Monday, July 5, 2010

The situation with a game similar to the Dodge have been a guest lead

5 Council on James Loney meritorious deeds in a timely and win points with advance hits to help Dodgers win again by 4 to 2 for two nights, so the giant bow.

The situation with a game similar to the Dodge have been a guest lead, then tied by a giant, but there will be a hero out of Dodge to save the team to break the tie impasse today (30) down a this heavy responsibility of the players is to Loney.

Once on shore, appeared before the 4 Board 1 to 1 ratio of the number of war situation, has changed in the 5 inning, Rafael Furcal and Russell Martin successive win their first base hit, so dodge out of the case in the absence of captured one, third base, but Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp could not immediately meritorious service, make this an excellent semi-Board offensive was only a single people would have been neutralized.

Loney not want to see the situation clearly. After stealing second base on the Martin, Loney knocked a base hit to right field, will base on the two teammates swept back to home plate scoring, to help get ahead of Dodge advantage, while Casey Blake added an important qualification on the knife, immediately hit the outfield and first base hit, escort pass on to second base while relying on the Loney Benhui home plate scoring, so Dodge will lead the expansion into the gap 3.