Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seurat and the "Bowl Island Sunday afternoon."

Bowl near Paris, France Aoni Ai Island is an island park, summer is the summer resort community in Paris. "Bowl Island Sunday afternoon," the new Impressionist painting the most representative work, it is an art history _ seven in the world has a landmark work. Canvas, Seurat depicts a number of people on weekends to play here, the artist intends to be sunlight the screen is divided into the grass, water, people, and obscured by trees shade the crowd, grass, etc., such a treatment to produce a picture kind of strong and sharp contrast. There are those Zhanli with the audience, lying on the grass on the leisure as well as a variety of dynamic characters, especially children just wandering on the grassland of small animals, so that the whole picture in contrast to constitute Hexie unity.
From the technical analysis, the painting on the use of a composition major at the most vertical and horizontal lines, so that the configuration of the scene and characters arranged in a strict relationship between the child what separated them. In color processing, using different Dingliang Seurat's yellow, blue and rose water performance, and then also use different Dingliang performance of yellow and green grass, in Seurat's elaborate design and arrangement, they are embedded in a very precise manner This constitutes a relationship with a geometric framework, and very accurate figures arranged in proportion and perspective on the relationship to follow, therefore, the entire screen to show a lively and flowing poetry. In addition, from a mathematical point of view, the "bowl Island Sunday afternoon," the whole lot of painting is the result of the artist carefully calculated, that is, mixed in the ratio of seven color vision is the result of accurate calculation of the "measure" out of the .