Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Red Sox made the most sharp and playing online is destroyed as the first 2 bars of rookie

Rocky Arena Coors (Coors Field) in the high altitude and cold weather, even Rocky Bureau reversed in 7 chance, still can not stop the Red Sox today (28) days of fierce artillery fire, 15 hits, 9 points, including 3,8 Agency revenue, and closing 10:5 to win three straight to listen to brand advantage.

Red Sox made the most sharp and playing online is destroyed as the first 2 bars of rookie (Jacoby Ellsbury), and Pei Zhuoya (Dustin Pedroia), two in 10 at bats in win their seven hits, Ille Si Beirui four hits (three doubles), 1 RBI, 2 points; Peizhuo Ya 3 hits, 2 RBI.

"For us it is important to a win," in the first 3 innings with 6 points from the Red Sox offensive Peizhuo Ya, said: "In their offenses, not the lead is not safe."

"Ace killer," the Los Angeles starting pitcher Fogg (Josh Fogg), Red Sox 3 Bureau was severely off the hook, playing a total of 10 people knocked seven hits, coupled with his 2 walks, rinse 6 points during the key is loose (soil reaction) Daisuke time in over 2 RBI base hits.

Rocky 6,7 further intense counterattack, Harold Day (Matt Holliday) at the 7th Council of 3 guns, will be pushed to the score 5:6, but the Red Sox in section 8 Authority to three consecutive hits, then take 3 points , Los Angeles put out the hope of counter-offensive.

Pine (soil reaction) Daisuke pitched five further one third, gave up three hits, 5 strikeouts, lost 2 points to become the first in the World Series is not only in Japan starting pitcher, also a record off the first wins. Red Sox once again rely on, "Hideki Okajima + Popper friend (Jonathan Papelbon)" backup relay victory in Formula One, holding a leading position.

Red Sox since 2004, has won seven straight World Series, the official beyond the 1915 to 1916 between the teams to write the history of the 6 game winning streak. According to the World Series history, winning 22 0 3 lost the case, has not seen four straight and reversed, 19 times leading the team to complete sweep, the Red Sox are expected to become the first 20 teams.