Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If you have the opportunity to acquire Internet company does not rule out

January 29, CCTV Financial Channel, "Global Finance" show host Mr. Rui for the mobile Internet, or even whether the acquisition Tencent bluntly put forward its own questions, China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou also given their answer. As for how to understand, everyone has their own interpretation.

Q: The combination of mobile Internet and mobile phones for Chinese consumers, does that mean?

Mr. Wang: In the past at the mention of cell phones, immediately think of is the well-known manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, telecommunications terminal manufacturers, said of these, old, and famous. Today you say a new cell phone, it is first mentioned in Apple, referred to a Dell, referred to a BlackBerry, referred to a Google. This is totally different with a few years ago, and the original IT companies, Internet businesses, large-scale access to the mobile communications. Members unanimously recognized that, without a long time, the number of people using mobile phones to access the Internet more than to use a computer to the Internet. The Internet with mobile communications integration, is indeed a new era of mobile Internet truly arrived. This I feel very deeply.

Q: Recently, there have been rumors that China Mobile plans to acquire Internet company Tencent?

Mr. Wang: Everyone has his own understanding, but to-take-all impossible, and no one can take-all. You said the acquisition is not possible to acquire all. The common opinion is to adopt a more cooperative approach, because we are not, after all other sectors of the experts, we can work together, of course, they will involve the appropriate part of them, as well as doing part of the acquisition, which is possible. However, overall, must adopt a cooperative approach.

Q: China Mobile's strategy is to co-oriented, does not rule out mergers and acquisitions?

Mr. Wang: If you have the opportunity.