Friday, July 9, 2010

New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers will play this week for family war

New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers will play this week for family war, which for many Yankees players, coaches and staff and even fans, the former Yankees Zong Jiaotou with Torre (Joe Torre) led the current Army PK, definitely is very exciting. But, the Yankees slugger Rodríguez (Alex Rodriguez) is not think so. Torre appointed in 1996 to become head coach of the Yankees, to arms for the first 1 year in charge on the win the world champion, and in 1998 set the year 2000 remarkable third consecutive build the Yankees dynasty, momentum and reached its peak. Thickness of the Yankees in 2000 but will not win again in 2007 despite entering the playoffs, but were eliminated in the first round. As Torre has also switched to Dodge next year embrace with the Yankees ended a 12-year partnership. Moreover, even after the departure of Torre and the United States in the "Sports Illustrated" columnist Foda Xi (Tom Verducci) jointly published "Yankee Years" (The Yankee Years) revealed secrets behind the team, third baseman A-Rod blasted thing things are love and captain Kitt (Derek Jeter) regardless of what want and Kitt times, even asking a private club for his assistant have to send. The book is also a large explosion while teammate regarded A-Rod as "liars," so this book came after the burst of noise caused by natural big wave. At that time this "Yankee Years" also makes a lot of players come out even behind the Yankees, catcher Jorge Posada main battle (Jorge Posada), said: "Joe Torre in my eyes like the father, I do not think what he did wrong. "Yankees giant muszyna (Mike Mussina) is that Torre's book would not A-Rod, or any other team mate, the impact. Only, the clients would not necessarily be so on the matter. Love old apprentice big break, the two people is not seen the king the king, so when the media mention when Torre, A-Rod not only refuse to speak, he and Joe Torre also declined to discuss the 4-year cooperation relationship. But, on the A-Rod, the best way to retaliate is off the hook Torre Dodgers, the Yankees did not prove to Torre that he is not what happens. The entire military operation against the "Torre Corps," when, A-Rod to such a kind of response: "I am looking forward to a race, but everything will work properly. Because as a member of the team, the primary purpose is to help the ball Group win, while players of the game to enjoy yourself. "Rodríguez also emphasized:" There is no more important things than a game. the rest of the things I do not want to answer, thank you. "