Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Since the head coach for the Orioles off Watt

Song war nearly seven in poor condition, loss of investment and total of 33 points and 42 are all responsible for lost, defense rate as high as 6.90, so the performance of the outside world wonder whether he has injured, or was that tired. Swallow the defeat, the season record to nine wins 6 defeat, ERA 4.86. Hideki Okajima has battle in this war, to vote a Board scoreless; rookie Bourdon (Michael Bowden) is a Bureau of 3K, performed pretty well.

Since the head coach for the Orioles off Watt (Buck Showalter) current situation quite well after he took office, nearly 45 games under face 28 wins, winning percentage as high as 6 percent of 22, than the Yankees and the light of recent developments also rods, originally lost the case may be watching 100 as long as another three wins, we can determine the lost season will not come to three-digit field.

Red Sox beat in the road, Madu Zi Orioles starting pitcher (Brian Matusz) very happy, "can win in Yankee Stadium and Fenway a great feeling, this is not an easy place to race." Madu Zi vote 5 Board only lost 1 minute strike Unfortunately, the final has nothing to do winning and losing, pitcher from the mess in leading-edge Hernandez (David Hernandez) was (8 wins 8 losses), Koji Uehara 1 Bureau of 2K 10 wins this season save.