Friday, September 17, 2010

Lost to the Cardinals before the priests

Giant today (17) double-edged sword! Rely on strong starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez was 7 1 min 12K bureau responsible for great loss of content, plus hitters a rare crazy coming down 10 points, 10 more than 2 big break whistle Dodge, stand on long after nearly leading the NL West throne.

Lost to the Cardinals before the priests, and priests no giant margin of victory in the case, as long as the ranking Western leader to win; In addition, the first 17 games played against this season, the Giants leading the Dodgers lost 8 9 wins, then a win to determine the first time since 2005 after winning more than half of play against the Dodgers (2008, 9 to 9 tie).

Two teams first game of mutual gains, 4, Giants finally broke through the Ted Lilly Board pitch, Aubrey Huff fired 3 missiles for the season No. 25, rookie catcher Buster Posey also make the first 14 runs, 5 Jose Guillen then Board 3 home runs and join the festivities, the council ahead of the end of the giant 8 to 2, to determine victory or defeat in advance.