Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Guo Wei Huan Jia said Hiromitsu Ochiai

"I retired from Japan for many years, returning in the Chinese Professional Baseball League is still effective 3 years, I now 51 years old! Throw itself has been baseball people." Days of the most recent shock of General Championship news media look at the big Guo. Japanese pitcher Hill well Daisuke in Japan's overall championship bad one inning for-end and regret not win the perfect game, immediately raised the Japanese public opinion on the Sino-Japanese head coach Hiromitsu Ochiai scheduling dissatisfied Guo is to be on media the focus of questioning.

Big Guo Wei Huan Jia said Hiromitsu Ochiai, Daisuke Yamai was in the fifth finger had not comfortable, because the eighth nonintact bloody finger, or pitching coach by Hiromitsu Ochiai report to no longer vote, "I like Hiromitsu Ochiai have supervision over the teaching of the old popular Hoshino, Hoshino has long advocated the education of iron, but valuing feelings Shigeyoshi, mountain life, well not win pitching a complete game the biggest honor, I believe that situation is the last resort. "

Asia Series this year, Sino-Japanese Dragons Japanese representative, representatives of Taiwan Lions, which have played two big Guo, Dragons and Japan in particular has been 53 years had not won in Japan, "the year of Sino-Japanese Dragons take title, I have not born miles! But I'm still jealous. "

"I have since the end of the Sino-Japanese Dragons OB after the game, the knee felt unwell, and now I have changed to play golf!" Big Guo said, even so, he usually remains very concerned about Taiwan baseball, this trip he sticks by China Association invited the return of the World Cup opening ceremony, the way to Seoul Asian Championships in 1999, he served as captain fighting Japanese and Korean teams of personal experience, the Chinese team to provide the best psychological development of young players, "Competition in the short term, as long as We condensation morale and understanding, not necessarily lost to others. "