Thursday, July 1, 2010

In addition, the effect of Ni Fude Tigers are also playing

In addition, the effect of Ni Fude Tigers are also playing, he was on the Warriors in the next 1 to 4, 8, Bureau of backward, third base board when the board was first cast walks outfield fly ball and then was knocked out a number of manufacturers, and third base back to home plate the runner is not.

Then Ni Tsai met the League of Nations "against the king," Prado, to avoid the event, intentional bad form four bases loaded, and then under the full address of a batter M. Cabrera, well to defuse the crisis. Individuals with 4 games suspension also lose points record, 5.40 ERA in a small rate fell to 5.24.

But the Warriors are still wrapped up 4 to 3 win over Tiger, the Japanese pitcher has finally opened Kawakami Hu extended the Constitution to suspend the opening of nine straight games and cross-season personal record of 11 straight games.

In addition, the White Sox this season by Ke Nuoke hit the 19 home runs, to 3 to 2 win over the Cubs. White Sox in 11 straight in 1961 (12 straight) has the best record in team history.