Sunday, February 21, 2010

Qihoo Rising Prosecution of unfair competition

Rising released because they believe that the so-called odd tiger 360 to the user install "back door" the description of damage to the credibility of his goods, odd Tiger Rising and the company has a company in Beijing's Zhongguancun together to court. Beijing Xicheng District People's Court has placed on file accepted.

Qihoo said in prosecution, 360 security guards and 360 odd tiger's antivirus products are introduced to the users completely free computer security software, are lawfully acquired Ministry of Public Security issued a certificate of inspection and sale of licenses. February 2 this year, a Rising Zhongguancun Science and Technology Corporation and its operating companies posted on the official website entitled "Rising to expose inside stories: odd tiger 360 to the user installed" back door "," the article. The article wrote: "360 security guard is installed into the user's computer, it will set up private 'back door', even more frightening is that this 'back door' there is a huge security risk. Hacker can use back door to the system registry and user information (document) for an arbitrary action. "In addition, both defendants also its own client software on the windows from time to time bombs, intimidation user" Rising to expose shady security software for free "," 360 security guards for the user install 'back door', could be a hacker use, is facing great risks "and so on.

Qihoo company believes that the publicity is completely fabricated facts, are unfair competitive practices, a very bad Qihoo company's image. To this end, Qihoo company claims 1 million yuan to the two defendants.

It is understood that the case is still pending further.