Monday, June 21, 2010

From China Taiwan Eastern television reporter

From China Taiwan Eastern television reporter, of course focus on a small body Guo, "The Taiwan baseball team has made tickets to the Olympics, you have no chance in today's effectiveness of the Chinese Taipei team in August, to Beijing play in the Olympic Games, another coach can not call on the Toll evaluate the China Taiwan baseball team has the chance to get Olympic medals. "

Kuo Hong-chih said: I am speaking on, if the good of the opportunity to return to Taiwan to help the team if it is a good of things, but Xianzai the most to me during this year's season hit a good Cheng Ji. "He was politely if so indicated he would not participate in the Beijing Olympics, Major League Baseball for the people, the professional baseball season is the key, which is why the United States and Japan, unlike Korea, has been sent to participate in amateur the reasons for the Olympic Games. cheap mlb jerseys

Qiao Tuoer heard Kuo priority position on the Dodgers, after jokingly said: "I'm glad you put the team on the first one. For the Olympics, I would like the Olympics is certainly an exciting game, I hope tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we are two games in this site can be active atmosphere of the Beijing Olympics. The Chinese Taipei baseball team's performance, with some of my contacts in Asia to see baseball players, they put into the game, in the games passion, especially in the discipline of Asian baseball players are very worthy of respect, this left us with a deep impression, but also hope that the Chinese Taipei baseball team to get good results. "