Thursday, February 25, 2010

Microsoft to buy Google China Google search terms

February 26 Former president of Google Greater China, innovation workshops CEO Kai-fu Lee, today broke the news, claiming that Microsoft China buying on Google "Google China" search terms used to promote its products.

Microsoft China's purchase of the "Google of China" search terms

Microsoft buys the ad words as: "Microsoft Windows Embedded family of operating systems, performance, to help you create great connected devices." Kai-fu Lee broke the news of this one, that is, personnel in the industry widely discussed at present has reached the relevant comments 146, most of whom have expressed lack of understanding, some people believe may be caused by accidental injury keywords, it is possible to run Microsoft China "China" and other keywords.

It is reported that both Microsoft and Google in the Chinese market, or in the broader, global markets have a wide range of competition, including Microsoft, pushing the operating system directly at the core of territory, in the Microsoft Yahoo Search obstacles cooperation, the two sides reached a little co-operation.

However, some analysts pointed out that the Microsoft China will be able to buy on Google, "Google China" This kind of search terms, and do not explain the relationship between Google and Microsoft has eased, and can only show that, Google China's sales team in advertising revenue on the have more expectations and imagination.