Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hu Jinlong fire support is not does not matter

Hu Jinlong fire support is not does not matter, because the Diamondbacks beat Crimping Kershaw The campaign, in 8 innings, only to be knocked four hits and lost 1 point, another whirlwind of 9 strikeouts, the last person off the first 13 wins this season. In fact, try to finish the Dodgers ace cast, but in the next series of 9 Board Chris Young and Tony Abreu was hit and knocked off 1 point, only in case of no exit out, ending by Kenley Jansen, but the rookie did not let us disappointing, the main cast a Board sent 2K, smooth the 2nd quarter revenue save.

Dodge Grand knock out six hits and not that much, but the performance is good in scoring, 3 innings on the Trent Oeltjen took the lead and win with an RBI triples, then 4, Jay Gibbons in the bureau when Andre Ethier hit make up a third base hit sacrifice fly later, an additional 1 point for the team, and Reed Johnson in left field 9 smacked solo shot on the Board, it is a win for the Dodgers to become more solid.

Diamondbacks starting pitcher Barry Enright performed well, was knocked out the main cast 8 5 Security Council lost 2 points, but unfortunately did not get enough fire support, finally ended in defeat to vote.