Friday, August 13, 2010

Maybe this year is the year Dawson re-energized

2000 Hall of Fame Perez (Tony Perez), for the seventh consecutive year moved into the Hall of Fame Dawson (Andre Dawson) protestations, he really did not understand that Dawson is not the Hall of Fame.

Dawson from the Montreal Expos in 1976, fortune, played 21 seasons, his career batting average into 79,438 2 home runs, 1,591 RBI and 314 stolen bases, he was elected in 1977 National League rookie Wang, 1987, was elected the National League most valuable player, joining the Cubs in the first year to pay a 2 percent rate and 87 against the league's 49 home runs and 137 RBIs, his career took a total of 8 gold gloves Award, 8-Star team, record shine.

Road Senpeiruizi,: "We all respect Dawson's dedicated attitude to play, even if Dawson is not 100% healthy body, any one think he played ball player, whether his teammates or the opposing team, and now no one understood why he had not yet entered the Hall of Fame? "

Dawson's Hall of Fame of the road is very rough, he was elected in 2006, Hall of Fame candidate, but only receive 61% of the vote, the final audit voting, high sag (Rich Gossage) the vote rate of 71.2%, Rice (Jim Rice) votes rate of 63.5%, 56% of the vote Dawson, again unsuccessful, and the Hall of Fame players selected conditions, must be the United States Baseball Writers Association 75% of the votes cast.

Force on the former Chicago Cubs infielder cum Dawson teammates mountain Berg (Ryan Sandberg) Hall of Fame in 2005, when the speech said: "may be in major league history, there is no such portrait to Dawson, but suffered untold suffering, but this performance excellent good player, he is the best player I've seen, especially in 1987 Cubs record cranes tail, Dawson's most valuable player of the year, this is my play so far, seen the most incredible thing. "

Maybe this year is the year Dawson re-energized. Dawson brilliant career record, career RBI ranks 32 major league history, ranking No. 35 home runs, doubles the number of top 21, but Dawson is the league in the history of six to create a "300 (home run) / 300 ( stolen bases), "one player, this result can not enter the Hall of Fame, may be hard to be convinced.