Monday, April 12, 2010

As for Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady deal

Cashman believes that Manny is a very good player, but the team whether it is salary or human, have no room for him to play, so do not fight for him to consider joining. Dodge, although the terms of the contract is rejected, but they still do not give up, general manager Ned Colletti in the U.S. time on the 4th contact again with the agent Scott Boras, the next few days to continue negotiations.

Since Cashman has vowed to pay down the Yankees in this year's team, together with the current lineup has been adequate to meet the 2009 season, the Yankees rumored plans to rob a market, "A coffee", but Cashman said, really There is no room for player.

As for Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady deal, Cashman said that the current is still in talks with other teams, but with spring training approaching day, he gradually abandoned the idea because he would not undermine the existing lineup, which He said: "it is really talking about earlier, but now I hope the team can use the formation to face the most complete spring training."