Monday, July 26, 2010

A-Rod career total of 518 home runs

Century-old Yankees for 3 years beyond the first round, can not wait for the boss(George Steinbrenner) Open Voltage, "golden boy" Luodelizi (Alex Rodriguez) agent 10, threw stun grenades, suggests A-Rod and the Yankees may give up before the remaining three years of the contract, to find a new owner.

32-year-old A-Rod, 2001 Porras in super agent (Scott Boras) assistance, and the Rangers signed 10-year astronomical 52 million U.S. dollars 200 million contract, say goodbye to 7 years old when the club Sailor, 2004 Luodelizi took over the contract from the Yankees, "million man" the Yankees down a four-bar official responsibility.

A-Rod career total of 518 home runs, ranking fourth among active players, still lags behind major league home run record holder Bangs (Barry Bonds) 242 branches in the old 43-year-old Bangs does not intend to retire before the full two Competition has become a base hit A-Rod about the consultation to consider changing the focus "in the future new owner must be able to sincerely accept the birth of a record player, which is a core value." Porras said.

Luodelizi pay a 3 percent this quarter, 14 of batting average, 54 red and 156 RBI, not to have topped the league crown, the American League MVP for the season to compete for the most popular candidate, the same play in the first round iron plate Cubs, Angels are interested in recruiting A-Rod, Yankees owner also may be made to extend the contract to retain the golden boy of the heart, to get people before World War II exploded.

Whether A-Rod finally decided to continue the Returned Overseas base, or into the free agent market to find a new owner, must within 10 days after the World Series to decide.