Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Joe Torre reunion in the past the army

Joe Torre reunion in the past the army, including the former Yankees players, including Paul O'Neill, and many of us are looking forward to the reunion, but Alex Rodriguez should not have much interest in this matter a few people.

Since 2007 after the end of the season, Torre and the Yankees the first time to meet the court's own army, but the two sides are not on the same side, we must use live ammunition for their victory, but not in the New York gathering place is a little pity , as Yankees fans can not see the manner in which the "Welcome" Torre.

But even so, the former Yankees outfielder and current YES television sports writers of the O'Neill still believes that the two sides meet, should be happy scene, "I think Joe is everybody's friend, I will speak with Joe, I also determine these players will do, as Joe Girardi is. I think both sides will maintain the respect for each other, and be able to see the good in your life has been a part of the people, is always a good thing. "