Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baseball has been neglected for years for doping problems

Baseball has been neglected for years for doping problems, and the players union attempted to evade investigation, Mitchell's report will also explain further.

In view of the active players do not want to do more shows, leading to difficulties in interviews, most of Mitchell's report through a team coach, general manager, retired players, fitness coach and former New York Mets manager Radomski from the information provided.

Radomski another survey earlier this year in the case pleaded guilty in 1985 to 1995 to enhance the performance of players between the supply of drugs. According to the plea agreement, Radomski in the Mitchell's investigation reveal the list of a player.

In recent years, the players something to do with drugs, including Kang Seke, Bonds, McGuire, Jason Giambi, Sheffield and the late Kamuniti other slugger.