Thursday, February 18, 2010

Opera CEO: Mini browser, 5 times faster than Apple's Safari

According to foreign media reports, Opera has said JonTetzchner founder, OperaMini the speed of the browser 5 times faster than Apple's Safari.

In this week's "Mobile World Congress" on, Opera shows OperaMini customized for Apple's iPhone browser. According to Ticona said that in the iPhone mobile phone, OperaMini run faster than Apple's Safari browser built-in 5 times faster.

At present, iPhone application store does not accept competitor's browser, Opera has not been submitted to OperaMini application. However, Ticona said, that would submit an application in due course.

Ticona said: "We will submit an application, but has yet to determine the specific time in the future will be to further optimize the product."

Ticona said that in the 3G network, OperaMini than 5 times faster Safari. In the GPRS network, the speed of Safari at least fairly.