Sunday, February 7, 2010

Symantec anti-virus software automatically recharge events due to the re-sued

Security software vendor Symantec has once again the product without the user's permission automatically recharge the defendant to court. Last year, because of similar allegations of Symantec fined 375,000 U.S. dollars.

January 19 this year, submitted to the New York state court pleadings show that a Norton AntiVirus 2007 users in November last year, from the Symantec office was informed that his use of anti-virus software has automatically for one year renewals cost is 76.03 U.S. dollars. The user said that Symantec did not receive renewals fulfill the obligations of the former.

Symantec's security products often have a one-year period. After that, consumers need to carry out renewals allowed to continue using antivirus software.

The name of the user to fraudulent business practices and unjust enrichment to prosecute Symantec, and require the company to refund all the fees charged by the auto-renewals. He also asked the court to the case as a class action lawsuit, this one to the plaintiff is likely to increase first thousand.

Last year, in June, New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has announced that Symantec and McAfee with the two anti-virus software vendors have reached a settlement agreement. The case was pointed out that the two anti-virus vendors without the user permission to automatically charge a user hard to remove the means or obtain a refund of such fees. Symantec and McAfee in their respective pay a fine of 375,000 U.S. dollars, said after the company can require customers to pay renewals, and to ensure that renewals of consumers wish to cancel within 60 days after the charge was to obtain a refund.

Symantec and McAfee also said that time will automatically recharge before and after the message alerts to the user. The settlement was forced anti-virus vendors do not cancel automatic renewals.

Symantec has yet to make any response in this case.