Monday, June 28, 2010

In that day, the White Sox won the record of 13 wins and 1 loss

"A few weeks ago ... ... just say it is very difficult to use and have no fun." Konerko said: "But now we have a smile on his face, it was fun, this is a great thing. The more it can not Baseball is working to become better. "

2 weeks before the June 9, White Sox lost to Tiger, but baseball was not only into the work, or a disaster like the work. Their record of 24 wins 33 lost, left behind to the AL Central-leading Minnesota Twins 9.5 games margin of victory, they should have a good start rotating cast of mess, they will not fight, even general manager Ken Williams are in and General manager Ozzie Guillen quarrel, threatened to make major changes to the team. cheap mlb jerseys

In that day, the White Sox won the record of 13 wins and 1 loss, including the most recent 3 consecutive series sweep opponents, winning nine in a row, with the Twins margin of victory has shrunk to 2.5 games.

Over the past 15 games, White Sox starting rotation throw quality starts in 14 games, his ERA was only 2.03. Guillen said: "According to our pitching situation now, we should win. Every play, we start from the race to know that we have opportunities to win."

7 Board today also can not win without losing a ball of Lowe, said: "We were swept up, but we will not feel left-worst team. White Sox's performance over the past two weeks to break in good form." Warriors star hitter Chipper Jones said: "This is our strongest month to face the team."