Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recently we should start a minor league playoffs

Minor league baseball game season ended today, the most amazing performance this year than the effectiveness of advanced Taiwanese player to play catcher Chen Junxiu Strong 1A, can be said that Taiwan's new generation of long lay hands is the Chinese team in the Guangzhou Asian Games medal One of the key hitters.

Recently we should start a minor league playoffs, Chen Junxiu their team Kingston Indians (Kinston Indians) entered the playoffs, although pellets remain in the United States hopes Chen Junxiu the playoffs, but he hopes to return to Taiwan to participate in national team training camp, the fastest Indian pellets tomorrow before a decision.

Chen Junxiu practice a ball game this year, very seriously, lean 30 pounds (about 13 kg), in order to help the national team to play the Asian Games, Chen Junxiu look forward to before returning to Taiwan, so the Chinese team coaching staff familiar with the opportunity to get recruited. Chen Junxiu not military service, if the Asian Games gold medal, eligible to receive additional soldiers.