Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Melvin said that Lyon is the Terminator Cobra

Monday, Baobomaier paper did not hesitate to answer this question. "Who is my Terminator tonight?" Diamondbacks manager asked. "Brandon. Lyon." This will undoubtedly disappoint many Diamondbacks fans, we are looking forward to the right-hander's performance. 6 times in the recent appearance, he pitched 5 1 / 3 innings, gave up 11 hits. Melvin did see another look. He saw in Lyon played in the recent six times, 5 times is difficult, there is no chance of success once there is relief, and are at home. The only road in a battle in Colorado, is a rescue chances of success, perhaps this is not a coincidence. mlb jersey

"I think his chances of success are too few rescue." Melvin said.

This season, Lyon road ERA was 2.22, home to 7.66.