to create new works of pop art.