Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jaguar defensive performance in a very good job

Chiefs 7, Broncos 41

Broncos quarterback Cutler played well, 27 pass 20 in the 244 yards, 4 passing TDs. Mustang offensive total yardage to 453 yards, while the chief audience is only pitiful 129 yards offense, there is no parry our blows. Unfortunately, the outbreak of wild horses came too late, with the district has been the leading two games lightning. Mustang basically missed the playoffs.

Panthers 6, Jaguars 37

Jaguar defensive performance in a very good job, Panthers passing attack, but 100 yards, the ground attack only 50 yards. Anti-cut cornerback Ingram Panthers offensive touchdown pass back. Jaguars veteran running back Taylor to play again, well, a long dash of 80 yards in mind touchdowns firmly to seal the victory. Jaguar is currently 9 wins 4 losses, the basic lock-AL wild card. Panthers quarterback De Hemu main first three games this season, passing touchdowns eight times, the injured out of the season, the Panthers quarterback Carl, test, Wordie, and Moore battle played a total of 11 games to reach Array passing is still less than the total number of eight.