Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Warcraft of world wlk the final copy of the Open

February 2, World of Warcraft Europe and the United States through the weekly server maintenance, the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack version 3.3, "The Fall of the Lich King" final copy of the region "cream-wing lobby," the official opening, the final version of BOSS, with the fit of the Lich King Alsace Prince upcoming player appearances.

With the version of the ultimate team, a copy of "Freezing crown fortress" in the end zone "cream-wing Hall" opens and defeat Lich Queen's video has also been resolved out, and we guess the same as before, Alsace Prince did not get redemption However, the last moment of life restored sanity, but Bowa Er Duke wearing the helmet of the Lich King become the new Lich King, to their own will fight with the corrosion of the Lich King, and control a huge Scourge.

A copy of the difficulties yet to open the current model, with the eventual opening of regional players in the fight against Ice Ice Dragon to reach the crown to challenge World of Warcraft the most popular villain BOSS Lich King, in the next few days is bound to the Lich King by the challenges of high-end professional unions, the world's first DOWN into someone's wait and see. Please note that the relevant report on this victory Netease game channel of Warcraft Area follow-up reports.