Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Overall sailors hit only 4 hits

Overall sailors hit only 4 hits, just under 7 Board 1 point of attack, wire obvious flame; Red Sox in the eight inning rely on Kelly Xu (Ryan Kalish) of two-run homer Adds scores and closing the 5 to 1 killing sailors by force.

Red Sox not only win, second baseman Sugutaluo also displayed excellent defense, so Ichiro Suzuki to eat turtle! Two outs in the next 3 innings, Ichiro Suzuki hit one grounder between second base to start the fast leg base running, Sugutaluo to the left hand glove, after receiving the ball directly to the left hand glove the ball thrown to first baseman homeopathic will be a Long assassination, complete wonderful fielding.

Ichiro The campaign against poor, four at bats did not hit performance, also struck out once, break the streak of 13 consecutive against the rate to 3 percent 09.