Monday, August 16, 2010

McNamee has been emotional in conversation and asked Clemens

"Rocket Man" Clemens now with lawyers Harding (Rusty Hardin) held a news conference in Houston to announce a roll of his physical trainer with the Yankees McNamee (Brian MaNamee) the telephone tapes, but McNamee on their own the allegations do feel sorry for old grams, but denied that was wrong.

Under U.S. law, phone recording only in New York and Texas are allowed, the rocket's this phone tapes, 16 will be adopted at a Congressional hearing evidence.

This paper taped recording in last Friday, full 17 minutes, the Rockets were repeatedly stressed his innocence, the hope that McNamee will say things in his favor, the only seem to hear.

The tape, McNamee did not deny any statement, only Clemens and his family the pain caused by regret, "I did, I think it is the right thing, and I had to do it."

McNamee has been emotional in conversation and asked Clemens: "how do you want me?" Clemens said that he was just the truth, because too much information so that he could not believe, so they need someone to tell him the truth. McNamee's voice as the restless: "stand by your position, I do not want this to happen, but I do not want to (lie) to go to jail."

"I have no money, no nothing!" McNamee said he came forward who accused the rocket is not doing a book deal and TV stations did not pay him compensation to seven the number of allegations of his on TV, he would say ban medicine, mainly in the face of federal investigations, have no choice.

Counsel Harding added at a press conference, McNamee's assertions have never denied that the rocket, so rocket did not use steroids. McNamee concluded that his son died of illness before the end of the rocket were persistent telephone recording evidence collection.

January 16th Congress Reform Committee hearing, 7 degrees Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens and McNamee will meet in, Clemens said, to the time he made clear to all things, Harding said that, when Rockets will once again reiterate the fact that not used banned substances.