Thursday, September 2, 2010

But this design did not allow a home run production decreased

MLB famous "Coors stadium effect" (Coors Field Effect), in this Philadelphia's game against Los Angeles full show!

Coors Stadium because of the high altitude, the ball fly farther away. Studies have reported that a general course in home run distance of 400 feet, flying in this stadium about 415 feet. The original golf course design, has this in mind, especially at the "no exaggeration" of the range, the outfield was designed a bit wide. Wish to allow a home run production, and will not be too far off the mark.

But this design did not allow a home run production decreased; but because the vast outfield, hit a lot of first base, will become a base hit, while the doubles will be carried forward into triples. What is more, because this feature will keep outfielder deeper than to minimize the production of a long fight, and therefore lead to a lot of hits Texas production. Because the outfielder keep too, stopped short of flying no time approached the ball. So, many scout jokes that, in this course, the best three outfielders are the center fielder, so the scope of possible defense is enough to cover this vast big outfield.