Monday, February 1, 2010

Facebook catch up with Yahoo to become the world's third-largest Web site

February 2, according to foreign media reports, Facebook is overtaking Yahoo will become the world's third-largest site, Google and Microsoft led the first three. It is learned that, Facebook last year, replaced AOL as the world's fourth-largest Web site. However, Comscore data shows a monthly unique visitors and passengers and was ranked third compared to Yahoo's website, but also a difference of 241 million. To December 2009, the gap narrowed to 125 million passengers. (The same month, Facebook in the United States replaced the original fourth of AOL.)

In December 2009, Facebook has reached an independent visits 469 million, compared to the previous month has increased by 31 million passengers. Facebook within a month increase in the amount of new users of Yahoo for one year is equivalent to the amount of the increase in users, but also is equivalent to the amount of Digg users and the total amount of half of the Twitter users. At the same time, Yahoo in December from November to the loss of 7 million unique visitors, visits to the end of its independence has dropped to 594 million. (In the U.S., Yahoo ranked second only to Google. Yahoo in unique visitors in December for 161 million passengers to 173 million in Google, Microsoft for the 138 million passengers, Facebook 112 million person-trips)

This figure and the Fcebook's 350 million registered users do not like that half of these users who visit the Web site every day. ComScore statistics of site visits per day, the result is compared with the number of registered users more than. However, these figures are only estimates, and does not include the 60 million a month through the Facebook web site links to other sites log the number of users.

In terms of years Facebook unique visitors in 2009 increased by 2.5 million passengers. 2010 want to maintain this growth more difficult, but even to keep half of 2009 growth, Facebook is still certain to win and be able to become the world within a year of more than Yahoo's third-largest site, but also not listed. Of course, ahead of second-top-ranked Microsoft and Google, but also take a very long time. Microsoft's 09 at the end of the world's unique visitors reached 727 million passengers, an increase on the previous year 80 million visitors, while Google has reached 899 million passengers, an increase compared with the previous year to 123 million passengers.

Other aspects of the data, Facebook has more than Yahoo and Microsoft. Its comprehensive views increased 141 percent in the 09 end of the year reached 193 billion, almost twice as Yahoo and Microsoft (Yahoo, a decrease of 2 percentage points, to 100 billion, an increase of 54 percent of Microsoft's 109 billion). Google is still tops pageviews a month's visit amounted to 274 billion (an increase of 35 percentage points). Clearly, Yahoo lost its competitive edge. Microsoft and Google at least maintained a significant growth rate. However, people are not hard to imagine that one day the Federation of Facebook than Google.

Facebook to stay in the user the length of time the site is also more than Yahoo (116 million and 1.01 million), the same, its users to stay on the site, the average duration is also more than Yahoo (Facebook for 274 minutes per month, Yahoo is 170 minutes ).